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Winter in North Texas - Deciduous Trees & Wildlife

Winter in North Texas hasn’t prevented the proliferation of wildlife in the area.  Over a half a dozen deer were sighted grazing on grass and running about. 84 more words


Hibari Elm

In late 2016 I purchased a large variegated elm at a steal of a price. Within the thick canopy hid a region of significant inverse taper. 809 more words


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The Table is Set Collection with Confetti **NEW** by [ keke ] at Shiny Shabby
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Root Over Rock Chinese Elm Update

Happy New Years folks. Here’s the last project for the year. It’s a root over rock chinese elm I grown from seed. I thought I’d share more of it’s history before I describe the work I’ve done to it. 399 more words


Oregon White Oak (?)

This oak is our street tree.  I’m still not sure that it is an Oregon white oak (quercus garryana) but, based on pictures of the bark, the leaf, and acorn, our terrific arborist, Heather ( 113 more words

Front Yard

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