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Health-Care Industry Debt Turns into “Systemic Recession Risk,” by Wolf Richter

With its debts mounting, the health-care industry looks a lot like the oil industry a few years ago. From Wolf Richter at  wolfstreet.com:

Debt binge hits its limit, with big impact on overall economy. 266 more words


Why This Market Needs To Crash, And likely will, by Chris Martenson

This article’s conclusions are nothing you haven’t heard from SLL and its guest posters, but it is well reasoned and well supported. From Chris Martenson at peakprosperity.com: 349 more words


VLOG Episode Two - The Banks and Upselling

Watch as I respond to recent media coverage of high pressure upselling tactics happening at Canada’s big banks and retell a story told to me by a client with experience in the matter…

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Italy at the Grim Edge of a Global Problem, by Don Quijones

You may be tired of hearing about Italy, but it’s only going to get worse. From Don Quijones at wolfstreet.com:

This trend is not your friend. 311 more words


Cast Your Burdens

Life is heavier than the weight of all things – Rainer Maria Rilke

I’ve recently become aware of the sheer weight of life.

I’m not just talking about the mental “weightiness” of our lives or the existential weight of the decisions we make on a daily basis.

937 more words
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Eurozone Whistles Past its Biggest Threat, by Don Quijones

The Italian financial system is in deep trouble and will crash without a large infusion of funds, undoubtedly from Europe’s beleaguered taxpayers. From Don Quijones at wolfstreet.com: 368 more words