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Clinton and Trump Proposals on Student Debt Explained

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The high price of attending college has been among the key issues concerning voters in the 2016 presidential election. 920 more words

Sound Money Management

Since joining council in 2012 we have more than tripled the city’s water capacity. We added to that total this week when the new water tower went up in Hidden Lakes on the city’s east side, near Clear Falls High School. 176 more words

City Council

Money Sucks

Life is one big money pit.  If there is one thing I wish that we could do without, it would be money.  It is one of the leading causes for my anxiety, and this morning it strikes again.   125 more words

Slow Growth Persists

It is a good time to understand negative interest rates because they’re likely to be with us for a while. Since the US assault on inflation in the early Eighties, bond yields have been falling. 247 more words


Student Debt Relief (2 min read)

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October 22, 2016: That's Debatable...

Well, the final debate is in the books and nothing has really changed…

As I said before the first debate, Mr. Trump appears to be done. 351 more words