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Real World Situational Awareness

Big Data is fun, everyone is talking about it and although it fell off the hype cycle last year it’s bigger than ever. Big Data tends to be joining other trends like decision management, machine learning, autonomous vehicles, prediction markets and in-memory realtime analytics. 704 more words

Big Data

Business Rules and Tacit Knowledge

Listening several recent presentations of Pragmatic Dave Thomas (see this and this), I cannot help getting back to the fundamental decision modeling problem:  Rules vs. 725 more words

Decision Management

Transform your thinking

Really important changes start in our minds.  If you are attempting to transform your business, create disruptive innovations or make a significant difference in some… 508 more words

Decision Concepts

Decisions = learning that lasts

This week I was reminded of the importance of lifelong learning and further convinced that a well-framed decision is one of the best ways to pass on skills to others.  787 more words

Decision Concepts

Big Ideas: Decision Management

Because Decision Management (DM) is not widely recognized as a first-tier management or technical process, I often have to restate the Big Ideas on which DM is based. 288 more words

Decision Concepts

Decision Models: Finding Alternative and Optimal Decisions

People frequently assume that a good, consistent decision model should produce one and only one decision (solution) for any valid input. However, in real-world applications we frequently deal with situations when a decision model may produce multiple feasible solutions for the same input. 709 more words

Decision Management

Strategic vs Operational Dashboards

It seems that management dashboards have been a popular business topic for well over a decade.  Senior managers are looking for any edge that will keep them ahead of the disruptive changes that their businesses face. 238 more words

Decision Driven Strategy