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A World Suffering From Evil

We live in a world plagued with suffering, a world where evil wanders to and fro, preying on the innocent and the weak, chaos howls like the wind, and death hangs ominous like stormy weather.  676 more words

Food Babe's Hypocrisy Grows. Who Gives a Sh*t? Agave Sh*t!

With the 2015 triathlon season fast approaching here in North America, I’m working overtime on my training regimen.  This, of course, includes a healthy diet. 1,067 more words


Don't believe everything you see in the movies

As much as we want all of the cool cinema tricks to be true, they just aren’t.


Jodi's Art Seller @Quinn__Michaels Twitter statement as it appeared #JodiArias

In light of all the BS rumors going around, I thought I’d throw a little truth out into the mix. Believe it or don’t. But here it is. 1,026 more words

Chris Stark

God & Creationism - Quick Fact #1

Fact: The oxygen produced during photosynthesis is used for cellular respiration. The carbon dioxide produced in cellular respiration is used in photosynthesis.

So if plants need the waste product of living organism to exist, … 25 more words


Fuck you and the horse you rode on.

Yes this is going to be one of those posts. If you don’t want to read a rant then stop now. I am calling bullshit on Homeopathy and alternative medicine. 75 more words


Evolution and the Fossil Record

The fossil record is probably one of the biggest problems for evolutionist, the theory of evolution predicts certain results to be found in the fossil record. 455 more words