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Debug the Tabs in Content Navigator

We have discussed how to add custom tabs in Content Navigator in the following article.


The URL of the custom Tabs Will be Hidden ,which make difficult to debug an parmertor error.However if you have firefox with… 34 more words

Content Navigator

Check your boundaries ... and how they are drawn

With the Sprite Kit port 99% done I┬ádecided I should do some basics next. Like calculating the map boundaries, and for hex and iso maps also generating the “inner” bound (ie ignoring the half-tiles at the borders). 106 more words

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Debugging WordPress - First Step

You’ve navigated to a certain window at the wp-admin area of your website and your site displayed a blank page. It could have been almost any page (for example, you clicked on All Posts) and I am sure that lots of… 210 more words

Beginning With WordPress

Analytics is not a Debugger

The subject today should be very close to you if you’re a developer, at least if you are interested in user interfaces and how people use what you develop. 1,193 more words


IIS Express and Android Studio connection issues

If you are getting a following like error when you are trying to connect to a Microsoft Web Service or whatever server point that is under IIS Express you might encounter the following error: 241 more words


Client Library Configuration: Minify CSS/Javascirpt and Debug

CQ Client Libraries (clientlibs) have two main configuration are minify and debug

Where is it?

  1. Navigate to OSGI Console
  2. Search for and click on “Day CQ HTML Library Manager”
  3. 197 more words
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Unity Debug.Log with multiple arguments

Javascript has neat debugging function console.log that accepts multiple variables which makes easy to compose and modify debug output. It’s easy to do same kind of utility script for the Unity. 98 more words