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Investigating the Meta #4: Starfire Control

This week, Matt hits us with yet another home-brew that is sure to intrigue those looking to play a more controlling Mid-Range style deck.

Take it away, sir: 836 more words

Investigating The Meta

Investigating the Meta #3: "Ramunap" Red Tornado

The game’s launch occurred this past Friday, and I spent the large majority of my weekend locked away in the Fortress of Gud. Time was well spent in my chambers, resulting in many lessons learned, many failed brews, and a few bright spots that are starting to shape my view of the format. 787 more words

Investigating The Meta

Investigating the Meta #2: Git Gud on Launch Day!

Happy Launch Day, everyone!

What better way to ring in this momentous occasion then to unleash the “bad boy” of card gaming upon the Oblivion Bar! 621 more words

Investigating The Meta

Investigating the Meta #1: Smooth Criminals

With the game officially releasing this Friday, August 4th, I wanted to go ahead and present a few things to you all today.

One, what to expect when it comes to articles done by myself (Chris Kreitzman) if you are new to following my blogs. 1,012 more words

Investigating The Meta

Theory-crafting 101: A Little Help from My Friends

Hey everyone!

Today is my birthday! So to celebrate (and because it’s that time of the week again), let’s take a look at our next TC101 list together! 584 more words

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Gaia Engorge Deck

The following article is a guest article submission and deck profile. Please enjoy!

Hello, Cardfighters! This is Jim, an active player of Cardfight!! Vanguard and I’ve been asked to write an article for your viewing pleasure. 1,543 more words

Cardfight!! Vanguard

Theory-crafting 101: Maximum Over-Saiyan

Hey everyone!

Today’s article is a deck that has had the potential to exist for quite some time now, yet I haven’t seen a ton of people exploring the possibilities. 450 more words

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