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Balancing Money Goals

One of the key areas I would like to focus on in this blog is balancing my checkbook, i.e personal finance goals. Over the past year I have been following a few blogs about frugal living, minimalism and living simply. 370 more words


Financial Binary Thinking: Debt, Pt. 1

by Ami B

Here at Obelize, we think that one of the most dangerous logical fallacies around is the false dichotomy. You might know it as black and white thinking, or binary thinking. 652 more words


Why I Do Not Have a Credit Card

Credit Cards are the devil!  I swear the devil and his firey crew run the credit companies.  I’ve never had a credit card EVER.  My ex boyfriends had them, I’d negotiate the bill, we’d pay if off, so after doing this for awhile I realized how vicious they are.  228 more words


Looking Pretty Calm Up Here You Guys

“Even though the S&P 500 has closed at an all-time high three times in the last week, investors are still waiting for breadth (i.e. 455 more words

Debt Collections and Consumer Rights

Know Your Rights!

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) aggressively pursues consumer complaints against abusive debt collectors. This is not a new effort, but it is always pleasing to hear of another bad apple getting their comeuppance. 386 more words

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