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A Romance for the Decades

Isn’t it a cliché? Talks of true love, the one or happily ever after? Yes, life is not a fairy tale. But I have witnessed true love in my life; hence there’s no way I can believe otherwise. 535 more words


american pie

according to wikipedia:

“American Pie” is a song by American folk rock singer and songwriter Don McLean. Recorded and released on the American Pie… 69 more words


Alzheimers may begin two decades before diagnosis

Even if symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease become apparent in old age, the biological processes that cause the mental decline may begin a couple of decades ago in the ‘middle age’, suggests a new study by an Indian-origin researcher. 8 more words

Ron Paul And Lew Rockwell On Their Decades Promoting Liberty And Shared Optimism For The Future

Source: The News Doctors, by Adam Dick

This week on the Ron Paul Liberty Report, Ron Paul discussed with guest Lew Rockwell their many years working to advance liberty, as well as their shared optimism for the future. 418 more words


Beloved Local Studio Celebrates Decade of Free-Flowing Rock Music

The black walls echo with the heavy hum of sweaty guitar riffs as the crowd pulsates with the incoherent lyrics of punk frontman Zamir Alif… 831 more words

Mr. Nobody

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Ever wonder what you’d be jammin’ out to if you were born during a different decade? Now you can find out!

Go back in time with our  91 more words


Timeless Moments

That little kid watched his parents from his dark corner. The scene was not different from all that he saw everyday. His father breathing heavily of his favourite amber drink, his mother washing the dishes after she had put him in his bed. 317 more words