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The cycle continues: Hawthorn part 3

Picking up where we left off last week, in the summer of 2016:

Fall color was nice:

And in January 2017, it was pruned back, to replace too-heavy branches with thinner ones, prune long shoots back to a couple buds, and reduce whorles to pairs. 123 more words


The cycle continues: Hawthorn part 2

In February 2016, the buds were swelling and it was time to try a graft to add a branch in a space that really needed to fill in. 365 more words

Pinching, Pruning

The cycle continues: Hawthorn part 1

Here is post I’ve been reluctant to share, and work I’ve been reluctant to do. In fact, I started writing this post around December 2014, updating it now in September 2015, and I’m still not fully ready to share the work. 515 more words

Pinching, Pruning


The Wind was thrashing, or cats were exploring — perhaps squirrels on the roof – it ALL blended … early morn.
The sun sketches on the easel, the clouds. 89 more words


Small Coast Live Oak

Oak trees are characteristic of California. Abundant and easily found, they decorate the landscape from the highway shoulder to the beautiful canyons and hills. They’re long lived and stand with powerful trunks–it’s that same heft that weighs down their branches giving them qualities unique to themselves. 862 more words


A conversation with Enrique Castano on Ume

Have you ever heard the way to tell if an ume will bloom? The leaves of a blooming ume have smooth undersides, and the underside of leaves on an ume that isn’t going to bloom are rough. 794 more words


Deciduous Mosaic Sylph

The decision to focus my reviews on non-IPA styles this year leaves some significant grey areas. Many different beer styles have “hoppy” forms, and some of these have been given the “IPA’ designation (usually for marketing purposes).  328 more words

Beer Review