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Ock. Ock. Ock-ock-ock-ock

Holy Sweet Mother of Mercy who Wept at the Cross. By the Awesome Saints of Ages Gone, their Blessed Bones and Relics, and their Miserable Martyrdom: what is this horror I just witnessed? 1,437 more words

Debris Field

Building a home-made, sawdust-fired pottery kiln

I decided to try build a home-made pottery kiln in my backyard. Keep in mind that the method outlined below is not a suitable substitute for an electric kiln, since you will never reach the high temperatures required for a proper firing. 693 more words

Debris Field

Debris Field Found in Search for US Cargo Ship El Faro Missing in Hurricane Joaquin

From by ABC NEWS, Oct 2015

Searchers for a U.S. cargo ship feared lost in Hurricane Joaquin found floating containers, life jackets and life rings today that officials say are consistent with what might have come from the missing El Faro. 272 more words



Another new mask. This one has three eyes. Are there no bounds to my creativity?

Debris Field

Raggerty Reborn

Here is a new mask I made. I had intended to create something primitive and entish, but all I ended up with was a facsimile of… 9 more words

Debris Field

Mask prototype

After a hiatus of 20 years I started doing pottery again — this time with a focus on masks. Below is my first attempt. My initial goal was to create some kind of generic death mask from ‘ye verily olden times’. 43 more words

Debris Field

Two cats and a Viking shield

Following last night’s power failure our Bengal and Burmese cats naturally gravitated toward the heater.

By staggering coincidence, the photo also includes my (first) in-progress Viking shield, depicting an aquatic creature — possibly… 34 more words

Debris Field