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Deb’s Cine-Meh House: Mommie Dearest

You can keep your Rays and your Aviators your Lincolns—my heart belongs to Mommie Dearest (1981), a gem of a biopic that knows how to have fun. 39 more words


Deb's Cine-Meh House: Wise Guys

Killer thriller director Brian De Palma tried his hand at a screwy mob send-up…and fell flat. Wise Guys (1986) is a timeless example of everything-but-the-kitchen-sink comedy, right up there with Ice Pirates. 6 more words


Deb's Cine-Meh House: Water

Being forgettable  reaches unforgettable heights in this week’s Cine-meh showing!

We saw so many movies with my dad on our weekend visits that sometimes we ran out of things we wanted to see and just took what we could get. 68 more words


Deb's Cine-Meh House: 18 Again!

George Burns does some body switching in 18 Again! (1988). While George gets to live it up in his grandson’s body, his grandson languishes in Burns’ comatose bag o’ bones. 6 more words


C.H.U.D. beats Hellraiser

C.H.U.D. beats Hellraiser.

Now this is strictly speaking in terms of cinematic achievement. I’m not sure who would win in a street fight.

Deb's Cine-Meh House

Deb's Cine-Meh House: Slapstick of Another Kind

Slapstick of Another Kind (filmed in 1982, released in 1984) is yet another horrible adaptation of a book by Kurt Vonnegut (poor guy).

Madeline Kahn and Jerry Lewis, wearing enormous  27 more words