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Americans Can’t Stand Each Other, So Let’s Stop Forcing Our Preferences on One Another If you want to avoid conflict among hostile groups, decentralize power—preferably to individuals.

As a display of Americans’ seemingly growing intolerance for one another, last week presented something of a perfect storm. The flash career of a prominent conservative writer at… 1,066 more words


Combining Artificial Intelligence with Blockchain Technologies

There is no doubt that artificial intelligence and blockchain are the hottest topics right now in the technology industry. People are amazed when they see machines showcase intelligence with each problem they solve at unbelievable speeds and decentralized networks with blockchain are only becoming more popular as Facebook recently fell under its data scandal. 373 more words

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Blockchain can help decentralize trust, Tradeshift CEO says | World Economic Forum

Christian Lanng discusses global trade and technology.

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March Gathering

Meeting at Kilkenny’s!

What you can expect: Friendly, interesting, and diverse people with a broad spectrum of viewpoints, having in common a solid respect for the principle of self-ownership, conversing over awesome food and drink. 96 more words


Voltcoin Moving Around On Ethereum Section

Voltcoin monetary forms more serious hazard expedited by acknowledgment and esteem maintenance. Its new costs are taking off new highs.

Its startup on introductory digital currencies ,frequently alluded to open source worldwide installment arrange that isn’t controlled by any focal specialist and utilizations “scrypt” as a proof of work, which can be decoded with the assistance of CPUs of buyer review. 82 more words


Cryptocurrencies: Introduction

A cryptocurrency is a kind of digital currency based on the use of encryption techniques to regulate its functioning. Encryption techniques are indeed used for verifying transactions made, to create the coins itself and in order to determine how the different parts of the system interacts with each other. 476 more words