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What can we learn from the swift rise, and even swifter fall, of Yanis Varoufakis

Greece’s economy is in ruins. It is hard to imagine how things could have gone worse. Banks closed, no liquidity, very high unemployment, businesses closing down or fleeing the country, and the brain drain is accelerating. 778 more words

Hypocrite much, Germany?

It is myopic for the Germans to be so harsh and moralistic about the impeding Greek default. Germany, who benefited from the Marshall Plan and the 1953 forgiveness of half of their war debt of 31 billion (1953) Deutschmarks debt via the London Debt Agreement, should know the benefits of debt forgiveness and reconstruction over the long term. 50 more words


I don't see the problem with a Greek default

I don’t see the problem with a Greek default, return to the drachma, devaluation, and reconstruction. The default means some big hedge fund folks will lose billions. 324 more words


Brave Enough to take the Blame

Some lead with integrity – like all good leaders, they take the blame when things fall apart. There’s no winching distractions and sacrifice of scapegoats. In times of old, wars were fought with the leaders leading in the front. 466 more words