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"Active Re-leveraging"

Ok so this is interesting. One would think, given the experience of the beleaguered US energy complex, that US corporates would be loathe to rack up too much leverage in the post crisis world, especially now that the Fed looks set to finally embark on a hiking cycle. 200 more words


7 days of Ebay

7 days of eBay…

I’m on a journey.  It started a couple of weeks ago when I decided that, rather than being haunted by the regular credit card bills that were coming in, I was going to be pro-active and take control. 151 more words

7 Days

The New Year

I have mentioned many times on here that I don’t really do New Year’s resolutions. I have always felt like if I didn’t already have it as a goal, not some date on the calendar will change my desire for that goal. 351 more words


Ante-, anti-institutionalism

In the clear, critical light of day, illusory administrators whisper of our need for institutions, and all institutions are political, and all politics is correctional…Politics proposes to make us better, but we were good already in the mutual debt that can never be made good. 1,247 more words

State Of The Union

becoming-union: an organizing story

Memoirs of an Organizer, or, BECOMING-UNION…

After Deleuze and Guattari

Memories of an organ-grinder, I. A becoming-animal always involves a pack, a band, a population, a peopling, in short, a multiplicity. 1,343 more words

State Of The Union

The Book of Undercommon Prayer, an excerpt...

The Book of Undercommon Prayer, an excerpt, from an organizer with  Student Employees at the New School-United Auto Workers (SENS-UAW)

Precarity bears its own undoing. It teeters between prayer ( 1,621 more words


Food for thought..

​Food for thought…💕➰// Lets say you make $14/hr $500/week after taxes

$2,000 a month.

Rent: $700 💵

Car: $300 💵

Utilities: $150 💵

Phone: $100 💵 129 more words