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And let my year commence

I took Monday and Tuesday off from everything to try and contemplate everything and get my head round it all.

Getting the decision for PIP is a double edge sword, on the one side 3 people, who I had never met, believed me enough that they thought I deserved it on the other side 3 people think that I am so limited in what I can do that they think I should get an extra payment that most people don’t receive. 120 more words


Get Out of Debt the Fastest Way Possible (Without Scammy Bullsh*t)

There have literally been entire books fluffed up just to teach what we’re about to show you. It’s the fastest and most effective way we’ve come across to eliminate debt when feasible (other than having it negotiated and wiped off). 1,723 more words

If You Can’t Tell Where the Money Went

If you’re like me, and I suspect at least one of you are, you have a tenuous relationship with making a plan at best. I don’t like planning; it seems like a waste of time. 430 more words


Realisation....we’re in dire straits!

Bit of a back story….

In 2009 we lived in a lovely 5 bed house in Norfolk with our 5 children and had no debts other than quite a large mortgage. 169 more words


Live Financial Seminar in Denver!

On February 2 from 9am-12pm the Mile High Money Guy will be presenting a live Financial Seminar in Denver.  This is a free, practical class packed with useful info, tools, and hands-on exercises to positively impact your financial life. 69 more words

Financial Independence

Preparation time.

My last post detailed the situation we were in, as well as the reasons for recording progress and sharing with the internet. What we have yet to discuss is how we plan to start chipping the debt away. 754 more words


New Years Resolutions are actually the best thing ever.

Its no secret that I haven’t been miss happy bee since making the move from Atlanta. In fact I’ve been just a big mess trying to love a situation and when new years came around I new some changes needed to be made, I just didn’t know which ones exactly or where to even start. 924 more words