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Ena Valikov's Monsanto Fact Checking Leaves Much To Be Desired

California veterinarian Ena Valikov is an outspoken anti-GMO crusader.  If you’ve ever clashed with her on social media before (I have), it’s an experience you won’t soon forget. 622 more words


Dr. Mark Hyman Wants You To Throw Out His Own Food Products

Dr. Mark Hyman’s literary masterpiece “10 Rules to Eat Safely for Life (and What to Remove From Your Kitchen)”1 contains this bit of sage advice: 346 more words


Food Babe Selling Spicy Carcinogens

“Parsley, sage, rosemary and thyme”–Simon & Garfunkel lyrics

Woot!  My calendar says it’s Friday, which means it’s time for yet another shopping trip to the FoodBabe.com online store! 

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Food Babe

Farm Fairy Crafts Selling Products With Caffeic Acid, a Group 2B carcinogen

Farm Fairy Crafts, a crunchy momma organic product manufacturer, recently launched a barrage of Twitter ad homs after I pointed out the glaring truth that… 589 more words


the first uploaded video on YE social media accounts - on presumed global warming

to make the beginning with YE video accounts i posted an important presentation about the place where we all live.. then it will make better sense to continue with Youth Extension and related videos on the topic. 39 more words


Debunking Evolution: The Beginning of Life

In all the previous articles, I took the time going over the main weaknesses of macro-evolution. However, the situation for macro-evolution becomes even worse when we look at the origins. 350 more words