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Here’s yet more evidence that the mythical yeti was probably a bear

So, maybe it has been debunked

Campfire legends of massive, shaggy bipeds called yetis are grounded in a less mysterious truth: bears.

Oddities, Mythical Creatures, Abominable Snowman, pic: circa 1951, This picture was taken at 19,000 feet in the Menlung Basin, Nepal, and shows, supposedly, the footprints of the Abominable Snowman or Yeti (Photo by Popperfoto/Getty Images) … 204 more words


Debunked: Donald Trump’s Claim Barack Obama Didn’t Say Merry Christmas

Donald Trump claims he brought “Merry Christmas” back to the White House. We found plenty of evidence proving him wrong.

This video is from MSNBC’s ‘All In’ with… 11 more words


Twitter Admits It Ran Interference on Podesta Email Leaks

Since I know some of you are going to just disregard this because of the source, the testimony is linked to the House page.

Before the election, we also detected and took action on activity relating to hashtags that have since been reported as manifestations of efforts to interfere with the 2016 election.

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Fake News

Throwing Shade and Some Deep Jazz!

What do you dream the most about on a sunny day? Take your time… a little longer?


But what if sitting under the shade makes you feel chilly? 361 more words