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Second glaze firing -- results

Right, so we finished our second glaze firing with the second-hand kiln we bought. The result: plenty of of groovy pottery lewts. Pics below. Made in paper clay. 85 more words

Debris Field

Test pieces -- bisque firing #2

For the second bisque firing we tried some better pieces. Some pieces look good. Others are meh or just plain shabby. Under glaze only.

Next — another firing, this time with glaze. That stresses me out.

Debris Field

Test pieces -- bisque firing

Some weeks ago we bought an old Studio 3000 pottery kiln. Several visits from the electrician and lots of money later, we ran our first bisque firing programme. 21 more words

Debris Field

Ock. Ock. Ock-ock-ock-ock

Holy Sweet Mother of Mercy who Wept at the Cross. By the Awesome Saints of Ages Gone, their Blessed Bones and Relics, and their Miserable Martyrdom: what is this horror I just witnessed? 1,437 more words

Debris Field

Building a home-made, sawdust-fired pottery kiln

I decided to try build a home-made pottery kiln in my backyard. Keep in mind that the method outlined below is not a suitable substitute for an electric kiln, since you will never reach the high temperatures required for a proper firing. 693 more words

Debris Field