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Describes a tree or shrub that loses its leaves every year. Latin “deciduus” < “decidere”=to fall down or off < “cadere”=to fall.


Why trees?

Go to any deciduous woodland at this time of year and it’s not difficult to see plants competing for light.  The bluebells on the floor of High Wood in Durham have one strategy – flower and set seed early, before the leaves come on the trees above them. 679 more words

Some re-potting

Here’s another batch of trees I re-potted. I still have a few more to go but the weather has been real crap lately. Beech, some hornbeam, my new hazel and some others still haven’t opened their buds! 62 more words


A lifetime ago

the Earth was your habitat

now an urban legend

Central Park

November 5th, 2016

New York

Dance of the Deciduous

Will you dance? says she, her arms upraised in pleasing grace.

A waltz? says he, as he bows his head a trace.

And so they do the pas de deux through March and April too.


Large Coast Live Oak and Labor Extortion at Kimura Nursery

I was recently offered a spot in a Will Baddeley workshop. Bob informed me that some space was open and in lieu of the workshop fee I could also trade in work. 1,061 more words


The cycle continues: Hawthorn part 3

Picking up where we left off last week, in the summer of 2016:

Fall color was nice:

And in January 2017, it was pruned back, to replace too-heavy branches with thinner ones, prune long shoots back to a couple buds, and reduce whorles to pairs. 123 more words