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A Story About Forgiveness


Then Jesus told this story to show his students how God looks at forgiveness (123).

“Once there was a king who decided to check on the status of his servants’ accounts. 271 more words


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Editor's Pick: The Debt Collector And The Blood Sacrifice

I just finished watching “The Prince Of Egypt” again.  I love love love this movie!  I am always awed by the awesomeness of God when I watch it. 185 more words


Balancing a Life with Debt

I’ve made trade offs to stay motivated with debt repayment.  Like I’ve said in previous posts, I didn’t have laser focus and I probably could’ve paid my debt off 2 years earlier than I did.  319 more words


Bill And Melinda Gates To Pay Off Nigeria’s $76 Million Debt

Polio has been very present in Nigeria and has plagued the people living there for quite some time. According to VIBE, the country has a debt to pay to… 271 more words


Equity vs. Debt Investments

Bryan Jadot serves as a senior managing director of Hercules Capital, Inc., in Boston. A former nuclear operations specialist, he co-founded Hercules Capital’s life science practice and oversees that practice’s operations. 221 more words

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Monthly Report: January 19th, 2018 Edition

Happy new year dear reader! Hope you’ve maintained your resolutions thus far, 50 more weeks to go.

Student Loans

No drastic prepayments this month, just enough to meet the goal of getting my GRAD Plus loans below the $10K threshold by year’s end. 84 more words

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