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Sterling Bank set to make names of debtors public

Sterling Bank has concluded plans to publish the names of individuals and institutions with non-performing loans on national newspapers, including social media if they fail to pay repay loans obtained from the Bank. 356 more words


Giving Attention To...The Most-Forgiven People In The World

I am grateful that my Doctor of Ministry pursuit at the Reformed Presbyterian Theological Seminary (in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania) has me reading some great books … AND I am grateful that some of these books are already familiar to me! 475 more words

Something To Ponder

Think You Know Everything You Need To Know About Bankruptcy? Think Again!

Finding information about filing personal bankruptcy does not have to be difficult. There are things to do and things to avoid doing just before and following filing bankruptcy. 296 more words


The Greek Psyche

I’m fascinated by the modern Greek psyche. This morning on TV reports as their country teeters on the edge of economic disaster, voxpops show Greeks waving their national flag, saying they are proud of their country and viciously criticising the other countries and institutions which have been trying to save them, notably their b banker – the Germans. 228 more words


How to Deal With a Customer Who Won’t Pay

Do you have a customer who just refuses pay you?  It’s a pretty sad reality that there are quite a few peeps out there who will happily take advantage of the benefits your biz offers, but when it’s time to pay you, they’ll refuse to do so. 1,061 more words


Today's Thought: Literally Toast

Quote from  The Prayer of the LORD: If this condition is to be taken literally, we are finished. 8 more words

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How to make sure your customers pay you on time

Have you got problems with your customers paying you late or not at all?  It’s frustrating….right?!  And stressful too.  But did you know that a lot of the time this issue happens because customers aren’t too sure about when they need to pay you.  782 more words