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Natural decaffeination: Swiss Water and CO2 processes

Decaf can taste like real coffee? Yes! The key to a great, you-don’t-even-know-its-decaf is using a natural, non-toxic decaffeination process and great green beans. Every green coffee bean contains approximately 1,000 naturally occurring chemicals that create what we identify as texture, taste, aroma, and vibrancy. 535 more words


Decaffeinated Christianity

In an effort to keep you entertained and encouraged, even though I’m too pressed for time to press a shirt or French press some coffee, here’s a re-run…a repeat…a re-heated cup of truth. 563 more words

General Observations

Coffee without the hit

A week or to ago I explained the effects that caffeine has on your brain and body. However, there are certain people who can not handle the effects of caffeine and instead drink coffee for the pure delicious taste rather than its fantastic ability to get you through your day. 448 more words