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Is It An Evergreen Or A Conifer?

“I love evergreens. Or is it a conifer? I don’t know! I’m confused.”  I heard statements like this many times over the years while I was working at the garden nursery. 465 more words


Partial defoliation of a Japanese Maple 

In the early summer, as the first flush is hardening off, it is good to remove one of each pair of leaves, to let more light into the tree. 65 more words


Bonsai Mirai: The Broadleaf Trees

At last, a smaller gallery :-) I wasn’t expecting a crammed deciduous/broadleaf section at Mirai but still some nice trees hiding on the benches. I know looking at the photos that I missed a few. 6 more words


Dismantling The Leylandii

The conifer gave nothing to the ground
Strong, stable, sucking goodness from the soil
Roots deep spread and undermining
Satisfied only itself, no shelter for a bird, 285 more words



Describes a tree or shrub that loses its leaves every year. Latin “deciduus” < “decidere”=to fall down or off < “cadere”=to fall.


Why trees?

Go to any deciduous woodland at this time of year and it’s not difficult to see plants competing for light.  The bluebells on the floor of High Wood in Durham have one strategy – flower and set seed early, before the leaves come on the trees above them. 679 more words