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Why Silver & Gold Are Not Presently $728.00/Ounce & $5,996.00/Ounce Respectively: The Economy Is One Big Scam

US Debt Clock

You could wrap $1 bills around the Earth 79,922 times with the debt amount!

If you lay $1 bills on top of each other they would make a pile… 1,527 more words


ECB Proposes End To Deposit Protection, by GoldCore

A depositor in a bank has made a loan to the bank, he or she is an unsecured creditor. If the bank goes bust, the depositor joins the other creditors in line. 277 more words


America is in Terminal Decline, by Raúl Ilargi Meijer

Here’s some more hard core doom porn. From Raúl Ilargi Meijer at theautomaticearth.com:

John Rubino recently posted a graph from Bob Prechter’s Elliot Wave that points to some ominous signs. 313 more words


Spain’s Pension System Hits Crisis Point (and Everyone Ignores it), by Don Quijones

The global pension pile-up continues. From Don Quijones at wolfstreet.com:

But how did things get this bad?

By most measures, sun-blessed Spain is an idyllic place to grow old in. 321 more words


The Biggest Wealth Transfer In History, by Egon von Greyerz

If you’re into hard core doom porn, this is the article for you. From Egon von Greyerz at goldswitzerland.com:

What will happen between now and 2025? 393 more words


SALT—More press nonsense on tax reform

The elimination of State and Local Tax (SALT) deductions from the proposed tax reforms working their way through Congress has become a hot topic. Fine, but please keep the discussion honest. 940 more words


How Corporate Zombies Are Threatening The Eurozone Economy, by Tyler Durden

Part of capitlism’s survival of the fittest is allowing the unfit to die. Precisely what Europe has not done since the last financial crisis. From Tyler Durden at zerohedge.com: 430 more words