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Least Favorite Window Display

This display is my least favorite of the week mainly because I don’t get its concept. It doesn’t attract me or call out to me and isn’t something that would easily catch my attention as I walk down the street. 24 more words


Favorite Window Display

I like this display because of how clean it looks and how simple it is. I don’t intend to like simple displays, But i really like this one from the cloud-like background to the ceiling and the mannequin sitting on that white couch. 20 more words


Decades Upon Me

Still there,

I wouldn’t imagine,

yet I am,

slowly allowing my mind,

to remember you,

your soft hair, blonde

natural beauty,

and I was with you, 119 more words


Weekly Inspiration Post - Canon EOS 6D

This camera is my inspiration because this is a camera that you can actual do really good professional work with. I currently do have a camera, a canon as well but my camera is still great but is for beginners and I wanna get to the point where I can be able to use a canon 6D and go beyond that because now after taking Saturday Live classes at FIT for photography, it has made me consider maybe minoring in photography and having it as something to make a little money on the side, plus i’ve always loved photography and taking pictures and being photographed since I was a child so I feel like I would be okay.


[Tutorial] Circle / Poodle Skirt

My co-worker had asked me to make a few skirts for her sister, and her friend. She encouraged me to make the tutorial. I finally made up my mind to just go for it this time, since I’m sewing the skirts for her, and I could have her do the pattern and I’ll take a picture of how it’s made step by step. 605 more words


Article Response - Visual Industry

How could this be used in the visual industry?

This could be used in the visual industry because 3-D merchandise could be created and made to attract the costumers to come into the store even more. 129 more words


Least Favorite Display

This was my least favorite because even though it was so awesome how everything was done in orange I felt like it was missing something, I felt there could have been more to it and there wasn’t. 6 more words