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Double Exposure Roll Exchange

Back in the Spring, Mike Williams and I were thinking about something new to shoot, and decided to try a double exposure roll exchange. A tag team roll of Ilford HP5 Plus that each of us would shoot on. 104 more words

135 Film (35mm)

How To Dress When It's Not Your Wedding

It’s that time of year again; everyone is getting married, and you just happen to be the man they all want at their side. Sure, it can be a bit taxing during wedding season. 803 more words


How To Smoke A Cigar Like A Gentleman

Most people don’t smoke cigars regularly, and if you haven’t taken the time to smoke a few yourself it can be a bit confusing, believe it or not. 848 more words


5 Daily Products Every Dapper Man Needs

Most of the time when you think about being presentable and well-kept you may think of matching your belt with your shoes, tucking in your shirt, lining up your facial hair, etc… These are all important things to practice, don’t get me wrong if I end up diverting your attention away from these– for the love of god keep doing them. 781 more words


Welcome To The Debonair Club

Here at the Debonair Club we feel that it is imperative that you, and us alike, look and feel our absolute best day after day. The amount of men who wake up, throw on an old tshirt, brush their hand through their hair, then head out the door is unfathomable. 118 more words