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Planning for the worst case?

Living in California, I think it may be in my best interest to consider the worst-case scenario.

–a person who shall remain anonymous

I’ve previously mentioned my issue with…

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Tell them what to do, not how to do it

The essence of military style command and control is mission based planning and direction. Most people have a vision of military command structures based on caricatures dating back to the First World War. 233 more words

Military Lessons

Do you feel like a dependent person when it comes to emotions?

A friend asked me this very question a few days back when we had met for coffee. This question hit me like a hard season ball during the conversation then, because I thought it is alright to seek a shoulder to cry on when we need one. 933 more words


Measuring What matters. (Day 10)

Welcome to Day 10!

Wow. We are 10 days down!! It has been such an amazing journey so far.

Today, we understand to measure every move and every choice of ours. 545 more words


International marriage: communication problems during the decision making process.

This is something I’ve noticed when trying to make decisions with my husband. Even if the outcome of what we decided is the same, the subtle difference in use of negatives and positives can impact how we both walk away from the conversation. 741 more words


Monday Ramblings: The Pursuit of Happiness

I’ll apologise in advance guys – this post is going to be a little more serious than my usual (just one of those days, ya know?). 287 more words


Return on Investment (ROI) Model in Government - Does It Really Exists? Maybe...

The question of how government can track the success of profitless projects comes into question on a regular basis. It is easy to follow a dollar. 852 more words

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