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Senate Bill No. 542 Important for WV Debt Collectors

The West Virginia Consumers Credit and Protection Act (WVCCPA) was originally passed in 1974 as a measure against abusive and deceptive debt collection practices. It has since been amended several times, most recently in the 2015 first session of the 82nd West Virginia Legislature. 418 more words

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In the News 04/21/2015

The 2015 West Virginia legislative session saw significant changes for the debt collection industry. The WV Legislature passed Senate Bill No. 542, which amended several sections of the West Virginia Consumer Credit Protection Act (WVCCPA). 91 more words

Debt Collection

Robocalling Phantom Debt Collector Accused Of Harassing, Defrauding Consumers

People hate debt collectors, perhaps as much as, if not more than, they despise robocalls from telemarketers. And phantom debt collectors — those who attempt to collect debts that aren’t owed to them, if at all — are among the worst of the bunch. 586 more words

Class Action Lawsuit Filed by Myers Law Against Debt Collectors Alleges Collectors Threatened Consumers With Prison

A class-action lawsuit filed against Columbiana County attorney and former government official Geoffrey S. Goll, and his debt collection company DDY, Inc., alleges that consumers were threatened with prison for unpaid hospital bills. 496 more words

By Daniel Myers

The task of a Debt Collector and just what are they Do’s As well as Don’ts

Are you aware that while debts due entering into collections; they don’t be prepared to be paid in full. Debts owed which go into collections is often flexible to a small percentage of what was really owed. 609 more words

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