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In how many ways you can Hurt others?

For the people who just don’t know how to behave badly; for the people who cannot think of taking revenge from their enemies; for the people who are not so much daring to declare their attitude in front of others; for the people who are not capable of saving their selves from their fellows; and for the people who want to give lessons to their rivals but just cannot! 554 more words

Emotions And Attitudes

Stories, Feedback and Adapting to Change

This article has a simple aim- it attempts to demonstrate the link between the stories we tell ourselves, the role of feedback when we use these stories to make sense of situations, and how it’s not so much the initial story which counts, it’s more about how adaptable that story is. 1,485 more words

Decision Making

How You Can Counter the Inside View and Make Better Decisions

In his book Think Twice: Harnessing the Power of Counterintuition, Michael Mauboussin discusses how we can “fall victim to simplified mental routines that prevent us from coping with the complex realities inherent in important judgment calls.” One of those routines is the inside view, which we’re going to talk about in this article but first let’s get a bit of context. 1,458 more words

The New Deluxe Operational PPE Drying Suite Facility finally opens to widespread acclaim!

One elite managerial operative told the assembled media: “This facility took months of careful planning and no expense has been spared. Nothing is ever cobbled and bodged together in this organisation and all eventualities are always carefully thought through. 52 more words


What to do, what to do?

Here’s your quandary.  You’ve just seen this very beautiful flower at a public park.  It smells heavenly.  Your hairdo cries out for just such a flower. 871 more words