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What Is A Bank?

Today, they are symbolized by the skyscraper. A polished and very expensive skyscraper at that. If you are allowed inside the massive and opulent atrium on the ground floor, the richness of the fittings will dazzle. 1,309 more words

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I Turned Down a Job

That’s right, I turned down a job offer.  Considering how long I’ve been stressed about finding one and one finally comes across, you’d think it would be an easy decision.  760 more words

The Toilet Cleaner.

Here in the West, there are menial jobs that are done by those who cannot get any other work. The British didn’t want to pay a decent wage to the drivers of their busses, so chose to import labour from the Caribbean instead. 1,441 more words

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How it all started

“One day I’m going to buy a yacht and go off sailing around the world” my partner Ben said to me on our first date. “Cheers to that” I replied whilst silently thinking to myself that so many people make these kind of passing comments but never action them. 400 more words

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Black And Red.

The Safety Of The Blindingly Obvious.

It was during the time that I helped as a painter at the Stoomstichting Nederland, a museum that preserves German steam locomotives in Rotterdam. 1,196 more words

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Two Portraits.

I was chatting with a friend on Facebook, which led me to post his earlier than planned.

It was two weeks ago that I visited the Museum de Fundatie in Zwolle, and their exhibition… 1,589 more words


How To Count Water.

Beyond Newton, Part 9.

Water isn’t so easy to count. Or, for that matter, any liquid. If we fill our motorcars with fuel, we see the numbers whirl and the dollars stack up. 891 more words

Decisions! Decisions!