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Changes needed in National Fiscal Policy

This article first appeared in my weekly column in the Business Daily on March 26, 2017

This week the National Budget for FY 2017/18 will be read, and being an election year this budget may indicate how fiscal policy will be approached post-election. 486 more words


A Blockbuster Union Budget? Keynesian In Action?

The NDA Govt announced its blockbuster union budget on the 1st of February, 2017. The reason I tend to call it as a blockbuster budget is because of the number of sectors & aspects referred to in this one. 2,239 more words


The Leading Power In East Asia Will Be Japan -- Not China

John Mauldin ,  


I write about how you can make sense of unpredictable markets.

Opinions expressed by Forbes Contributors are their own. 1,978 more words

Debt to GDP Ratio - R and SVG


This is a quick tutorial on how we can manipulate a Scalable Vector Graphic (SVG) in R. R does have the ability to save plots, maps and graphics in various formats (including SVG) but this post is more about how you can quickly generate a very effective graphic using R and an external SVG file. 871 more words

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Top 19 countries with the highest level of government debt

1. Japan — 248.1%. The country’s debt to GDP ratio is enormous. The country is in a troubling spot. Its economy is growing very slowly and now the central bank has implemented negative interest rates. 557 more words


Deutsche Bank: The US May Now Be In A Recession

Three months ago, we presented an analysis which showed something disturbing: according to Deutsche, the “current business cycle is already the fourth longest in the post- WWII period, and the corporate debt-to-GDP ratio suggests that imbalances are building”, and that worse, as a result of soaring corporate debt and rolling-over profit margins, “a recession could hit as soon as the second half.”

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An Argument for Paying Down Public Debt

By Vitor Gaspar and Julio Escolano

What should governments do about high public debt-to-GDP ratios?  This question is getting much-deserved attention. Let’s abstract from macroeconomic (business cycle) considerations and look at the issue purely from an optimal tax smoothing perspective—that is, weighing the cost and benefits of raising taxes to pay down debt. 745 more words

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