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What Is STRAWMAN? Documentary Takes You Into The Nature Of The Cage - Strawman

***Please read before watching *** (It has come to our attention that the getoutofdebtfree.org website featured in the documentary is no longer available in the form presented within the film. 452 more words


The PRA Group lose on the most ridiculous arguments ever

Often we see cases where you would raise an eyebrow at the way a Claimant proceeds, however in the most recent case which we succeded with, not only did the Claimants arguments raise an eyebrow, it was a “WTF” moment. 552 more words

Smoke and Mirror Phone Scams

Sam Jojola


“On January 31, 2018, at 12:09 P.M. (PST), I received a 47 second message on my land line from a private number advising that a close family member they named was referred to their office for “legal action” including the “filing of a lawsuit or a “complaint” with “the court”.

1,276 more words

Get Debt Free

I have some big ass bills following me around. Oh,gosh I hate those damn debt collectors. They Know I have no cash & still go after me. 8 more words

Negotiating with Debt Collectors

Just as I decided to get serious about paying down my debt and building wealth, wouldn’t you know it that I would get an unexpected call from a debt collector? 464 more words

What is debt collection and all you need to know about that?

Collecting debt is indeed a hard process, especially when you are the one who is on the victim side. If you have to collect the debt, you must know how debt collection works and what are your rights? 300 more words

Debt Collection