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Italy: League/Five Star want return to ‘pre-Maastricht’ era -- "Time to leave the Euro" -- Allow member states to withdraw from the monetary union -- Against EU sanctions of Russia

Leak of draft deal shows Italian populist parties sought path out of euro

League leader Matteo Salvini © EPA

By James Politi in Rome

Italy’s two leading populist parties, which are locked in talks to form a coalition government, want to return to a “pre-Maastricht setting” in European economic policy — before the introduction of the single currency and common fiscal rules, they said in a statement early on Wednesday. 803 more words

20 Apr 2018 (AFR) - US debt load will be worse than Italy's in five years, IMF predicts

(20 April 2018, AFR, p16, by Vincent Del Giudice and Alex Tanzi)

‘Mamma Mia! In five years, the US government is forecast to have a bleaker debt profile than Italy, the perennial poor man of the Group of Seven industrial nations. 93 more words

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