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Acceleration Confirmed, by Robert Gore

Quoting yesterday’s “Crisis Progress Report (8): Acceleration,”:

Just as in the 2008 crisis, the financial stress points are increasing. If it has not already been reached, the point of inflection is near….

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Why The Puerto Rico Debt Crisis Is Such A Huge Threat To The U.S. Financial System, by Michael Snyder

From Michael Snyder, at theconomiccollapseblog.com:

The debt crisis in Puerto Rico could potentially cost financial institutions in the United States tens of billions of dollars in losses. 349 more words

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Athens on the Potomac, by Jon Gabriel

Click the link at the end for a great chart that will explain, for visual learners, America’s debt crisis. From Jon Gabriel, at ricochet.com:

Financial experts in New York, London, and Brussels have tut-tutted Greece’s economic travails as Athens considers its future with the European Union. 287 more words

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Crisis Progress Report (8): Acceleration, by Robert Gore

Debt deflations and depressions are preceded by years, usually decades, of debt build up. Growth rates of indebtedness exceed the underlying economic growth rate, increasing debt’s claim on assets and production. 692 more words


Today: This blog is featured in The Sun!!

If you came here today cause I was featured in Mrs Crunch’s feature in The Sun! Thank you! If not – fantastic news! My blog was the ‘blog of the week’ in Mrs Crunch’s weekly feature! 391 more words


Why is College So Expensive? - The Business of Life (Episode 6) - Vice News Published on Jul 1, 2015

The average college graduate is saddled with thousands of dollars of debt. That’s because the average cost of a four-year college degree in this country has exploded over the last two decades. 61 more words