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So Much To Do; So Little Time.

It’s another three months till summer – I’m glad, for various reasons.

Summer skies, summer clothes, summer activities… I’m dreading them all. The only “summer” I care about right now is the… 675 more words


Finding the Way Back: The First Step

It’s a very romantic notion, the idea of running hundreds or thousands of miles to help someone in need, to lend a helping hand and a comforting shoulder to someone you care about. 347 more words


US hits Syrian bank official, 3 companies with sanctions

Isn’t it about time, someone told Odummer to take his sanctions and shove it? The U.S. is imposing new sanctions on Syria’s government aimed at blunting its weapons programs and pushing it into negotiations with rebels. 116 more words

In The News

UnitedHealth Bulks Up for Prescription Drug Cost Battle

The nation’s largest health insurer, UnitedHealth, will muscle up for its fight against rising prescription drug costs by spending more than $12 billion to buy pharmacy benefits manager Catamaran Corp. 502 more words

Current Events

US signed agreement with Mexico to teach immigrants to unionize

Of course they are doing this, because the American people are wising up, and leaving unions, so all they have to do is convince uneducated illegals to join. 259 more words

Current Events

Iran reportedly makes new push for uranium concessions in nuclear talks

That damn fool Obama. Trying to make a deal that affects the whole world. Why isn’t this corrupt ass in prison? Iranian negotiators reportedly have made a last-ditch push for more concessions from the U.S. 470 more words

Current Events

Binding for Freedom

Nervous feeling inside my heart causing anxiety and worry

I don’t like this sensation but I know deep down it’s helping me

Guiding my decisions and thoughts as I travel down this road… 39 more words