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If Today Were Your Last

If this today were your last day on Earth, what will you be remembered for?

What legacy would you have left behind? How many lives would you have impacted, if any at all? 131 more words


Thinking ahead

If we get carjacked, as long as you and I can both get out of the car, they can have it; I have insurance. But if either of us can’t get out of the car because we get hung up in the seat belts or something, turn your face away from me and close your eyes because I am going to start shooting.

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Decision Making

Observing Replenishment

Replenishment (or commitment) meeting is an activity concerning the decisions made at the so-called first commitment point of a Kanban system. It is one of the… 766 more words


Caught Up in the Moment

I was pressured.
I really had no idea what to do.
Or what to say.
I’m just not sure if I did it right.

I was nervous. 42 more words


Wheeler Dealers


found a car and fuelled it

on philosophy

ran for miles, at first, that little beaut

but something went, its big end,

so unfortunately… 138 more words


How do you know

I am often accused of over thinking things. So when I am trying to make a big decision how do I know if what I’m thinking is what I’m actually feeling or if I’ve talked myself round to what I think my decision should be? 78 more words


A crashy shot at glory

Life is all about decision making, isn’t it? During the opening match at 2016 RBS Six Nations, Italy rugby side was stuck in the game against France, which was heading 23-21. 103 more words