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6 Effective Tips For Hiring The Right Debt Recovery or Debt Collection Agency

Are you tired of dealing with unpaid and delinquent accounts? Is it adversely affecting your time, resources and patience? Well, it’s time you hire some professionals to deal with the debt collection process. 686 more words

Debt Collectors

Jury Hits Debt Collector With $83 Million Verdict Over Bogus $1,130 Debt

A jury in Missouri recently awarded $251,000 in damages to a local woman who was wrongfully sued by a debt collector — more than 222 times the amount she’d been sued over — but that’s nothing compared to the additional $82.99 million in punitive damages assessed against the collection company. 514 more words

Mom, Phone Calls and Foolish Men

My Mom isn’t intimidated by men, and isn’t easily insulted by strangers. Calling her names or trying to goad her simply makes her more determined to pay back the aggressor. 881 more words


Debt Collection Law Ranks High in Safety and Security

Debt collection law gets a bad rep. Just Google “debt collection,” and you’ll stumble across a thousand stories about crooked collectors, deceptive ruses and stringent regulations to maintain the climate of lending, borrowing and repayment. 324 more words

Debt Collection

Collection agencies harassing people who already paid off debt

Struggling with debt is stressful but when it’s paid off it’s easy to assume you’re in the clear.  However, that’s not always the case.
There’s multi-billion dollar industry out there that preys on consumer’s prior financial struggles. 676 more words

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Escaping Debt: Consumers Considering Moving Abroad

Debt can be overwhelming. While most people don’t intend to enter into a debt that they cannot repay, life gets in the way, and things happen that are outside of our control. 688 more words

Debt Collection Practices

Room 568

by Jennifer McQuillan

Callie comes to me dragging her own fears behind her. What she can’t possibly understand is that my own anxieties, long dormant under a layer of medication and therapy and yoga, have risen to the surface like some rotting carp, sickening me with their foul putrescence, long-abandoned insecurities and self-doubt crippling me with their resurrection.

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