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Thrive's Plethora of "Poisonous" Powders

Today we continue our series probing the hypocrisy of Thrive Market, the putative all-natural online store whose products often contain the very ingredients they claim to be toxic–but apparently only when found in competitor’s offerings. 1,085 more words


Anti-GMO Thrive Market Sells GMOs

This very important public service announcement just in from Thrive Market, guardian of all that is good and holy in the world of organic goods: 928 more words


Allegations regarding Hillary Clinton’s health problems has been winding its way through the right wing websites until Sean Hannity of FOX TV devoted an entire evening to giving this concocted tale any credibility. 1,283 more words


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#Debunking another right wing smear

Lies, Damned lies, and Right Wing Media

Propaganda: “…information, especially of a biased or misleading nature, used to promote a political cause or point of view.”  Oxford English Dictionary… 828 more words

Art By Rob Goldstein

Thrive Market's "Toxic" Deodorant: I Smell A Rat

Thrive Market, a new, supposedly all-natural online store being heavily pushed by the pseudoscientific Environmental Working Group, is concerned with body odor.  Sadly, the hypocrisy of both groups stinks to high heaven.  703 more words


Budgeting is a B Word – Budget Myths Debunked

First I’d like to say thanks for responding so well to these few posts. It’s rewarding to have small nuggets of my experience be useful to others and I hope to keep being an encouragement to you all! 910 more words