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How to Read your Credit Card Statement Part 1

Many people have the bad habit of not reading their credit card statements. For those who do read, how many really understand what it all means? 644 more words


16. I Was Laid Off...

Really. I was. I have been struggling not to take it personally, mainly because I put a lot into the company I worked for. I was told regularly how much of an impact I made and the Team I built was solid and engaged. 111 more words


Is Sri Lanka Really A Victim Of China’s ‘Debt Trap’?

The economic reality is that Sri Lanka leased out Hambantota port to China largely due to a persistent balance of payment (BOP) crisis resulting from the reduction of trade over the years even while external debt servicing costs have been soaring. 59 more words


Why It Is So Important to Make a Financial Plan and Stick To It

Photo by Samuel Silitonga on Pexels.com

Did you know that money is the number one reason given when couples are asked what they fight about? For some, money is always something to worry and lose sleep over. 428 more words

Money Tips

Write It Down, Plan It Out

As of right now, we have 2 student loans and a “small” balance on an Amazon credit card. The student loan that is in my name has 6 sub loans below it. 246 more words


"Daily" Toddler Blog — Day 692

William: “Dad I need money!”

Me: “Why?”

W: “For…for…for the man!”

Me: “What man?”

W: “Dadadadad I need money!”

I think my son might be in deep with some bad people…


“be indebted to no one”

“be indebted to no one except to one another in love.” Romans 13:8

As I’ve been trying, and we continue to pay down debt, this verse has been on my heart. 228 more words