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Washington Hawthorne

Last year I picked up an unmarked tree from my local bonsai nursery. It was very cheap and potted in a 4 inch square. The root spread was interesting and it had a great display of fall colors, something not so common in Southern California. 252 more words


Clump Japanese Maple

About 2 years ago I acquired a “forest” planting of Japanese maples. The health was questionable but it looked like a nice planting at a reasonable price. 363 more words


Root over rock elm

My neighbor has 2 large chinese elm trees in their front yard. Some years more than others, seeds will fall into my yard and root themselves in various places. 159 more words


Nelson Sylph (Deciduous Brewing Company)

Style: Dry-Hopped Mixed Fermentation Farmhouse Ale

From: Newmarket, NH

Brewery’s Facebook Note: “Sylph is on its third batch now and we feel the mixed culture has really performed as we had hoped she would. 566 more words


Losing All The Leaves

iPhoneOgraphy – 23 Dec 2016 (Day 358/366)

Deciduous means “falling off at maturity” ” or “tending to fall off”, and it is typically used in order to refer to trees or shrubs that lose their leaves seasonally (most commonly during autumn) and to the shedding of other plant structures such as petals after flowering or fruit when ripe. 790 more words


The Cycle Continues: Chishio Japanese Maple

Continuing the 5-7 year cycle for continuously improving “finished” trees, this represents year 5 in the current cycle. Here is a shot from 2011, when the primary branches were coarser, but the ramification was finer; a few months after it was shown at the 2010 US National Bonsai Exhibition: 156 more words