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OTD in 1980: Roadie, a Film with Meatloaf, Debbie Harry, Don Cornelius, and Alice Cooper Is Released

Yes. You read that right. On June 13, 1980, the lost American classic film, Roadie, was released. Meatloaf plays Travis W. Redfish, who is in the business of sellin’ beer and drinkin’ beer and quits the former to become a roadie in the pursuit of love. 234 more words


Rock On, Females!

Rock on, females!

Though I find it all very sad that when a woman turns 50 or older–and she dares look like she’s fifty or older–she’s considered not attractive. 321 more words


Valentine Love 3: New Blondie Album greenYgrey3 Coincidence

When I posted the Deborah Harry and Taylor Momsen 2017 gYgPOP remix Valentine’s poem for the first day of this month-long love celebration I thought it was a pity Deborah Harry and Blondie hadn’t released a new album lately, to mirror the new one released last year by The Pretty Reckless. 222 more words

Greenygrey Culture

everybody's fly

I finally stopped listening to Christmas music today.
Sad face Robynbird.
But when I went back to my ‘regular’ playlist I heard a little Blondie, and was glad I’d left the Christmas music behind. 11 more words


105 Must See Films: Videodrome (1983)

Starring: James Woods, Deborah Harry,Sonja Smits

Director: David Cronenberg

I found this one a bit of a hard watch, and I think that with Cronenberg films, that’s kind of the point. 249 more words

105 Must See Films