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Rule ML 2017 - 12/07/17 London

Interesting talks here in London @ Rule ML, We started with the keynote about Deriving Rules from Data by Elena Baralis. She described different techniques to generalise concepts on top of a dataset to be able to extract rules from these data sets. 339 more words


Transforming DMN XML to OpenRules

OpenRules already can read and execute decision models represented in the DML XML format with certain restrictions. The new release will be more powerful in this respect. 1,534 more words

Decision Management

Loosely Coupled Decision Models for Loan Origination

DMCommunity.org June-2017 Challenge is looking for the best decision models that implement a well-known Loan Origination problem described in in the Section 11 of the  4,404 more words

Decision Management

Solving Flight Rebooking Challenge With and Without Programming Constructs

DMCommunity.org announced its Challenge “Rebooking Passengers from Cancelled Flights” in Oct-2016 and until now 4 different solutions have been submitted. It is a relatively complex use case for decision modeling. 1,829 more words

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DMN: Iterating Over Arrays Without Explicit Loops

I consider myself among the initiators and big supporters of the DMN standard, and I do my best to help bringing the standard to the real-world business decision modeling. 748 more words

Decision Management

Raymond Smullyan's Retro-Analysis and Decision Modeling

When I learned that the famous Prof. Raymond Smullyan passed away this February at the age of 97, I felt grateful to the man whose books and puzzles my friends and I enjoyed reading as young programmers many years ago. 971 more words

Decision Management

A new book “DMN in Action with OpenRules”

This month I published a new book “DMN in Action with OpenRules” at Amazon. This is a practical guide for people who want to understand how to create and maintain business decision models. 289 more words

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