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Debug your custom code (plug-ins & custom workflow activities) using the plug-in profiler

I’m a big fan of unit testing your custom code to prevent errors from ever occuring in the system. However it is not unlikely that QA can still report an issue that is related to your custom code. 759 more words


Black Magic Probe: The Best ARM JTAG Debugger?

We don’t always JTAG, but when we do, we use a Black Magic Probe. It’s a completely open ARM-chip debugging powerhouse. If you program the small ARM chips and you don’t have a BMP, you need a BMP. 265 more words


strace examples

strace is a tool that inspect what an application is doing. You can strace application on launch or attach a running one to strace using its PID. 25 more words



Hi các bạn, nếu bạn là một Developer chắc chắn sẽ gặp phải những “Bug” khiến bạn phải đau đầu. Tôi cũng như bạn, một thời đau đầu vì gặp Bug, gặp khó khăn trong việc tìm Bug và sửa nó. 720 more words


DumpMiner - UI tool for playing with ClrMD

ClrMD is a library built by Lee Culver. This a process and crash dump introspection library. This allows you to write tools and debugger plugins which can do thing similar to SOS and PSSCOR. 611 more words


ADB - Useful Commands

The ADB i am going to write about is not Asian Development Bank, but Android Debug Bridge. ADB is a command line tool to allow communication to emulator or android devices for debugging purposes. 725 more words