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Holidays are coming...

And I’m talking finances.

For some reason, one of the obvious factors of becoming a single income household, the halving of the number of earners putting in to the family coffers, had not registered on my radar of anything, until that dip in income started to bite. 823 more words


The Year of Living Minimally - Week Nineteen

Or not. I choose not to. Come on – isn’t it enough already? Haven’t you had enough of the pressure?

Part of my quest to living more minimally means having less, buying less, using less. 136 more words


Who pays taxes, who benefits ... in one picture šŸ¤‘

By far most federal spending goes to social and entitlement programs aimed at the middle class and below. By far the upper middle class and above pay the most in taxes both as an effective tax rate and in total dollars. 47 more words


Canadians are the most indebted in the world, OECD says, as it warns on rising debt risk

The OECD warned that rising private debt loads in both advanced and developing economies pose a risk to growth as Canada, South Korea, and the U.K. 320 more words

The World

My debt is unsustainableĀ and downright dangerous for me and I must make this turnaround stick

My debt is unsustainable and downright dangerous for me, and I must make this turnaround stick. This Ā£190 birthday money will help, and I was tempted to treat myself to a birthday strip yesterday, but was happy that I came home without going anywhere but pubs.

Challenge 1 - Getting a grip

The first challenge that I faced, when my Dad became a resident of a care home – and his bank account was closed down – was trying to piece together what I needed to do. 1,016 more words


Out of Office Reply: Thanksgiving 2017

Having over $97K of student loans is not ideal. But compare my life with the rest of the world, and I truly have lots to be thankful for. 374 more words