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Muller-Lyer Illusion Explains Why You Make Wrong Judgements

Take a look at the shaft of the diagram above.

Which is longer? The one on the left or right?

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5 Suggestions for Adding a 2nd Service

We began growing aggressively at year 5 and added our first extra service. Our growth continued while adding an extra service every year until we outgrew our old facility with 5 weekend services (2 Saturdays and 3 Sunday mornings). 320 more words

Church Planter

Where to Draw the Lines (Part 1 of 2)

Boundaries provide vital structure for life and work

LI #137 Where to Draw the Lines Pt 1

SEE IF YOU can identify the common denominator behind the following statements I’ve heard many times as a coach: 1,279 more words

Personal Effectiveness

(08/27/2015) The Need For Divine Rule?

Today, Scripture points are shared on the eternal sovereignty of GOD over Creation.  The rod of iron wielded by divinity will be sacred law (the expressed will of GOD), that does not bend or alter under pressure.  1,369 more words


Creating a consultancy. The first of many bad decisions?

Today is the day I should really be planning my new consultancy –  turning the dream of lucrative and stimulating self-employment into a reality. A couple of hours in and I am already procrastinating with a blog article (which I feebly justify as good for my profile). 601 more words

A Remedy for Indecision

Something I have consistently struggled with in sobriety is the ability to make a decision, particularly one which involves an inevitable change in life course. I have typically spent weeks, sometimes months, vacillating between two possible alternatives, constantly questioning and withdrawing, cemented in indecision and in excruciating pain. 427 more words


7 Simple Ways To Be At Peace With Making Decisions

1. Every decision is actually the right one.

No matter how we decide to proceed forward on our respective life paths, the choices we make along the way are the ones that serve for our personal growth — for better or for worse. 704 more words