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Debt: Bondage or Freedom?

Debt overwhelms our society today and our attitude towards it threatens to destroy us, not the debt itself.  The Pilgrims offer a powerful illustration on this point. 50 more words


"Puerto Rico Is About To Default: Your Complete Guide To An Island Debt Debacle"

Last week, we brought you the latest from Puerto Rico’s debt debacle. The commonwealth is desperately trying to restructure some $72 billion in debt while staring down a $354 million bond payment due on December 1.  85 more words


How to Deal with Debt – Part 2

You’ve left college and now are facing a mountain of debt. This can be terrifying now. The good news is, as a Bible College graduate, your debts are less than those of your counterparts. 927 more words

You Can’t Eat Gold or a Debt Sandwich

Source: Deviant Investor, by Gary Christenson

In one hand we hold gold, which is eternal, beautiful, and valuable everywhere.

In the other hand we are stuck with a debt sandwich.  425 more words

Financial/Societal Collapse And Dependence

8 lessons The Greek Debt Crisis taught us about life

The Greek Debt Crisis reminds me of an unrequited romantic relationship. One partner selflessly offers help, love and forgiveness, with the hope of receiving it back, despite the innumerable lapses of judgement and instances of dishonesty by the other. 1,102 more words


Escrow - did you know you can hold a house with it?

Escrow- typically used by a mortgage company to hold your money to pay your insurance and taxes annually.

Did you know you can use an escrow account to hold your earnest money to buy a house if you have to sell your house first? 220 more words


OktoberFast: Failing Forward

Yes, I know it is essentially the end of November and this post is going up on THEE most high, holiest shopping day of the year, … 1,375 more words