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The Tyranny Of The Majority.

Recent events in Europe and in America have shown how the majority can influence the political direction of a country. In these cases, now including Italy, the question asked was essentially a ‘Yes’ or ‘No’. 1,360 more words

Modern Times

I Admit It: I Made A Mistake.

The Secret Of Systems, Part 10; The Monochrome Intellectual, Part 8

Warning: contains bad language.

As you will know if you read one of my previous posts, when it came to renovating my bathroom, they gave me a choice of three tiles for the wall. 1,132 more words

Modern Times

The Wrong Man In The Wrong Place.

The opinions expressed below are entirely my own. If you disagree, or know otherwise, please let me know via the comments.

The ruler of this small, forgotten land was a tough man who had through strength of purpose, made it to the top. 2,180 more words

Modern Times

Goin’ Nowhere.

Piet is my friend Hendrik’s brother in law, and he wants a new car. Actually, he’s wanted a new car for a few years now. His business partner bought one. 1,112 more words


What Lives In Man?

Bullshitters, The Fraudsters Who Live From Them, And Health.

Rudolf Steiner speaks about Socrates, and the way this philosopher worked:

“When he was talking with his pupils Socrates did not wish to transmit anything at all of himself into their souls. 1,244 more words

Modern Times

Newton’s Rainbow.

Beyond Newton, Part 7.

It’s an iconic image, one that is displayed on one of the most famous album cover of all time to coffee mugs to, well, just about anything. 1,044 more words

Emotional Intelligence

Decisions Decisions !!?!

SO, like I’ve said I’m starting this blog to vent and this is purely for my own personal gain, but I’m also hoping to gain advice and guidance. 189 more words

Decisions Decisions