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Beauty Guru Myths DEBUNKED

Because yeah, we are all airheads! (read sarcasm)

Tish Ortz

If You Make $50,000 Per Year, You Pay.... Debunked

This photo has made the rounds on social media for a couple years and I was requested to research it.

Our tax system is too convoluted to make simplistic assertions such as this.   854 more words


Five GMO Myths Debunked by Vandana Shiva

1. Myth of the Green Revolution

I wrote a book for the United Nations University, “The Violence of the Green Revolution,” (1991) which has been republished by many publishers globally: 812 more words

The International Reporter

HOAX ALERT: No asteroid headed for Earth (edited because my title was shit)

Special bulletin from Lola’s DUH-BUNKED Files…

For the third time this month, I’ve had to go into DUH-BUNK mode. Someone has to do it. Might as well be me. 116 more words


Food Babe Selling "Toxic" Product: Nutiva Chia Seeds

I haven’t been shopping at FoodBabe.com in a while, and I must admit I miss the experience.  It’s true that I’ve been surprised once or… 736 more words

Food Babe

Baby Monitor Picks up Ghost?

This one will be short and sweet because honestly this is just a horrible example of a possible paranormal capture.

First of all the video quality is atrocious and secondly there are so many explanations for this slight anomaly in the video that it boggles the mind that anyone buys this stuff. 78 more words

Ghosts & Hauntings

Dull, Backward and Retarded

Had to share this wonderful example of the way teaching used to (and still does in some quarters) view students. Here is a course taken over an Easter holiday in 1956. 14 more words