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Collection Defense vs NJ Bankruptcy

If you have been sued by a collections company or “debt collector,” and the debt truly belongs to you, the most important piece of advice is: Do not ignore the lawsuit. 519 more words


Re White

When a testator decides to bequeath his business to both his widow and former business partner, questions are raised as to exactly how those assets are determined, and whether liability for accrued debts and outstanding taxes are inclusive of such a gift. 452 more words

Neil Egan-Ronayne

Lenders Have 10 Years To Collect Payment From Debtors

What is the prescriptive period for debtors who failed to pay within the period agreed upon? Can lenders take matters to court if the debtor refuses or fails to pay?

Effective Working Capital Management for SMEs -1

From my interaction with many entrepreneurs from across Sub Saharan Africa, cash flow management is one of the leading causes of stunted growth for most SMEs. 439 more words


Women signing their lives away: Egypt’s criminalization of debt

Nourhan Magdi is the sole writer of this story; it was originally published on The Cairo Post on March 21, 2014 – link here 2,364 more words


Can Wages be Garnished for Money Borrowed from a Friend?

There are certain situations in life that call for borrowing money from a family member or friend: if your financial situation is less-than-optimal, and if your credit score is poor. 556 more words


Rethinking the meaning of imprisonment in the 1690s

What does it mean to be a prisoner? Most of us today would cite confinement within bars or walls as a defining characteristic. But this was not necessarily the case in the early modern period, when some prisoners enjoyed freedom of movement. 1,576 more words