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'In return for this great service, I shall ask you for no token of merit except that you remember this day for ever.'

For as long as I remember, the geese have come to visit each winter. I haven’t seen them in the past few years as I’ve spent time away from home in winter, at university or working in different places. 1,188 more words


December 7th, 1939...What?

December 7th, 1941.

A truly terrible day for America when, as a country we were pulled into the Second World War after Japan, by virtue of a time and communication error attacked Pearl Harbor before their ambassador could formally issue a declaration of war on the United States. 417 more words

On Flags, Patriotism and History

The lowering of American flags at two Hawaiʻi Island college campuses this week sparked a firestorm of online fury from mostly non-kanaka Hawaiʻi residents who feel the act was unpatriotic and a grave dishonor to American veterans. 1,496 more words

Civil Rights

Christmas Creep

It sounds awful but it’s just an observation.  Was an observation because Christmas Creep is already over.  It’s so last month.  But in another sense it’s still here and I’ve been tasked with explaining what I mean, which could be tough. 339 more words


December 7th, 1941

A bright and warm day in Hawaii

The peace and tranquility were numbing

No one expected anything was amiss

Boats were docked in the calm harbor… 84 more words