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Grungy Grabage

Uh, Melinda?


Grungy Grabage makes no sense.    {Also, it rhymes with cabbage, but I digress.}

OOPS!    Sorry!    That’s supposed to be grungy garbage, not grabage. 505 more words


New Blog

Hello! This may possibly be my final blog post on WordPress, as I have moved my site to Wix. I decided I wanted to be more creative and learn to make a website from scratch (the easy way) and I have found that Wix has been great! 94 more words


Meanings are meant to be lived or else they'll have to die

I think it’s Zizek who said that quotes are meaningless because they can all be true. I got that from one of his videos I believe but I’m sorry ’cause I already forgot which so I cannot quote him directly. 468 more words


‘Right-to-work’ movement claims victory in Missouri, eyes NH next

Monday Republican Gov. Eric Greitens signed legislation making Missouri the latest “right-to-work” state, as the growing movement sets its sights next on New Hampshire – hoping to break into one of the labor unions’ last remaining strongholds. 648 more words

In The News


This ch change thing is becoming a distant hazy image of what was once an idea. At my core I still know what needs to be done and even have some residual feelings of desire, or, what’s that word…motivation? 381 more words


It's a matter of choice - faith through my eyes

Decisions, decisions, decisions. Everyday we make multiple decisions about any number of things; what to wear, what to eat, what email to action first. We make so many decisions without really thinking to hard about it, like whether or not you should have a coffee (obviously the answer is always yes) or whether or not we should go online and check Facebook. 1,185 more words

Random Thoughts

Left Turn

A left turn appears on the road.

I take it.

Turns out it was the wrong turn.

All is lost.

Oh dear.

A left turn appears once more. 15 more words