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Heart = Full

In general, I try not to obsess about my life choices too much. The advice I give other people, which I truly do believe, is that almost no decisions are lifelong or irreversible, so why stress out about them? 631 more words

Mother's Instinct

It’s been almost ten months now since I moved out of home not quite far nor near. It takes an average of two hours travel time depending on the traffic. 448 more words

Decisions, decisions.

Some people call me indecisive, but I would have to disagree. When I want something, I go for it and when I am not about that life, I will make it very clear to everyone who will listen. 550 more words


148 - Decision making in local government. A series.

Posted by Lancing Farrell                                                                              400 words

This series of posts explores decision making in local government and the connection to planning and strategy. I have postulated for some time that the inability of council’s to make difficult decisions leads to failure to decide on strategy which prevents prioritisation of action. 365 more words

Local Government

The Power of Pruning

Doesn’t it always feel like life is so busy these days? Most of the time “busy” is a good thing for me. This summer I’ve had some amazing opportunities and been stretched in many ways – and that’s kept me pretty busy. 502 more words

What happens when boundaries are NOT real?

So many articles and books are written around the idea of having boundaries, and the fact that setting clear boundaries is a clear sign of self-esteem; however, I cannot help but ask, When do you draw the line between setting boundaries with other people to maintain a respectful relationship, and devoting yourself for yourself regardless of others, which is defined as selfishness? 337 more words


Trip planning

In the past, all of my fabulous trips have been essentially planned for me. At least other people had a major hand in what happens. At least, that’s how it feels. 432 more words