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UberFamily is Coming!

After launching UberBusiness, recently Uber Jakarta just launched UberFamily as solution for your family ride. No need to hand your family member another credit card or cash, Uber let us to use single point of payment which would be consolidated bill when your family take rides. 353 more words


Первопроходцы децентрализованного хранения данных

Сегодня запускаются множество интересных проектов, в основе которых лежат децентрализованные системы данных. Энтузиасты стремятся превратить закон в язык программирования, сделать национальные государства ненужными, и уже планируется виртуальный мир на основе технологии блокчейна.


IoT の調査: センターからエッジへと、あらゆるものが移行していくアーキテクチャとは?

Internet of Things (IoT): Traditional IT Architectures Will Evolve to Become More Decentralized

By Dick Weisinger – April 21st, 2016


20 billion devices will be connected to the Internet by 2020 and ready to send and receive data, according to a… 280 more words

On Monday

The Web 3.0 / The Web 4.0; a Completely Decentralized IndieNet + a List of Evil Internet Gods

(the above image is meant to vaguely represent the vastness of the internet, and all the beautiful colors and differing ideas that could come from a Web 3.0… 914 more words


Chapter 1: A New Understanding of Community (Pages 7-22)

Personal take-aways:

One of the reasons that “committment” might be so tough to create is a possible consequence due to disconnect that appears to exist between the perceived responsibilities of companies towards their employees and vice versa. 1,183 more words


Pornography Finishes First, Always

The Internet is something beautiful. It provides for us everything we could ever imagine in a way that’s so easy to use, it is ridiculous to not interact with it daily. 1,406 more words

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