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Don't Program a System, Educate It!

Modern decision management techniques enable business decisions by supporting a path from data to decisions and actions. Wherever people use stand-alone Business Rules, Complex Event Processing, Predictive Analytics, Optimization systems or their combinations, they prefer to put in charge subject matter experts and not software developers.   596 more words

Decision Management

Decision "Make a Good Burger"

DMCommunity.org published an interesting June-2015 Challenge called “Make a Good Burger“. Below I describe an OpenRules-based decision model that provides various solutions for this problem.  386 more words

Decision Management

A Bad-Ass Villain for your Game & Oracle RTD

How bad-ass is the villain in your game’s ‘Boss Level’? How intelligent is it? How ruthless and strategic is it? Does it change according to the way you play it or is there a routine to destroy it? 735 more words

Oracle Real Time Decisions

DMN 1.1 Issues: Aggregation

DMN defines “aggregation” in the following way:

“Multiple hits must be aggregated into a single result. DMN 1.0 specifies six aggregation indicators, namely: collect, sum, min, max, average…

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Decision Management

DMN 1.1 Issues: Multi-Hit Decision Tables

In an ideal world we would limit ourselves to Single-Hit decision tables that cover all possible combinations of the involved decision variables. However, DMN rightfully introduced so called “multiple hit” (or “multi-hit”) decision tables to stay closer to the decision modeling reality. 844 more words

Decision Management

Enhanced Live Catalogs at DMCommunity.org

A few years ago, I wrote a web application that allowed professional communities to support Live Catalogs of different software tools. The “live” means that a product catalog is automatically updated whenever the profiles of products included into the catalog are added or updated by their authors. 322 more words

Decision Management