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9 easy steps to the Darko debt payoff schedule

Have you ever felt the need to cut back on the amount of debt you have? Have you ever felt annoyed when debt collectors call you? 1,232 more words


Being Frugal While in a Relationship

I was single for a good long time. Pretty much my entire life actually, until I started dating my current boyfriend. We’ve been together for just over a year and my love of personal finance and dedication to debt eradication is definitely a big part of our relationship. 909 more words


Wiping out the National Debt Part 2

In part one I presented the best of ideas that would eliminate debt without raising taxes or cutting spending. Ideas like moving from a fraction reserve system to a full reserve system, eliminating intragovernmental debt, handing the debt back to the tax-payers many of which also own the debt, and increasing the value of the currency so that everyone becomes wealthier. 329 more words

Do You Owe Money To A Financial Institution?...If So I Have The Perfect Plan For You

A friend of mine contacted me yesterday, he is in some financial trouble and wanted to borrow some money, now if it was just a few bucks I would gladly help him it out and just consider it a gift. 1,224 more words