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Adventures in Teaching Yoga - Rikers Island (Liberation Prison Yoga)

In 30 years, the number of women in jail has increased by over 800% . Most of these women are imprisoned as a result of drug-related charges; however other leading causes of incarceration are immigration status issues.

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Men who abuse women and the women who castrate them

The recent Ray Rice scandal has once again opened our eyes to the horror that is domestic violence against women. The Rice video offered all who viewed it, a searing look into the window of domestic abuse. 459 more words

Domestic Violence

'Crime After Crime': An Inspiring Tale of Abuse, Injustice and a Fight for Freedom

“Crime After Crime is a legal thriller, a genre that is built on suspense, intrigue and discovery.” – Yoav Potash

Those who end up in the unlawful clutches of an almighty and complicated American ‘justice system’ rarely get out with any sort of ease or swiftness.

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Crime after Crime -- 2011 Documentary

Debbie Peagler met Oliver Wilson at a local grocery. Initially, he showered her and her young children with attention, catering to their every need. Then one night, he tells her they are going “somewhere special.” He takes her to a donut shop and leaves her alone with two men who tell her that she is going to perform sexual acts with a man waiting, and they tell her the rates she is to charge. 141 more words

Domestic Violence

FFF Winner, Crime After Crime – Feted

We congratulate producer-director-editor Yoav Potash, the rest of the production team and the documentary’s subject Deborah Peagler.

“THIS RIVETING AND DEVASTATING DOCUMENTARY follows the sustained efforts of two land-use attorneys who decide to take on the case of a woman incarcerated for years due to her role in the death of an abusive boyfriend. 147 more words

CRIME AFTER CRIME - Outstanding Documentary Broadcast premiere on November 3rd on OWN

Healing Voices – Personal Stories is very excited to help spread the word about this outstanding documentary which will receive its Television premiere on OWN (Oprah Winfrey’s Network) on Thursday Evening, November 3, 2011 at 9 pm (eastern time) as part of OWN’s Documentary Film Club. 140 more words