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Zelkova layering again

Since one of the two layering attempts turned out so well, and the parent tree was growing so strong, I decided to make another layer, and likely, I’ll just work my way down the trunk making a layer each year, until I hit soil. 154 more words


Winter Tree Identification Part I: Deciduous Trees

In the summer you can recognize the different kinds of trees from the shape and size of their leaves. When trees drop their leaves in the winter months you can use different characteristics such as bud shape, leaf arrangement, bark, and overall growth pattern to identify tree species. 561 more words

Flora & Fauna

Pesky little buggers - Azalea lace bugs

When we first moved to the Pacific NW, I was thrilled and astounded at the variety of Rhododendrons and Azaleas available to Oregon gardeners. Before long, this infatuation wore off, I got a little jaded, and when we bought a house, I soon started taking them out of the garden. 745 more words


Gathering wild plants is fun but learn your botany

People approach me and ask if I really collect all those wild plants and how I can identify them. Most think it’s difficult. Some even suggest it’s dangerous. 506 more words


What Happens When There is No Taper

I bought 2 large trees that where grown by Warren Hill and sold when he got sick I realized I liked them for the fact they are big but there was no taper. 99 more words


My Large Chojubai

I got this chojubai mid summer 2014 came to me in the cream colored oval. Moved it to the pond basket for the 2015 season to get some nice new roots and build up some energy and find the right pot for the tree. 18 more words


A -Z of Garden Trees: M is for Malus

Malus is a genus of about 30–55 species of small deciduous trees, including the domesticated orchard apple (M. domestica) and varieties of crab apple (including the ‘wild apple’, M. 797 more words