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Positional Relationships with God

Our Eightfold Position

The relationships that we have with the people in our lives are different one from another because of the positional nature of each relationship – how we are positioned with each other. 962 more words


The Debtor's Doom - the grim fate for London's penniless

London had its fair share of prisons located very centrally and one of them was the Fleet – where debtors were flung. The location is quite hard to imagine now but it would have been roughly where Limeburner Lane and Fleet Place are today – bordered by Ludgate Hill, Old Bailey and what is now Farringdon Street. 556 more words

PoHymn: A Rustling in the Stagnant ...April 29, 2015

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In the Mix

 I am a blessed man

In a beleaguered land

Sharing the best I can

I am a silly goose… 155 more words


Debt Collection A to Z: W is for Why?

After practicing law for almost 20 years and being a consumer lawyer for the last 10 it never fails to amaze me the lengths people and businesses will go to in an attempt to take advantage of others.  188 more words

Debt Collection Defense


By Anthony Rohach, Esq.

Part 3 of a three part series

As I mentioned in a previous post, the term “default” is specifically defined under Secured Transactions law. 358 more words

Maintaining Debtor Privacy is Crucial during the Debt Collection Process

Availing credit from a bank or an individual isn’t a crime but paying back the money borrowed at the right time is good manners and shows you are responsible with outstanding debts. 511 more words



Does someone owe you money (and you’re not a collection agency)? Then you’re a debt collector. Are you facing debt in NC, you’ll be happy to know there are laws to protect you. 180 more words