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December 2012

Day 74: I have been very lucky to work in the same building (actually, two of them) as my wife for over a decade, but outside of extracurricular activities we don’t often get to work together. 2,624 more words

December 2012

Shami’s Surprising Defence of Freedom

Shami Chakrabarti has been so wrong about so much for so long, and is so given to easy posturing, that it is scarcely credible that  521 more words

David Cameron

Ed Balls on Andrew Marr Show

Not up on the Marr programme website yet, so as a public service and in my role as the Shadow Chancellor’s assistant press officer, the transcript: 1,903 more words

Ed Balls

Abraham Lincoln, war criminal

Adam Gopnik in his review of Lincoln, the film, deals squarely with a  516 more words

December 2012

Harriet vs Shami

The BBC1 Sunday Politics sends out transcripts of its interviews to journalists, but does not put them on its website. 2,092 more words

December 2012

Chris Grayling vs Ken Clarke

Also on BBC1 Sunday Politics was Chris Grayling, Secretary of State for Justice, explaining how his predecessor Kenneth Clarke is a good Conservative but got it wrong on the European Convention on Human Rights. 2,833 more words