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Dear Blog,

I tried to sleep in today but dog wouldn’t let me. He woke me up and I was v. cranky. I didn’t like that. 353 more words


Progress Not Perfection

The pantry challenge is going well! Starting an instagram account to micro-blog was really encouraging.

Tomorrow, my second paycheck from my new job will hit my bank via direct deposit. 102 more words

Dave Ramsey

Debt Free.

Eight years ago, I took out a student loan to fund  my first time around collage experience. Yes. It was a waste of money but hell, it was my mistake, I owned up to it and am turning myself around now. 265 more words


No Spend October

You read that right!  We’re doing another “no spend” month however this time we as a family will all be together for it!  In order to help prepare for this coming month we’ve stocked up the freezer and pantry a little bit and have some tasks ahead of us.   311 more words

No Spend Month

These are Our Heroes: 3's Up

“I’m doing me and I don’t care what you gotta say
A modern day living legend
hope I don’t die today
I tried to stay sober for as long as I could but… 908 more words


Paying off Credit Card Debt

Total credit card debt in the USA was up to $712 billion as of 2015, so it’s fairly easy to say someone reading this blog either has credit card debt or knows someone with credit card debt. 609 more words

Credit Card