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Diaspora: Decentralization, Freedom, and Privacy

Diaspora is, as the title says, a decentralized social network. Their motto is “The online social world where you are in control.”

At first glance, it may seem like your average social network (e.g. 519 more words

Dark Web

Trust Disrupted - Bitcoin and The Blockchain

For years, futurists and developers sought to create a truly digital currency. Finally, in 2009, they succeeded, with Bitcoin. Their secret? The Blockchain. Now, the very institutions Bitcoin sought to sidestep or overturn — governments and big banks — are coopting that technology.  27 more words


Multi-Robot : Centralized or Decentralized

Multi-robot exploration can be categorized mainly into two areas; centralized and decentralized. Lots of researches have been carried out with regarding centralized multi-robot systems. It can be emphasized that centralized systems achieve the optimal solution.Unfortunately, Single point of failure is one of the major disadvantages of centralized systems. 336 more words


Why Trump pulling out of the Paris Agreement is a good thing

Ending the Paris Agreement was one of Trump’s campaign promises, so this week’s news should come as no surprise. Naturally, many are apoplectic over Trump announcing that the US is pulling out of the climate accord, from… 341 more words


Jumblr the Decentralized Bitcoin Blockchain Tumbler by Supernet

Jumblr, created by SuperNet, is a decentralized coin shuffling service built into the easy to use wallet named Agama. SuperNet, being at the forefront of blockchain technology, has developed a new method in which users can keep coin shuffling transac…