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Debt Buyer’s Strict(?) Vicarious Liability For Debt Collectors (including Attorneys) Acts

In an earlier post, I touched briefly on court decisions holding debt buyers who do not collect debts being held vicariously liable for their debt collectors violations of the… 1,463 more words

Motivation and musings after one year at the commuter job

So, after blogging for about 9 months on a pretty regular and consistent schedule, I have gotten for the first time to the point of not having any posts lined up….. 418 more words

Financial Freedom

What Seniors Ought to Know

   As students begin leaving the haven of their parents’ homes and entering a world of ruthless, self-interested money lenders who endeavor to exploit the ignorant, bureaucracy-laden institutions of higher learning willing to transform aspiring scholars into indentured servants, and callous governments which look on without sympathy as the money earned by the sweat of one’s own brow is extracted from his starved bank account, there is no need of our outgoing senior class more pressing than the need for financial literacy education immediately after graduation. 763 more words


Bad news for borrowers: Rise in NBFCs' funding cost may make loans costlier

When India’s shadow lenders sneeze, lots of others catch a cold.

Debt concerns have pushed funding costs for non-bank financing companies to multi-year highs in recent weeks. 398 more words

5 Astonishing Stats on Where Americans Are Drowning in Debt

Credit cards, mortgages and hefty auto loans are all debt problems in America, but the single biggest offender putting people in the red is the healthcare industry. 768 more words

Working Together

Is paying off debt affecting your mental health?

Does being in debt making you lose sleep?  I’ve loss sleep many of nights thinking about paying off debt.  In the past few months however, I’ve gotten to the point that I don’t care anymore about being in debt.  113 more words

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