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The Social Media Exodus Has Begun. Here's Where Everybody's Going. - YouTube


10 years ago, everybody was on MySpace. 10 years from now, the Twitters and Facebooks and YouTubes of today will be dinosaurs, abandoned by users sick of censorship and centralized control. 21 more words

Propaganda, Fraud, And Outright Lies

Blockchain and the Utility Industry aka Beauty and The Beast.

@tachyeonz : The utility industry is averse to innovation. This is because the instability and disruption inherent in new and innovative ideas goes against the fundamental premise of the industry; that premise is to provide stable, secure and reasonably priced electricity/water. 16 more words


Urban Agrihoods

Agrihoods are turning urban vacant lots into free food for thousands. One in Detroit has grown to the point that it is providing free food to 2,000 households. 88 more words

This Blockchain Thing Is Really Happening, Time To Learn What It Is: 2016 In Review

@tachyeonz : Blockchain technology was developed for the bitcoin virtual currency, but increasingly it’s being used to track and authenticate all kinds of assets, from stocks and bonds to electrons. 30 more words


Ten Dollar Oil

Strong demand for renewable energy may drive the demand for fossil fuels down thereby driving down the price of oil to $10/barrel. That’s the scenario some large utilities and investors are acting upon. 187 more words

Yochai Benkler on the Company of the Future (follow-up)

The company of the future topic (which I recently tackled here and here) sticks around. Why a second follow-up? Because I just came across… 696 more words

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Follow-up: Challenges for The Company of the Future

This week I wrote an essay, examining how the company of the future might look like. After dissecting six trends which I assume are indicative of said future, I eventually arrived at a (rough) outline: 1,673 more words

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