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Chapter 1: A New Understanding of Community (Pages 7-22)

Personal take-aways:

One of the reasons that “committment” might be so tough to create is a possible consequence due to disconnect that appears to exist between the perceived responsibilities of companies towards their employees and vice versa. 1,183 more words


Pornography Finishes First, Always

The Internet is something beautiful. It provides for us everything we could ever imagine in a way that’s so easy to use, it is ridiculous to not interact with it daily. 1,406 more words

Music Business

Leveraging a Decentralized Marketing Team

The benefits of a centralized marketing team seem pretty obvious. Team culture, transparency, and collaboration come naturally when you’re sharing the same office space. But with large-scale mergers, paired with the ability to work virtually, many marketers are finding themselves part of a team they don’t see on a regular basis, if at all. 2,152 more words

AEC Marketing


One of the opportunities developing regions take advantage of is the ability to leap ahead technologically. If it is too expensive to install a network of landline telephones, start with a mobile phone network. 101 more words


Industrial Versus Organic Farming

The monikers ‘industrial’ and ‘organic’ are not mutually exclusive, but their competing advocates can make it seem so. There is a distinction based on size of the farm and the origin of fertilizers and pest and weed controls. 229 more words


Crypto problems you actually need to solve

To follow up on the small Twitter rant that got people to explain GPG and OTR to me for a whole day, I’ll explain the ideas behind this. 826 more words


Multi-Material 3-D Printing

It may seem like a small improvement, but the ability to 3-D print with more than one material greatly expands the utility of 3-D printing. Originally, 3-D printers were dedicated to one material: some for plastic, some for metal, etc. 100 more words