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Brazil Mainstream Media Admits Spreading Fake News About Lula

teleSUR | May 23, 2017

The mainstream media channel has long claimed that both former leftist presidents were involved in the massive corruption scandal.

Brazil’s largest television channel, Globo, has admitted that is has divulged false information about former Brazilian presidents Luiz Inacio “Lula” da Silva and Dilma Rousseff.

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First Love

Do you remember your first love?  Did it leave a lasting impression on you?  Enjoy this short story.  Hopefully, your experience was just as memorable.     620 more words

Stephen Wallace

Hillary Clinton’s Syria Revenge

By Glen Ford | Black Agenda Report | May 24, 2017

Four months after Donald Trump’s inauguration, the U.S. military is fighting Hillary Clinton’s war in Syria.

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Britain’s Collusion with Terror

Crimes of Britain | May 24, 2017

When Britain’s collusion with death squads across the Middle East and Africa is mentioned it falls on deaf ears.

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Ash and Soot

Teaching concepts like racism and gender inequality are meaningless here, and it’s not because we have become more enlightened. When the water lines to the girl’s toilet were cut, we quietly made our way to the river. 100 more words

Joe Arpaio and the facts get skewed in NYT report

Count on the New York Times to write a n inaccurate article on former Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio. The intent of reporter Fernanda Santos was clearly to skewer the career lawman who was repeatedly elected by Maricopa County voters to an unprecedented six-four years terms. 561 more words


Egypt’s President Sisi Drops a Depth Charge in Midst of American Islamic Summit – Shames Supporters of Terrorism

21st Century Wire | May 24, 2017

Whatever criticisms may be justifiably levied at Egypt’s President Al Sisi, the speech he gave at the American Islamic Summit should go down in history as one of the bravest attacks on supporters of terrorism, whilst in their midst.

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