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Cisco iOS Autonomous AP Debug

Enable Logging

terminal monitor

Disable logging

terminal no monitor


Browser Immediately Closes When Debugging

I recently ran into an issue while developing, that it looks like many others have experienced as well. A search didn’t provide a good resolution to the problem. 373 more words


Debug and less logs by filtering

To debug an issue it is always easier to focus on our source and destination. No one likes to dig into a lot of unwanted text. 84 more words


Intellij IDEA - GO debug error

I got following error when I tried debugging go program in IntelliJ on my mac.

could not launch process: exec: "lldb-server": executable file not found in $PATH… 14 more words

jQuery Ajax Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'type' of undefined

A simple but easy to overlook issue. Can you find what is wrong?

var getNumberList = function(activeOnly) {
        type: 'POST',
        url: 'getNumberList.php',
        data: {
            activeOnly: activeOnly
        success: function (response) { 

var list = getNumberList($('.activeOnlyToggle')); 132 more words

debugging php with visual studio code

Besides managing this blog I also manage my rugby club’s website, Falcons RFC, a collection web pages with a basic understanding of the club’s news, sections and fixtures. 742 more words


Tổng quan về testing - Phần 1: Tại sao lập trình viên cần biết về testing?

Sắp tới, mình sẽ có bài viết về automation testing với Pupeeteer. Tất nhiên, phương châm trước giờ của của mình vẫn là:

Công cụ không quan trọng, quan trọng hiểu và áp dụng kiến thức nền tảng. 1,816 more words
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