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Decision Model “Vehicle Insurance – UServ Product Derby”

As a response to the DMCommunity.org challenge, I will describe an OpenRules-based implementation of the highly popular use case known as “UServ Product Derby”. The use case deals with automobile insurance problems including eligibility and pricing decisions for a hypothetical insurance company “UServ”. 1,495 more words

Decision Management

The Art of Decision Making and Oracle RTD - Logical, Intuitive and “Purely Chaotic”

How often do we make decisions? Almost all the time in our daily lives. From our choice of coffee, the font we choose for our reports, the restaurant we eat from, etc. 689 more words

Decision Making

Would you leave the Decision Making to the “Machines”?

Well I guess I already have your attention by that catchy headline. Thank you for that. Now let’s start analyzing the headline.

Let us start and take an example of a batch of sales representatives for your products. 736 more words

Decision Making

Decision "Determine a Killer of Aunt Agatha"

Could we use decision tables to represent and solve complex logical problems? An example of such problem was offered by the DMCommunity.org in the Nov-2014 Challenge called “ 1,103 more words

Decision Management

Strategy System drives Market Value

What does it mean to “have a strategy?” Strategy is merely a statement of intent. To create value, one has to answer some fundamental questions: 281 more words

Decision Management

A Little Story From OpenRules Trenches

I’d like to share a little story from our recent consulting experience. Being in the midst of helping our client to deliver a large OpenRules-based banking system, we received an urgent request.  366 more words

Decision Management

Planejamento empresarial, simulação e análise de sensibilidade

Planejar é uma das mais importantes atividades da gestão. Com base no planejamento, as organizações projetam resultados e alocam recursos para consecução de seus objetivos. Na medida em que o exercício do planejamento se torna mais sofisticado e complexo, mais dados são considerados para fazer com que as projeções sejam mais precisas e seguras. 369 more words

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