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Dead Man Balking: Writ of Execution Doesn’t Work After Debtor's Death

So you have a money judgment, but the debtor dies before you can collect. Never mind. You still have a judgment lien on the debtor’s estate. 484 more words

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How to Garnish Wages in California

You’re dealing with a debtor who won’t pay up and you decide to garnish his or her wages. It’s a very technical process, but these seven steps break it down. 500 more words

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Myths About Unpaid Medical Bills

Myths About Unpaid Medical Bills
Medical bills account for a lot of debt among people, but understanding how such a debt can influence your credit is important. 22 more words


Who is the Creditor? NY Appellate Decision Might Provide the Knife to Cut Through the Bogus Claim of Privilege

The crux of this fight is that if the foreclosing parties are forced to identify the creditors they will only have two options, in my opinion: (a) commit perjury or (b) admit that they have no knowledge or access to the identity of the creditor…

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Quiet Title Revisited: Not Quite a Dead End

Void means that the instrument meant nothing when it was filed, not that it is unenforceable now.

I know how hard it is to let go of something that you really want to believe in.

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The indebted Polish fathers

Penal landscapes of all countries are built upon socially constructed crimes and punishments. For me it is the penal anomalies that are of most interest. As for the Polish criminal justice system my recent puzzlement relates to the extent of child maintenance arrears which might somewhat be viewed as a peculiarity of the Polish penal landscape. 624 more words


Chink in the Corporate Armor

For the last few years, owners of corporate entities have enjoyed an additional layer protection in Michigan that they may not have realized. As you are likely aware, corporate entities have acted as a shield against creditors looking to hold the owners personally liable for the corporation’s debt. 360 more words