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Trump Doesn't Know Any Countries We're At A Trade Surplus With. Business Insider Makes A List.

Here are the 15 countries with which the US in December had the most year-to-date surpluses for goods trade.

Source: US trade surpluses – Business Insider


A Manhole Cover Is Possibly The Fastest Man-Made Object Ever

Question (That you probably have): Why is it possibly the fastest man-made object? Answer: 3 Words. Nuclear. Testing. Bunker. Long story short, an extremely powerful nuclear blast from an underground bunker, caused the 4-inch thick steel manhole cover to be blown so fast off the bunker, that it was caught merely on a single frame of a high-speed camera. 36 more words


Myths of being and introvert - DEBUNKED!

Hi Everyone!

For today I wanted to stay away from the usual makeup and beauty post and touch on a topic that I have wanted to clear the air on for a while now … and that is myths on being an introvert. 99 more words


Ten Insane Dog Myths-Debunked

Dog myths have been around almost as long as the domestication of dogs. Some could be believable,while others are plain ridiculous. You can say whatever you want, and believe whatever you want, it doesn’t matter to us. 1,101 more words

Overnight Success? Nah, that's not a thing: Debunking Myth About Millenials

Many people often refer to our generation as the microwave generation. Now whether affectionately or not, they’re implying we like things instantly and conveniently. Which to many degrees is very true. 840 more words


Matthew Rogers Nibiru Non Researcher

Really, could Matthew Rogers, the so called You Tube Sky Watcher Nibiru Researcher” get any sillier…. 

Absolutely !

What is incredibly scary, is that folks really believe his ultimate BS.   95 more words

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