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Millennials - The New "Lost Generation"

Ernest Hemingway referred to the post-World War 1 generation as the “Lost Generation”. In the 1926 novel The Sun Also Rises, young men were a demoralized and lost group that could no longer identify or find success in normal society. 403 more words

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Spending Freeze: What It Is and Why You Need One

Do you ever go through seasons of life when it feels like you’re just bleeding money? Goodness, we have.  I think I’ve mentioned in the past year that my husband and I had two foster sons with special needs that we were temporarily caring for, and it wreaked havoc on our stress levels and ultimately my health. 948 more words

Saving Money

5 Actions to Take Before the Debt Apocalypse

Source: The Daily Reckoning, by  NOMI PRINS

As mentioned in my earlier piece Four Horses Of The U.S. Debt Apocalypse, understanding how the debt systems are connected means that you can not only survive the looming threat crisis, but also take steps to avoid the fallout and come out ahead. 220 more words

Financial/Societal Collapse And Dependence

My Budget Breakdown

Since I decided to go by the name “Budget Beginnings” now is probably a good time to share how I budget my monthly expenses. So here it goes… 465 more words

Debt – A Licence to Pretend

(A Personal Take on a Global Epidemic)

There is a silent and deadly epidemic sweeping across all nations at present. It has not been truly identified for what it is because it is generally concealed from the public’s eye. 1,618 more words


My brand new debt!

Refinancing is such a non-glamorous life event. Not that I would, but I cannot show it off like a new car or house. All I can do is stare at the loan and plot how to kill it. 313 more words

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