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Garnishments vs.Wage Assignments: What is the Difference?

I often have clients contact me once their employer starts deducting a garnishment from their paycheck.  Many are confused about the difference between an actual wage garnishment and deductions due to a… 624 more words


What Happens to My Tax Refund When I File Bankruptcy

In Colorado, the Earned Income Credit portion of the tax refund is exempt from the bankruptcy estate. Essentially, this means the Trustee administering the estate has no legal right to this portion of the refund. 334 more words


What is a Debtor

As very few businesses receive cash for goods and services they provide or pay cash for expenses they incur, common business practice is to sell goods and services on credit to another party who pays the business some time later. 262 more words

Bankruptcy – Preferential Transfers to Creditors

A creditor that receives a payment from an insolvent debtor should be aware that if the debtor files bankruptcy within 90 days, the payment might be subject to recovery for the bankruptcy estate. 203 more words

Leadership in a Nutshell

I was recently asked to summarize my personal philosophy on leadership. (Yes, it did occur to me that I have been writing blogs for two years trying to do just that . 512 more words



Divorce and bankruptcy often go hand-in-hand.  Many divorces are attributed to overwhelming financial debt, a job layoff by either party, or other significant reduction in income.   1,161 more words


Bankruptcy for the Non-Bankruptcy Lawyer

On October 14, presenters Christine Coers-Mitchell and Johnston Mitchell of Coers Mitchell Law LLC presented Bankruptcy for the Non-Bankruptcy Lawyer.  Topics included decoding “bankruptcy talk,” what to do if a bankruptcy filing occurs during litigation, how to settle a bankruptcy claim, how to handle divorce-related bankruptcy issues, strategies for creating “bankruptcy proof” agreements and transfers, and bankruptcy issues involving real property. 31 more words

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