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Kicking it Off

Ok so I have a blog now? It sounded like a good idea, so yeah, it’s here. I know that my quality of writing is horrible and the objective of this whole thing is very sketchy, but I created this “blog” in the hopes of expressing opinions, figuring things out, and doing that with people.  446 more words


Gastric sleeve - Why I am here.

So, I’ve decided that I’m getting a gastric sleeve and I’m booked in for 29th September 2017. I’m going to use this blog to chronicle the ups and downs of the next 18 months of my life. 325 more words

Decisions Decisions

The Proletariat And Its Woes.

In Rudolf Steiner’s lecture series ‘World Economy’ he speaks of those people who have no particular skill to offer the world. We live in a time when the manner in which humanity has evolved raises challenges to itself, and does so on account of widening perceptions. 1,596 more words

Modern Times

The Farewell Party.

I can’t remember where I heard the story; but a gentleman invited all his friends to a Farewell Party. As I recall, he was a friendly enough chap with a houseboat on the Thames. 1,116 more words


Big Changes On The Horizon

In my last post Holiday Road, I alluded to some of the big changes happening in our family’s life, but Susie and I just wanted to spell out the big change that we will soon experience, so everyone understands. 1,314 more words

Ocean City

What Is A Bank?

Today, they are symbolized by the skyscraper. A polished and very expensive skyscraper at that. If you are allowed inside the massive and opulent atrium on the ground floor, the richness of the fittings will dazzle. 1,309 more words

Modern Times

The Toilet Cleaner.

Here in the West, there are menial jobs that are done by those who cannot get any other work. The British didn’t want to pay a decent wage to the drivers of their busses, so chose to import labour from the Caribbean instead. 1,441 more words

Modern Times