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Ganesha and the Yellow Dragon

by Abby Gilad,  December, 2016

Yesterday I had a talk with Ganesha . I’ll be more specific.

In the mousy, mothy old house in Kirchheim, where Cornelius resided when I came to live with him, there was a wooden Ganesha statue that he had bought from a traveling salesman in Germany. 1,418 more words

Analysing Google Analytics

One tool every modern day marketer should have under their belt is Google Analytics. The freemium web analytics service is one of the world’s most used analytics services with over half of the globes top websites implementing its use and rightly so. 344 more words

Digital Marketing

i3 Insights: Heuristics are Biased. But are They Lazy and Dumb?

Behavioural economists believe that humans make irrational decisions. They point out that we use mental shortcuts and often rely on simple rules of thumb (known as heuristics) which lead to sub-optimal decisions. 1,134 more words

Investment Strategy

Objective Experience Has Value

Memory is a funny thing.

We all hold the belief that we can remember events and experiences exactly as they were. We cannot.

Every time we retrieve a memory and then store it again, it changes. 616 more words

Don Shaughnessy

Writing While Intoxicated

Work-hardened in the fires of American à la carte spirituality, when confronted with ethical dilemmas (and simple consumer purchases), I like to ask myself, “What would Buddha do?” And then I do the opposite of that. 161 more words

Clutter Rearranging

With the weather finally making a turn for the better, yesterday Cyndie spoke about possibly cleaning up in the garage to find gardening tools. The May labyrinth Peace Walk is only two weeks away, and she wants to trim back the winter-kill on the plants before the big day. 426 more words


The Loop of Indecision

Whenever I told myself that I was indecisive, I told it in a manner that portrayed me as being in utmost need of help. Then I consciously listened, and then I admitted. 81 more words