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Doctor Versus Doctor

The Nice Single Cute Jewish Doctor vs. The Nice Single Cute (non-Jewish) Doctor

What’s the difference? The phrase always runs through my head. It’s something I picked up in my younger years living in New York. 2,812 more words

The Essays - 2004

Single, But Not Single

“You are so incredibly beautiful.”

“Thank you.”

“Listen, I’m going to take a shower, get dressed, and come over just to dump one in your ass. 1,614 more words

The Essays - 2004

Christmas 2004

Small Things

I watch him, sleeping on the couch. He’s been so excited. The whole day he has followed me from one room to the next. 1,467 more words

The Essays - 2004


Polyamory. The word sends shivers down my spine. There’s something so threatening about the very nature of what it implies. The idea that I may not be the center of the universe. 1,781 more words

The Essays - 2004

Long Distance

There are many things in life that we say we will not do. When we are young the list is endless. We will not do A, B, or C. 1,983 more words

The Essays - 2004

Give Good Gift

‘Tis the season. For heartbreak, the crying and wailing of, “You don’t love me.” The disappointed confusion of, “Thank you. How…uhm…nice.” Your girlfriend will talk badly about you to her friends, your enemies, and possible rivals. 2,470 more words

The Essays - 2004

The Beauty of the Garterbelt

A Little History

It started with tights. When I was a young girl I hated tights. I hated tights so much I avoided wearing dresses and skirts. 2,710 more words

The Essays - 2004