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Damsel Not In Distress

Your acting skills, I must say, are so good!
You play the role of damsel in distress
so well, but, naive one, I must confess: 105 more words


Coming Tomorrow

Coming tomorrow something totally different. For you sports fans you will definitely want to check out my blog post.




Answer the question asked

So basically I just need to be responsible for my actions.

I don’t need to be worried about if someone will misinterpret what I mean based on how I answered a question. 247 more words


About "Confident" Women.

Don’t let her looks or shit-talk deceive you, guys, She’s not that confident. She may look like it, and even try to make you feel less confident about yourself, but… 138 more words

Shorter Diaries

Social Engineering 101

When exploiting computer system vulnerabilities isn’t enough, cybercriminals use old-fashioned human trickery to steal information; a practice commonly known as Social Engineering. Social Engineering is the use of deceptive practices to trick users into giving sensitive information and/or compromising their own computer systems. 251 more words

Cyber Security


Good morning again everyone! Hope you all had your coffee (or green tea) and are ready for a SMILE and LAUGH filled day. I bring to you the following commentary about technology…Yes I understand I am using said technology to bring this to you. 320 more words