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Comparing the 1930s and Today, Parts 1 and 2, Doug Casey

Those who think the coming depression will be an exact repeat of the Great Depression are likely to be quite surprised. From Doug Casey at caseyresearch.com (Part 1): 334 more words


These are the Countries with the Biggest Debt Slaves, and Americans Are Only in 10th place, by Wolf Richter

Debt slavery is debt slavery, so these rankings may not mean much, since at least the first ten have too much debt. You’ll be surprised at the number one nation. 258 more words


4 Ways to Eliminate Debt

There are several debt reduction approaches that have proven successful for many people. We can concentrate or focus on paying the smallest debt, the largest debt, or the debt with the highest interest rate. 874 more words


Donald Trump’s $20 Trillion Problem, by Jeff Desjardins

A good video primer on America’s colossal debt problem, and under three minutes, from Jeff Desjardins at visual capitalist.com:


What is this ‘Crisis’ of Modernity? by Alastair Crooke

There may be plenty of oil left, but if it takes as much energy to discover, extract, refine, transport, and sell that oil as the oil itself has, we have a problem. 302 more words


What Will Prick the “Leveraged Share Buyback” Craze? by Wolf Richter

There are times when a corporation buying its own shares is an appropriate corporate investment, buy going into to debt to fund such buybacks, especially after a six-year bull market, is not one of them. 271 more words


Make No Mistake About It, Trump Voters Will Be Blamed For The Coming Economic Collapse, by Duane Norman

There are probably more pundits, including SLL, that think the economy will nosedive in the next four years than that think the opposite. And we all know who will get blamed. 276 more words