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Locals Aren't Waiting For Federal

Pick your issue. If it affects your neighborhood you may be disappointed with the national government’s response. As proof of the resiliency of individuals, actions are being taken anyway. 73 more words


What is Bitcoin?

Fortunately the mining process does not require an in depth knowledge into how bitcoin works, but understanding how it works and what it is, is still very important. 671 more words


Neighborhoods Going Off Grid

Renewable energies are frequently distributed. Solar and wind are allowing self-sufficiency for individuals and for neighborhoods. Developers are no longer assuming that connecting to the grid is required or economical. 23 more words


Seeing the "Network for the Nodes" in Blockchain Technology

I often use the term “can’t see the forest for the trees” when discussing the struggle to maintain perspective. The term serves an effective metaphor to describe any instance where one is so caught up in the minutia of a subject they fail to consider the “big picture”.  773 more words

OneName: The Bridge Between Physical & Digital Identity

Someday this service may be the most important form of identification you posses —  with the potential to combine and exceed the utility of your driver’s license, passport and social security card.  1,089 more words

Face to Face

When leaders work with teams, it is easier to grow and maintain trust when the teams are in the same location.

The ability to observe body language in face to face encounters makes communication rich and precise. 681 more words

Enabling Actions

Preparing For Distributed Power

A sign of fundamental change. As solar and wind become more affordable, and in many places cheaper than power from centralized facilities, utility managers are realizing that they must shift their business models. 71 more words