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Yochai Benkler on the Company of the Future (follow-up)

The company of the future topic (which I recently tackled here and here) sticks around. Why a second follow-up? Because I just came across… 696 more words

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Follow-up: Challenges for The Company of the Future

This week I wrote an essay, examining how the company of the future might look like. After dissecting six trends which I assume are indicative of said future, I eventually arrived at a (rough) outline: 1,673 more words

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On Pushback Against Gig Economy Platforms

A week ago I wrote about the the Small/Big Dualism of Networked, Decentralized Systems.

In there, I talked about some of the ‘gig economy platforms’ like Uber or AirBnB (I dubbed them aggregators in conformity with the article’s theme). 553 more words

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A Hypothesis about Decentralization & Networks

Hypothesis: Once the entities of a system are highly networked, the system lends itself to decentralization. At this stage, being decentralized is suddenly more efficient than a centralized structure. 19 more words


Bitcoin and the Blockchain

Yesterday, TechCrunch released the first episode of a new series on blockchain called Trust Disrupted. To me, blockchain is up there with memristors as far as discontinuous technologies that could lead the next… 9 more words

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Network - Topologies

This week we back again with the term ‘network topology’. First let’s go over the definition; Network is define as a group of two or more computer units that linked together and topology is define as the symmetrical arrangement of a computer units. 174 more words