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Beech Group Re-Pot

This group effort was started   years ago and has grown well and it was now time for a home in a proper pot so i had a go the other day. 151 more words


Acers in Autumn (Fall)

A selection of pics of a couple of Acers in their autumn colours. It wont be long now until the trees are completely denuded of all foliage and so I have have done what most Bonsai Enthusiasts do at this time of year. 45 more words


Yuh want Growth, Yuh got Growth

I got a comment about this tree from a reader in 2013 that said this tree needs more branches and growth. He was right:-

Since then I have fed very heavily and also had a go with a number of approach grafts and thread grafts. 150 more words


Deshojo Defoliation

My Deshojo has suffered a lot from windburn this season. The cold temperatures and the drying breeze has been relentless over the past weeks. I think that the sea air has also been a factor in causing the new extension shoots to wither. 115 more words


Another Hawthorn

This tree is a genuine windswept yamadori collected from the wall of a derelict cottage in Donegal 12 years ago or thereabouts.

As stated in previous posts I have left the trunk left it more or less as collected as I love the bark and dont want to do anything to destroy it. 131 more words


Blackthorn Reprise

I have featured this tree a couple of times recently but I couldn’t resist taking a quick Pic of it again today. It has finally reached it’s peak of flowering this year and is already beginning to drop some flower petals. 31 more words



My Blackthorn is the first tree in my collection to flower every year while my Kiyohime is the first tree to come into full leaf. 107 more words