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So a while back I wrote a post on how Cut the Mustard is going to evolve and how I’m planning to improve. Part of that plan was upgrading from wordpress.com to wordpress.

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A Look Under The Hood.

How A Computer Reads Things.

It was while I was writing the last post that I dug into the html to adjust the positioning of the image, to be confronted with something looking like this: 881 more words

Modern Times

Is he going to take the money or pick again?

This is our returning champion Sid, and he has a dilemma…..

He’s playing the Fame Game and just chose number two on the board.

Tough decision to make…. 9 more words

Sale Of The Century

To be able to do what you really want to do (work wise) is a thought that leaves as quickly as it enters. With little to no thought of it, because for some reason we have it inscribed in our minds that we can’t.

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A Business Headache Solved.

For most businessmen like Tom, their competition is the biggest challenge they will ever face. Today’s marketplace is like dog eat dog, big fish eats little fish, and any little fish will be swimming for its life. 911 more words


Sadly, I’ve sort of lost all hope.

I really want try to post something each Thursday, but this week for me is tough to write. I planned a post and it was going to be about being on set: the do’s and don’ts.

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Today, I’m not OK. 

Everybody has bad days, and for me, today is a bad day. I got some good news, but from my current point of view, it means making a hard decision, which kind of turns it into bad news. 293 more words

My Life