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Benny Weir: The Kid Next Door

This… is Benny Weir.

He’s a bit interesting… you see… he’s something known to us supernatural types as a Spellmaster.

Spellmasters roam the Earth amongst mortals and other supernatural creatures who are able to perform magic in the forms of spell casting and potion brewing. 165 more words


My MOOC Experience

In 2013 I enrolled in my first MOOC course. I am now getting ready to take  few more of these free educational opportunities and will share my thoughts as I go through them. 1,295 more words

December 2012

Reposted in Memoriam

Written about Sandy Hook four years ago:

The Journey: Part 1

It’s been almost four years since I have started this inward and outward journey of spiritual spreading of truth and wisdom to the world. It’s been tough at times, most of the time actually, but I have had the occasional ray of light supplanted unto me through these dark days of suffering. 1,577 more words


27th December 2012 12:06

Just read through my last 2 entries and I am so ungrateful!

December 2012

27th December 2012 11:52

I’m now scared that my birthday is going to be just as crap as Christmas. Mum said I can either have £50 or a second hand PSP with no memory card or games. 83 more words

December 2012