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Class Action Lawsuit Filed by Myers Law Against Debt Collectors Alleges Collectors Threatened Consumers With Prison

A class-action lawsuit filed against Columbiana County attorney and former government official Geoffrey S. Goll, and his debt collection company DDY, Inc., alleges that consumers were threatened with prison for unpaid hospital bills. 496 more words

By Daniel Myers

The task of a Debt Collector and just what are they Do’s As well as Don’ts

Are you aware that while debts due entering into collections; they don’t be prepared to be paid in full. Debts owed which go into collections is often flexible to a small percentage of what was really owed. 609 more words

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Why everyone use a Debt Collection Agency

Debt collection services are available for an extremely contributing factor. While a shopper does not respect the terms of his credit or even loan contract, organizations must make use of several ways to pick up what is legally due them. 465 more words

Debt Collection

The Process of Debt Collection

Debt collection organizations are thought highly rewarding, though usually charged among the individuals as unlawful concerns. In spite of this, debt collection is a vital technique to avoid business losing trades. 491 more words

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How to Deal with Debt Collectors

A debt collection organization, often simply known as ‘collection agency’, is a firm that will follow individuals as well as businesses who continue to owe cash on debts. 593 more words

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Education Department Terminates Contracts With Five Debt Collectors

The U.S. Department of Education will terminate its relationship with five debt collectors.

This announcement follows numerous complaints about allegedly illegal debt collection practices.

The debt collectors being terminated are Pioneer Credit Recovery, owned by Navient Corporation, formerly known as Sallie Mae, Coast Professional, Enterprise Recovery Systems, National Recoveries and West Asset Management.

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In the News 03/03/2015

In Tuesday’s post on Collecting Corporate Debts, we discussed the least sophisticated consumer standard. This week in the news, Attorney John Rossman expands on that concept on… 123 more words

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