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DMarket: A Decentralized Marketplace for in-game items

The first ICO-Hypethon commenced August 16th and continues thru the evening of the 17th in Saint Petersburg, Russia at a creative arts studio known as Street Art Museum. 6 more words

Beyond the boring blockchain bubble

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The silly season continues. Speculators are piling into the cryptocurrency space in the hopes of–sometimes very literally–making money fast. As I write this Ethereum’s value has halved since June but is still 20x since January. 1,346 more words



Decentralizing services has always been the main goal of the blockchain technology. The LBRY (pronounced “library”) team uses the blockchain to create a real decentralized content publishing platform; 145 more words


Self Aware Contracts enabled by Ledger Technology (or Smart Contracts on Blockchain)

On 17 July Estonian legal tech Agrello went public with a cryptocurrency-based crowdfunding campaign structured as a token sale. Leaving aside the issues raised by token sales which will the the subject of a separate post, it is interesting to explore the value proposition of Agrello’s business, which is a legal tech aiming to change the market of commercial contracts. 763 more words

What is Blockchain?

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Today Internet have grown huge… bigger than our imagination. We can find variety of information on this huge platform. 616 more words


InsureX: A Decentralized Marketplace for Insurance Products

As industries grow, their complexities and problems grow with them, creating the need for middlemen that can process certain tasks efficiently in exchange for a fee. 133 more words

Protection centered Futurxe has announced another "decentralized portions organize.

Protection centered Futurxe has reported another Evolution “decentralized installments stage.”

In a public statement Tuesday, Futurxe, in a hotly anticipated declaration as to its feasible arrangements, 153 more words