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Crypto problems you actually need to solve

To follow up on the small Twitter rant that got people to explain GPG and OTR to me for a whole day, I’ll explain the ideas behind this. 826 more words


Multi-Material 3-D Printing

It may seem like a small improvement, but the ability to 3-D print with more than one material greatly expands the utility of 3-D printing. Originally, 3-D printers were dedicated to one material: some for plastic, some for metal, etc. 100 more words


A Letter to Police

Dear Officer,

I know you feel anxious today. Perhaps even wondering why you took the job.

I remember a similar time during the riots of 1967-68; particularly in Detroit. 1,302 more words


Cheap Hydrogen From Water

Electrolysis is one way to create hydrogen. Apply sufficient energy to water, and disassociate it into hydrogen and oxygen. Recombine the hydrogen and oxygen later, and generate energy with only water vapor as pollution. 166 more words


Transparent Rechargeable Batteries

Renewable energy is increasing, but one of the challenges is storing the captured energy. Battery technology is improving, but portable batteries must be transported to some piece of infrastructure (a plug in a wall) to recharge. 84 more words


Energy Wisdom In Developing Countries

Many projections of global warming worry about developing nations creating a lot more pollution as their citizens begin living ‘Middle-Class American’ lifestyles, with ‘Middle-Class American’ pollution. 139 more words