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Credit Card Account Terms

I just got a statement from one of my credit card companies. It was primarily sent to inform me of updates to their account terms that are effective soon. 348 more words


Debt Collectors Can Sue You, But Court Might Not Let You Sue Debt Collector Back

A new report claims that a growing number of debt collectors are trying to exploit a legal loophole that allows them to bring potentially frivolous lawsuits against alleged debtors, but bars those defendants from bringing their own legal action against the debt collector. 698 more words

Debt collectors and Jesus

I only need Jesus, if I have Him and His cross then I have everything I need.

This world can take everything I own, even my life, but if I have Jesus I have NOTHING to worry about. 1,171 more words

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Salem Attorney Geoffrey Goll and DDY, Inc. Agree to Settle Federal Debt Collection Lawsuit Filed by Ohio Consumers

Columbiana County attorney Geoffrey S. Goll, and a debt collection company DDY, Inc., agreed to a Federal Court Order prohibiting them from engaging in certain conduct, and requiring them to pay attorney fees of consumers. 871 more words

By Daniel Myers

7 Things We Learned About Federal Student Loans & The Companies That Profit From Them

Fifty years ago, Congress created the federal loan program as a way to help Americans realize their dreams of a better life through higher education. While millions of students have no doubt benefited from the program, millions of others have found themselves burdened by mountains of debts, fielding calls from debt collectors and loan servicers, and watching as their paychecks are whittled down by garnishments. 831 more words

5 Handy Tips when Negotiating With Creditors

Inability to repay credit card bills or loan EMIs on time pulls down your credit score. Not only this, falling behind in your payments brings even more severe consequences as the creditor or debt collector keeps ringing your phone and sending you various other communications. 350 more words

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