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My Debt portfolio - using PPF

With the rate reduction in PPF scheme and the knowledge that it is likely to be aligned to market rates every quarter from now on, is it still a good idea to have it in my portfolio? 621 more words


Eight "New Normal" Charts That Are Insanely Abnormal--and Dangerous, by Charles Hugh Smith

If weirdness persists long enough, it starts to look normal. There’s been so much weirdness since the turn of the century, we’ve become accustomed to it. 442 more words


This is Why No One Should Bail Out the “Smart Money” Stuck in Brick-and-Mortar Retailers: Let them Shed their Own Tears, by Wolf Richter

Private equity often boils down to legalized theft. Here’s Wolf Richter with a crime report from retailing, on wolfstreet.com:

The toxic Safeway-Albertsons combo is waiting in the wings. 415 more words


There's a $1 trillion bubble that's ready to burst, by Bob Bryan

What really gets the ball rolling on debt contraction and deflation is when the junkiest credits start going toes up. From bob Bryan from businessinsider.com: 514 more words


Puerto Rico Nearing Historic Default, by Michelle Kaske

SLL holds a simple belief: if you spend more than you take in for long enough, you will go broke. Puerto Rico confirms this simple truism. 413 more words


Why $19 Trillion In Debt IS a PROBLEM, by Lance Roberts

Debt service, even with ultra-low interest rates, becomes a burden that weighs on an economy. From Lance Roberts at davidstockmanscontracorner.com:

According to the World Economic Forum, the United States has achieved a new TOP 10 ranking. 473 more words


Consensus Forming: China Heading Back Into Financial Crisis, by John Rubino

At the end of debt binges, there is a massive increase in speculation, because that’s one of the few uses of borrowed funds that still offers the prospect (always overstated) of a positive return. 447 more words