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Understanding debt

Without leverage, the private equity sector as we know it wouldn’t exist. While some tech execs and VCs recoil at the thought of using leverage, the truth is that the Innovation Economy has accessed debt for more than 35 years. 1,402 more words


Is the Interest Rate or Cash Flow of a Loan More Important?

Do you think that a conventional bank loan or an SBA guaranteed loan is the best option for a business that wants to finance the purchase of new equipment?  707 more words

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Crowdfunding companies doesn’t make sense when money is this cheap due to low interest rates. The world is not very different after Title III of the JOBS Act… 686 more words


Are Capital Constraints Negatively Impacting Year-End Planning?

December is always a challenging month for executives as they finalize their budgeting and planning for the next year while simultaneously trying to meet their goals for the current year. 1,077 more words

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Equity or Debt Financing; Which is better for you?

For every entrepreneur, capital is a major component of business success. Despite the existence of a wide variety of sources of finance, developing a good financing strategy is core. 613 more words

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Five Ways to Finance Growth

Growth to multiple locations is one of the most effective ways to substantially increase the value of your business. A business with multiple locations improves your value proposition to referral partners, improves your ability to increase discounts with key vendors, makes you more attractive to other companies looking to grow via acquisition and when you reach an appropriate size, makes your business more attractive to private equity groups investing in the industry. 1,412 more words