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A company’s debt-to-capital ratio or D/C ratio is the ratio of its total debt to its total capital, its debt and equity combined. The ratio measures a company’s Capitalization ratios measure the extent to which a company is leveraging its equity to create earnings for its shareholders. 397 more words

Phase 1: Preperation

So in my very first financial post “Broke and Educated,” I made the vow publicly and to myself to really buckle down and pay off my debt. 446 more words


0001 - Hello

My husband and I are 34 and 30 respectfully. We have 5 wonderful kids…even the preteen. We have a lovely home, in an amazing neighborhood. We own cats, dogs, and chickens. 1,079 more words

Dave Ramsey

Good Debt vs. Bad Debt

If you were born before 1975 you may feel differently about being in debt than your average millennial. I want to start by pointing out that I, myself, am a millennial, and I want to dispel myths and help other millennials be more financially savvy. 758 more words


Recession Hints

Congratulations, it has been ten years since the start of the Great Recession. Ready to party like it is 2006? There are similarities: stock market is up, unemployment is down, interest rates are low. 123 more words


That moment we've all had...

We’ve all had the moment when you’re at work, on the bus, or at home and the subject crosses your mind, “I wish I had more money to do ___________.” or, “If only I had more money I could buy ___________.” and by far the most common, “I don’t have enough to make my ___________ payment.” 803 more words