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Daily Dose: An Officer and a Gentleman and the I GOT NOWHERE ELSE TO GO Moment

The One-Line Summary: When Zachary “Zack” Mayo (Gere) comes to the Navy’s Aviation Officer Candidate School, he isn’t exactly cut out for the role, lacking real integrity and honor due to his seamy upbringing from a whore-chasing alcoholic father, so drill instructor Marine Gunnery Sergeant Emil Foley (Gossett, Jr.) recognizes right away that “Mayo-naisse” is someone who needs some special attention, and by special attention I mean 13 weeks of in-your-face insults, shaming, borderline torture, verbal and physical abuse and all around dickishness to either get the deadbeat loser to quit or turn himself around and get up where he belongs (see what I did… 413 more words


Inspiration from a spiritual source

At church this morning, I copied down a congregational reading that resonated so strongly with me that it gave me an insight on one whole arc of the book (an over-arc really) being Janice’s cancer/healing/spiritual journey juxtaposed against her physical/outer space/career journey. 309 more words

Janice Voss

Urban Cowboy

Urban Cowboy (1980) Directed by James Bridges Written by Aaron Latham, James Bridges Starring: John Travolta, Debra Winger, Scott Glenn

When Bud (Travolta) arrives in Pasadena, Texas he’s looking to make a life for himself. 525 more words



About as predictable as a dog’s reaction to seeing a cat.

Boy from the wrong side of the tracks with bad attitude  finds a champion to support and push – this time in the exclusive world of a boys’ choir school where everything is about winning (the school can charge higher fees…). 60 more words


[Video Review] Boychoir (2015) by Bede Jermyn

Dir: Francois Girard

Starring: Dustin Hoffman, Kathy Bates, Eddie Izzard, Kevin McHale, Josh Lucas, Debra Winger, Garrett Wareing.

IMDb Synopsis: Stet, a troubled and angry 11-year-old orphan from a small Texas town, ends up at a Boy Choir school back East after the death of his single mom. 44 more words

Movie Reviews


Boychoir (François Girard, 2014)

There’s something very cold about classical choirs. Is it the discipline? The lack of warmth in the traditional venues they perform in? 878 more words

A to Z Challenge: More Fictional Favorites! Day 26: Zack Mayo from An Officer and a Gentleman

Z is for — Zack Mayo from the movie An Officer and a Gentleman

We finally made it to the end of A to Z! Whoo hoo! 444 more words

A To Z