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A Sideways Look At Permaculture.

It would be a month or so ago that my new neighbour moved in, we shook hands and all was merry. He said how nice my garden was – which given the amount of weeds growing in it, came as something of a surprise to me. 918 more words

Decisions! Decisions!

Should we really be hating on Wix?

From a design company’s perspective, we’d never want you to choose Wix over us. However, sometimes when companies and, more regularly, when individuals are starting out, it may be the best option.   503 more words


now, to

forget and stay sane

or to remember and ache

that is the question


Auguste Rodin: The Citizens Of Calais.

The tale of the six citizens of Calais dates back to the time when the English king, Edward the Third had besieged the port of Calais during the Hundred Years War between England and France. 1,046 more words

Decisions! Decisions!

Can't Take Me Anywhere

Engineer:  “Want to move to York, Pennsylvania?”

Me:  “Live wrote a song called Shit Towne about it.  I don’t feel that’s a ringing endorsement.”

Engineer: *considers this point* 23 more words

My Decision Making Process

  • Step 1: Overanalyze the possible issue that I am dealing with.  Is it a simple problem?  How can I possibly make this more complex and difficult for myself?
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How The Brexit Was Won.

Today, a reluctant but outwardly happy Theresa May will sign and deliver the letter to the European Union that invokes Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty. 1,214 more words