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Poem: Mask

Her smile held

the key to one’s heart

her eyes

led a secret path

her beauty enigmatic

her speech seductive

she could deceive anyone

with her perfect mask


Itchy Ears

For the time will come when people will not put up with sound doctrine. Instead, to suit their own desires, they will gather around them a great number of teachers to say what their itching ears want to hear. 16 more words


Listen to Me

Don’t listen to me when I’m flustered because when my emotions flood my head and everything gets overwhelming, not everything comes out right. Don’t listen to the things I say when I’m in a panic to find the right words because they might not always express my heart and mind all that great. 331 more words

Stream Consciousness


So as of this morning I embarked on my journey for growing my vocabulary. I am beginning to do a ‘word of the day’, where I will write down the word, it’s meaning, and then attempt to use that word throughout the day. 216 more words


The Deceiver

I love you
But you
I play
With words
More often
Than not
And so
You ask
What should
I trust?
How will… 34 more words


These secrets I hold

honestly keeping my word

I will never bestow

sometime near the beginning

I remember once you were

saying to me that you… 73 more words

Friendship And Love

Capital Punishment, Death, Taxes, and Penalties

Let me go on record here up front:  In general I’m against death.  In general, death sucks ass.  It ends a life, squashes whatever potential for good might have been left, leaves zero chances for a person to learn whatever life-lessons they were supposed to learn while they were alive, or worse, to impart whatever life lessons they were supposed to impart while they were alive, and leaves family and friends “who are alive and remain,” to helplessly watch the dust swirl and feel just that much diminished. 1,468 more words