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5 Budgeting tips to get Out of Debt

When my husband and I got married we had quite a bit of debt for a 22 year olds. We had negative equity on a car, a personal loan, and some credit card debt. 939 more words

USA: Private Prevented Public from Ever Paying off Debt to Eliminate Public

This is all guess but it may have truth to it:

The US government is not doing anything to pay off its debt because the PRIVATE has corrupted the PUBLIC. 663 more words


The way out of COVID-19's economic hole looks slow, uneven and bleak: fiscal snapshot

OTTAWA РThe government believes rebuilding Canada’s COVID-19 crippled economy will be a slow, drawn out and uncertain challenge extending for years, even if the virus remains relatively contained. 446 more words


Wickedness of International Debt

I read a post from Christian Aid today that really touched my heart, even though I was semi-aware of the high level of international debt. But what in particular shocked me most is how much debt is owed to the richest nations by the very poorest. 227 more words

Unlucky Comics (Episode 1 : I.O.U.)

  • If you enjoy this short comic strip that I’m going to make a miniseries out of, then leave a like and comment if you’d like to chime in.
  • 30 more words
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