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Money in your “20-something’s”

Hey readers! Let’s talk about money. You know, the thing we all want and can never really have enough of? Yep that’s the one! I wanted to take a second to offer some advice that has helped me out  688 more words


Why Writers and Artists Need to Stay Out of Debt.

If you are reading this blog right now, chances are you have a student loan or some other form of debt. The average credit card debt in America is about $5000. 578 more words

Sad: Trump just favored American Capitalists over everyday Americans trying to scrape by

President Trump is shutting down low-cost shipping from China to the U.S..  If, as a consumer, you save a significant amount of money ordering products from China, Trump’s new policy is going to end that. 52 more words

City of Racine Plans to Add $3,500,000 in Debt to Clean Up the Cory Mason/John Dickert Machinery Row Debacle

The current status of Machinery Row – not  quite as Proposed by Mayor Cory Mason or former Mayor – Lying John Dickert:

The spectacularly failed Machinery Row Project, which now lies in ruins, will continue to add to the tax burden of residents as Mayor Cory Mason plans to borrow $3.5 M to clean up the site. 650 more words

Latest China GDP Figures Show Stable But Challenged Growth

IF THERE IS a scintilla of concern for authorities in the third-quarter GDP growth figure, covering July-September, it is that the tariffs imposed by the United States have not had much time to have a material impact. 343 more words


Credit card debt vs. Mortgage debt: Which is worse for your scores?

Source: John Ulzheimer.

Your credit scores are influenced solely by the information that appears on your credit reports. Many people assume that if they make their monthly payments on time, their credit scores will be just fine. 662 more words

Mark Carney; The Lies about The Market

If he didn’t repeat himself yesterday, then I might not have known that he said the same thing back in 2015….

Bank of England governor trashes textbook theory and rips apart the workings and effects of the global financial superstructure, read the original speech… 94 more words

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