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What’s the first thing you do when you return home from a trip? Most gardeners will immediately head outside to see what has changed even before they unpack and I’m no exception. 275 more words


Deciduous Leaf

A deciduous leaf is a leaf from a tree that loses its leaves during the fall and winter seasons.  As the leaves die, many turn a stunning color, generally orange, yellow, red, or brown.   22 more words


Photo Blog #5 (Deciduous Leaf)

This is a picture of a maple leaf, a maple leaf is a good example of a deciduous leaf because it shows how they are much bigger than a conifer leaf. 78 more words


18. Deciduous Leaf

Deciduous means “falling off at maturity” or “falling off”. Deciduous is a term that is commonly used in reference to trees, shrubs or plants that lose their leaves seasonally, usually in the fall. 42 more words


An interview with Bonsai Artist, Sergio Cuan

Sergio Cuan is a talented bonsai artist, who I got to know through BonsaiNut, where he is known as “Mach5”. I met Sergio at the 4th U.S. 712 more words

Drought conditions in Eastern Ontario

On a recent trip along the 401 between Ottawa and Kingston in Eastern Ontario, I could not help but notice the toll that the drought conditions have taken on the trees.   97 more words


One Special Tree - Four Stunning Seasons

We all want instant gratification in our gardens; plant today – lush tomorrow. At some point most of us have learned the hard way that plants just don’t work to our schedule and we have to wait for the plants to fill in and mature before they really fulfill our vision. 481 more words