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Being of Service? Showing People How to Fight Back! (Feature Friday!)

Being of Service? Showing People How to Fight Back! (Feature Friday!)#BestOf

Posted on August 30, 2014 by chaplaineliza

A Year of Being Kind blog – Friday, August 26, 2016… 815 more words

URGENT Open Letter to Warwick District Council from Tiffany Belle Harper

Having worked for many years as a Landscape Gardener – of March 2015 my son’s dream came true when he found his ideal home. A small pub in a residential part of Leamington Spa. 1,061 more words


Debt Collector Gets Out Of Lawsuit... By Buying The Lawsuit Out From Under The Plaintiff

When you sue a debt collector for allegedly violating federal law, that collector can’t just go behind your back, buy the debt on the cheap at auction and get the whole case dismissed, can it? 864 more words

What You Need To Know About New Rules Allowing Debt Collection Robocalls From Feds

If you ask any American to name the things they love the most, they are sure to reply, “debt collectors, intrusive pre-recorded phone calls, and the federal government!” So today — under orders to do so from a piece of rushed, tacked-on legislation — the Federal Communications Commission released its final rules allowing the federal government and some of its contractors to make debt-collection robocalls to wireless lines. 1,368 more words

Feds weigh changes to make aggressive debt collectors back off


By Russ Van Arsdale, executive director Northeast CONTACT

Posted Aug. 08, 2016, at 7:08 a.m.
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New Rules Would Require Debt Collectors Have Proof You Actually Owe Money

One of the most common complaints about debt collectors is that they harass people over debts that are either no longer owed, or weren’t owed in the first place. 1,629 more words

Debt Collectors and Different types of Debt Collections

The job of debt collectors is really a difficult job because you have to recover debt from those who are already bankrupt, have no money, or do not want to pay debts. 374 more words