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Hoopa Valley Tribe counting on Measure Z funding

CALIFORNIA – The Hoopa Valley Tribes K’ima:w Medical Center said it’s hoping to get Measure Z funding. Money that would help debt that’s been piling up over the last decade. 73 more words


Confessions of a College Student

Attending college is not for the weak. The decision to attend immediately after high school sounds great at the time, until you actually think about the pros and cons. 464 more words


Thoughts from the Frontline: Debt Be Not Proud

Source: Gold Seek, by John Mauldin

Some things never change. Here is Eugen von Böhm-Bawerk, one of the founding intellectuals of the Austrian school of economics, writing in January 1914, lambasting politicians for their complicity in the corruption of monetary policy: 498 more words

Financial/Societal Collapse And Dependence

Debt and Life

After writing about the Love of Money, talking about debt seems a natural. Having a debt load hanging over you is not good. It isn’t good because of what it does to you; it isn’t good because of what it keeps you from doing. 1,110 more words

Life In These Times

Fourth Attack...

PAID DOWN $6,473.78!

This is our fourth attack to Snowballing our Debt.  This will be a two part update for the following reason.  I received a about $7,000 bonus today in my check – which is AWESOME!  86 more words


Why Ivy League?

Business Insider wrote an interesting piece on great candidates who were rejected from Harvard Business School:


But this is part of a bigger issue. Why are we obsessed with numbers for students? 378 more words

Right Back At Ya