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Retrieve Your cordova app's localStorage Data Directly From iOS Device

Use Case

If WiFi fails, your ajax call fails and your backup re-submit code fails, you may need a last ditch solution of physically grabbing your form data from inside your PhoneGap app, off of an individual iOS device. 384 more words


Maven build failure in Eclipse IDE

 Failed to execute goal org.codehaus.cargo:cargo-maven2-plugin:1.4.4:redeploy (deploy) on project hello1: Execution deploy of goal org.codehaus.cargo:cargo-maven2-plugin:1.4.4:redeploy failed: Failed to create deployer with implementation class org.codehaus.cargo.container.glassfish.GlassFish4xInstalledLocalDeployer for the parameters (container ], deployer type ).
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Transactions and SCNs

It’s general knowledge that the Oracle database is ACID compliant, and that SCNs or ‘system change numbers’ are at the heart of this mechanism. This blogpost dives into the details of how the Oracle engine uses these numbers. 3,020 more words


Steps to get the dump file in RC to troubleshoot

When working on RC cases, we have to enable the trace and collect some logs to process the troubleshooting like SM or CIT, here is the steps: 189 more words

Software Tips

XF - Setup your App and Emulator

My computer was having some issues and I had to rebuild it. Luckily with Windows 10, this has never been a faster process. I make heavy use of Visual Studio team services, GitHub and OneDrive so backups are pretty easy too. 283 more words


Smoke and mirrors: monitoring function calls that do not exist anymore

During investigating I ran once again into statistics in the Oracle database that still provide a useful details, but the actual naming of the statistic is describing a situation that in reality does not exist anymore. 831 more words


Langage C - C/C++ Erreur de segmentation

Qu’est ce qu’une erreur de segmentation

Vous êtes en train de développer une application sous Linux en
C/C++. Tout va bien, ça compile, les oiseaux chantent. 742 more words