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Podcast: 3 Reasons You Never Have Enough Money

How much money is enough?

The answer is always a little more. Right? Perhaps by addressing these three reasons, we can see that we do, actually, have enough money. 223 more words


Debt is Like Pollution

My reading notes on Between Debt and the Devil.

Experience shows that banks generate more intrafinancial-system trading than is socially useful. Extra liquidity, market making and price discovery in financial markets have a value up to a point, and providing this social good might indeed essentially entail investment… 117 more words

Personal Development

Adventure #15: Money Envy…

“The spirit of envy can destroy; it can never build.”
– Margaret Thatcher

If you had the money to pay off debt, would you pay the debt off or stay in debt? 583 more words

Yanis Varoufakis: A Brief History of Capitalism

The economy is too
important to leave to the economists
. Right at the opening page of his 2013 book,
Varoufakis explicates this rationale which justifies if not urges for the… 1,531 more words


A golden (financial) ratio or dog-paddle everything at once?

There has been a lot of talk lately on some of the groups and blogs about “F-You” money. I must admit that I haven’t really thought a lot about “F-You” money before because I generally really like my career. 786 more words

Americans are facing DEBT, DEBT, and more DEBT!

Did I mention that Americans are facing a lot of debt?

Thanks to incompetent politicians, on every level of government, and from both parties, the American people are facing a mountain of debt. 499 more words

Entitlement and hairshirts

‘No, I’m used to it now so I WON’T give it up!’
(Photo by Ryan Franco)

Apparently it’s called ‘generational habituation’: what for our great-grandparents was unattainable soon became, for our grandparents, a luxury. 779 more words

Thinking Green