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Winter Flowers and Snowdrops by [ keke ]
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Four years ago, before we had any idea of where we wanted to go with this yard, we received an offer to get several “trees” if we made a donation to the Arbor Day Foundation.  90 more words



Planted in May 2017, this thimbleberry (rubus parviflorus) was transferred in August because it would have been trampled to death by workers fixing our front porch!  65 more words

Front Yard

Douglas Spirea

I planted a douglas spirea (spiraea douglasii) in May 2017.  In this photo it is mixed up with the douglas aster.  I meant for it to join with a couple of other species to form a barrier between house viewing sites and our neighbors car and garbage/recycling containers.    58 more words

Front Yard


This is a true thicket of snowberry (symphoricarpos albus).  It predates our arrival here and before I knew how valuable a native species it was.  70 more words

Front Yard

Red-Twig Dogwood

This red-twig dogwood (cornus sericea) was planted in May 2017.  It seemed to do well all summer and still looks good but it does not seem to have grown any taller.  48 more words

Front Yard