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Japan: The Woman in the Audience

This is a photograph that I see more and more of. According to all of the sources online, it shows an audience attending a psychic TV show in Japan. 174 more words


Giant Skeletons Found

DEBUNKED Source: Snopes.com

There is a post going viral about some giant skeleton remains being found in some Arabian region, or Greece region. Even though the Arabian ones are said to be false, the greece ones still remain to be authenticated, and it has been many years since their so called find and they never made headline news anywhere. 51 more words


Bulls Are Colorblind

So I suppose this debunks the whole “bulls hate red”thing. 7 more words


Thrive's Plethora of "Poisonous" Powders

Today we continue our series probing the hypocrisy of Thrive Market, the putative all-natural online store whose products often contain the very ingredients they claim to be toxic–but apparently only when found in competitor’s offerings. 1,085 more words


Anti-GMO Thrive Market Sells GMOs

This very important public service announcement just in from Thrive Market, guardian of all that is good and holy in the world of organic goods: 928 more words


Allegations regarding Hillary Clinton’s health problems has been winding its way through the right wing websites until Sean Hannity of FOX TV devoted an entire evening to giving this concocted tale any credibility. 1,283 more words


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