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GDU Debug Fix

Hi all the fix has been applied to the GDU.dll and will now work with debug on you applications, sorry for any inconvenience!


Debug errors

I am aware that there is an error with debugging your applications that use this library. If you code as shown you application will work. A new release will be issued 26/11/2015 that fixes this issue.


PHP Debug efficiently with debug_backtrace

Hello today I write a small function for debug your PHP code. Its simple but powerful –

 $bkTrace=function ($stack) {
 $output = '';
 $stackLen = count($stack);
 for ($i = 1; $i < $stackLen; $i++) {
 $entry = $stack[$i];
 $func = (array_key_exists('class', $entry)?$entry['class'].'\\':'').$entry['function'] .
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kernel-debug package: An Overview


  • The kernel-debug package provides the same stable kernel provided by the common kernel package with some debug options enabled.
  • The kernel-debug is not the same as kernel-debuginfo which has the goal to provide a executable image of the kernel with all debug symbols, while kernel-debug has the goal to enable some debugging code but does not have the debug symbols on it.
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NFS Debugging for Beginners


  • Performance Issues
  • Protocol Issues
  • Connectivity Issues

1. Performance Issues

Define a repeatable benchmark that runs for at least 15 minutes. Try using a subset of the actual NFS I/O workload as a benchmark. 1,375 more words


How to keep track of slab leaks?

The kernel config option “CONFIG_DEBUG_SLAB_LEAK” is not enabled in normal kernel. This option is enabled in “kernel-debug” package which provides a file under /proc called… 314 more words


How Java Debug works

You can just attach your IDE to a running application (which has been runned for debug as we’ll see later), or you can even debug it from command line. 665 more words