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Lesson from A Rose

Known for its beauty and fragrance a rose is the most celebrated flower of all times and a symbol of love, resilient and will thrive.  When gardening, like anything in life, we need to implement steps in order to achieve a desired outcome. 1,251 more words

Personal Development

Singapore’s Swordfish Attack

Title of Picture Book: Singapore’s Swordfish Attack

Author: Mohamad Salmi

Illustrator: Mohamad Salmi

Publisher and Country (may be self-published): MPH, Malaysia

Publisher’s Blurb: On a peaceful day, suddenly, Singapore was attacked by thousands of swordfish. 93 more words


Deep Thoughts

Did anyone else just have a flashback to SNL’s Jack Handy? His voice reverberated in my head as soon as the title came to me. That has nothing to do with my post but an interesting cultural aside… 356 more words


The Beauty Of Being An Online Entrepreneur

In this Internet Era now, there are many opportunities in the online world you can choose from if you want to be an Online Entrepreneur. It is vital that you choose which online business is suitable for you and complement to your personality. 991 more words

Decision Making

Endless Horizons

Once I decided to wipe the slate clean I had the opportunity to head in any direction I chose. At first it felt overwhelming, did I want to drop sell everything and spend years exploring India and Africa, stay where I was and just change jobs or move to Tokyo and study abroad! 530 more words


It’s your Call: Pro-Life or Pro-Choice

There are so many decisions which are made in life because we don’t have choice and we might lose the chance of winning it back, which is “Fear of missing out”. 475 more words