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Rabbit-Hole Math: How Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel Is Trying To Make A Bad Financial Crisis Worse, by Mike Mish Shedlock

From Mike Mish Shedlock at davidstockmanscontracorner.com:

Chicago Eyes Bonds that Delay Repayments

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel has his eyes on raising money via Capital Appreciation Bonds. 373 more words

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Debt free dilemma: a follow-up

I have spent a week talking and contemplating with Mr Retreatist about what our goals for the near and longer term future should be and I think we have reached some conclusions on how our debtfree journey will continue. 493 more words


"Why Commodities Defaults Could Spread", UBS Explains, by Tyler Durden

Anybody who was around for the last financial crisis knows how this one will go: defaults spreading out to “unrelated” areas as debt unravels, a process misnamed “contagion.” UBS has gotten the message. 643 more words

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The 2015 Untrustworthies Report——Why Social Security Could Be Bankrupt In 12 Years, by David Stockman

David Stockman does a superlative job analyzing the accounts of the social security system, and skewering a recent report that says the system will remain solvent until 2034. 441 more words

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Speculators circling Puerto Rico latest mode of colonialism

Puerto Rico’s governor may have said the commonwealth’s debt is unpayable, but that doesn’t mean Puerto Ricans aren’t going to pay for it. Vulture capitalists are circling the island, ready to extract still more wealth from the impoverished island. 1,792 more words


Lending Athens a Pot of Gold - By Stephen Kinsella July 28, 2015

After three long weeks of closure, Greece’s banks are beginning to open their doors to an expectant public. Following tense bailout negotiations, Greece received a seven billion euro ($7.6 billion) bridging loan to pay down 6.8 billion euros ($7.4 million) of the debt it owed last week to its official creditors. 301 more words

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Why US Shale Producers Are About To Get Crushed, by Kurt Cobb

From Kurt Cobb at oilprice.com:

The plunge in oil prices last year led many to say that a decline in U.S. oil production wouldn’t be far behind.  335 more words

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