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Fact or Fiction: Are All of the Claims against Hillary True?

The debates, opinion sharing, and arguments are becoming more frequent as we approach voting day.  Consequently, my social media pages have been flooded with conspiracy theories and all of the reasons people think that I should not be supporting Hillary Clinton.  400 more words


Social Norms and Suicide

Okay, so this is kind of a heavy topic, but I think it’s really important to talk about. What I have to say may be something you already realize, or something that you disagree with and are trying to hide from. 1,003 more words

Mental Health

Trichotillomania Myths Debunked

Trichotillomania isn’t something you hear about a lot. Even I didn’t know it was an existing condition until I Googled why I pull out my hair. 323 more words


12 myths about schizophrenia

In my second post I would like to talk about what schizophrenia is and what schizophrenia isn’t. I have come across a number of web pages which intend to dispel the misconceptions about the condition. 841 more words


Japan: The Woman in the Audience

This is a photograph that I see more and more of. According to all of the sources online, it shows an audience attending a psychic TV show in Japan. 174 more words