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Device Tree Debugging

DTB-DTS conversion (Linux kernel)

  • Convert DTS file to DTB
  • ./scripts/dtc/dtc -I dts -O dtb -o .dtb .dts
  • Convert DTB file to DTS

  • ./scripts/dtc/dtc -I dtb -O dts -o .dts .dtb…
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Short memo for SSL/TLS debugging and session decrypting

When trying to automate recurring or annoying operations on a network client, you must be lucky to have a special SDK, well-known documentation on API and plain-text protocols. 203 more words

Tips & Tricks

Data Quality at the Adobe Summit

This year, I had the opportunity to run a hands-on lab about data quality at the Adobe Summit in Las Vegas, and I’ll run the same lab again in London on the 10th. 653 more words


Debugging your C code

Debugging C can sometimes be a pain but thanks to some handy tools, there are some efficient ways to make your code run smoothly.

Note that this isn’t something you should only do after you finished writing your program. 624 more words


How to log MySQL queries made to the server

There is no need to say that this is a security risk and a performance killer, but sometimes in debug I need to checkout every single query made to the server, so in order to do this, at least on MySQL 5.7.17 it can be enabled on runtime. 186 more words

How to debug Github's Hubot script?

First of all, Hubot is a complete Node.js application itself. And for Node.js applications in general, node-inspector is a celebrity out there as a debugger based on Blink Developer Tools. 139 more words

Tips And Tricks

How to find all the terminal licensing servers in your domain : LDP.EXE

Using LDP.EXE:

– Select Connection | Connect
– Click OK
– Select Connection | Bind
– Click OK
– Select Browse | Search
– Select the… 25 more words