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LPC810 Breakout Board Running SWD/J-Link Debugger

LPC810 Breakout Board connected to IAR EW IDE via a SEGGER J-Link debugger utilizing SWD. Contrary to the User Manual, I needed to enable the SWD pins on the LPC810 to get this to work.

Google and I: A Working Love Story

Once upon a time, I was in deep-thinking mode and I challenged myself to answer the following riddle: How has the way I do things really changed? 2,495 more words

Web Development

Oracle Forms Trace

To debug a form we can use trace files.

1. Log in to the environment that will be traced.

2. Set the profile option “Utilities:Diagnostics“ (internal name DIAGNOSTICS) user-level value to “Yes”. 257 more words

Oracle Applications

Celery Logging

When you start Celery, there is a flag for setting the logging level:

celery worker -A my_app -E -l WARNING --concurrency=1

Simple enough. There is a similar flag for Celery beat.  106 more words


Could not drop the primary key constraint 'constraint name' because the table has an XML or spatial index.

Error Message

Msg 3734, Level 16, State 1, Line 187
Could not drop the primary key constraint ‘PK_Person_BusinessEntityID’ because the table has an XML or spatial index. 190 more words


Ruby On Rails : Unknown issue : Function returns unexpected things when I debug/pry

Sometimes when we debug in development or try to log what is happening in production mode, we encounter with some mysterious issues of expected value returned by the function/methods. 119 more words

Ruby On Rails

Powermockito behaving differently on debug

Another issue that took me a long time to figure out. I had a failing test, so I started to investigate the issue with the debugger. 209 more words