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New Message: Laura G. Would Like to Add You to Their Network

This post is more a reflection that I’m using to justify cutting someone out of my life rather than some meaningful message. I thought I might as well warn the reader. 1,199 more words


This Offer Could Change History’s Course Before Our Very Eyes

Source: The Wealth Watchman

It is becoming more evident by the day, that the end of the road has just about been reached in Greece.  Several months ago, I wrote about the election of Syriza in Greece… 312 more words

Financial/Societal Collapse And Dependence

Puerto Rico Is Poor

Sad to say, but Puerto Rico is in a debt crisis. Tax credits made the island attractive, and allowed increased government spending. The tax credits ended. 51 more words


Greece and Germany: the other side of the debt

During the last months, there has been some discussions about the fact that Germany has not paid back its debt towards Greece at the end of World War II. 917 more words


Finding Yield in a Subzero World

I just got back from a golfing holiday and found this article in my in box. I have a free email subscription to Mauldin Economics which I highly recommend. 679 more words


Change Your Life In 100 Days

I was scanning StumbleUpon today and came across this article. It has great tips on changing your life in 100 days. Although many of these we have covered ad nauseam I believe you will find the list interesting. 64 more words


Debts of our Lives (Part 2): Paying off $130K debt in 6 months was good for our marriage

Going into our marriage, we were a great set up for divorce… statistically speaking anyway. It’s common knowledge that the number one reason for divorce in America is money issues. 708 more words