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An Axe to Grind pt. II

She followed Elway’s sedan on Santiam highway through Sweet Home. They passed the reservoir, making their way to the outskirts of town. She couldn’t see Dexter’s car; Elway was keeping his distance.  235 more words


An Axe to Grind

She could see him. The chilly west coast wind whipped through her hair as she watched. Towering trees and ground foliage hid her from his view, but she saw everything. 305 more words


Monday Musings

Really didn’t want to get out of bed this morning.  It was a cool and crisp morning too and I didn’t like my choices for outfits today.     215 more words


Painting with Friends!

I like to think we are entertaining parents, taking Eva everywhere with us, feeding her interesting things, swinging her around to the sound of her delighted chuckles and throwing her beloved ‘bur…’ (ball) for her again and again. 511 more words

Book Review - Jasper, Godfather of the Tudor Dynasty by Debra Bayani

By Nathen Amin

Jasper Tudor, the greatest man you have never heard of, until now.

A hero of the Wars of the Roses, as the only noble to be present at the first and last battles of the thirty-years long internecine conflict, Jasper was, as the title of Debra Bayani’s insightful book, the ‘Godfather of the Tudor Dynasty’. 203 more words


What an awesome light show

There was an awesome natural light show last night in the western skies.  We had been watching TV and while watching we got the hazardous weather alert for different counties and we could hear the thunder and see the lightening.  188 more words