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Russians Is Rong.

I don’t quite know what has gotten into the Russians of late, but they are behaving very badly. Everywhere in the news there are new articles about their wrongdoing, from their intervention in Syria to their hacking elections across the world – including of course, the infamous Brexit vote – and being naughty at the Olympics. 1,924 more words

Truth & Lies

Under pressure

OK…so let me lay out a timeline for you so I can explain things better.

Middle of my son’s 4th grade year, because I’m bored, I apply to work for our local school district as a lunch lady. 1,081 more words

Is It Worth It?

She said to me, “If you’re gonna do this, you’ll have to deal with a lot of cowardice and fake shit.”

Ok. I think I can deal with people’s cowardice and bullshit. 112 more words

Why Making High Schoolers Decide Their Lives is Dumb (also the College Game is Dumb)

I love art. I want to do art.

I can imagine not doing STEM as a job, it’s a blander life, but honestly, it’s eliminating a possibility that could very well drive me into the ground. 449 more words

Decisions Decisions

So Many Decisions – We are Prepared

So Many Decisions – A Lot of Work

The decisions we must make are numerous but I guess that’s what a custom-built home is all about. 521 more words

The Problem With Paper.

In my series, ‘The Secret Of Systems’ I’ve tried to explain – in as much as I understand these things myself – how a system works, and how they might be employed better. 1,853 more words

Decisions! Decisions!

Pretentious? Moi?

I may be turning into a snob.

… Only with succulents though. Yesterday I visited two different nurseries. At the first one, I oohed and aahed over its succulent section, excitedly matching up plants on the shelf with ones I’d seen in books and on the net.

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