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Vacation and Positive Changes to the Budget

We have made it home and I thought that I would update how the trip went. I spent A LOT less(!) money than what I budgeted for. 481 more words


Someone to bother other than my husband

In life, I, like many others, accumulated some debt… then I paid it off.  Then, I did it again!  Why??? My husband also had some.  And by some, I mean a lot (sorry Matt!).   162 more words


What are you worth?

As people we put allot of thought in to what we are worth or what we want others to think we are worth. I know this very well as I am in the process of going through a bankruptcy because I spent so much time focusing on looking like I’m worth something to people that it turns out I am now work less then nothing in the financial sense.   468 more words

Can I Change What I Have to Pay in Child Support?

Child support is ordered to be paid in Court by a Judge. Child support is modifiable, meaning you can change the amount you are required to pay. 88 more words

Car Anxiety

It has now been a month since we got out new “used” car and we love it. It is reliable, in great shape and paid in full.  378 more words

Why my college experience sucked

Okay, okay. It didn’t entirely suck. But it wasn’t the traditional college experience.
Unlike a lot of my classmates, I didn’t move away to college. I didn’t live on campus, or even in an apartment nearby. 467 more words

Avoiding Loans