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Three things that every startup should consider before the fundraising tide goes out

The entrepreneurial ecosystem has seen an unprecedented rush of investment over the past five years. But deal activity slowed considerably in 2016 and has leveled off during the first part of 2017. 997 more words


Debt Financing Is Key to Success of Business :: Startups :: Entrepreneurs

Debt financing is the cash to be repaid in the form of a line of credit, advance merchant cash, a loan, or a credit card. It involves the usual pitching to venture capital firms and investors for raising money in exchange for equity in company. 622 more words

Business Equity for Entrepreneurs

It has been observed that financing business start-ups is not so easy feat. If one can swing it, bootstrapping is the best option but no matter what, one will require small amount of money for turning idea into somewhat tangible. 777 more words

BMC software ends merger talks with CA: Sources

Finding debt financing for 18 months was the Achilles heels of the deal. If the deal would have gone through, it would have created history. 201 more words


How to Bootstrap Your Start-up

Nowadays, it has been observed that new entrepreneurs used to believe on the myth that they only require a minimum half million dollars for starting the business. 989 more words

Equity Financing vs. Debt Financing

Today, entrepreneurs look for two options when it comes to raise funds for their business namely, equity or debt. A loan which is to be repaid on specified time along with interest is referred as debt while in exchange of money; the ownership portion offered to investor is called as equity. 803 more words

Equity Vs Debt Financing: Pros & Cons

When you decide to start-up a company, the main issue will raise in your mind is how to make the fund for your business growth. When it comes to supporting a business the two standard methods are debt and equity financing. 307 more words

Equity Financing