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Quest Profile 001: Passage Through Mirkwood


Passage Through Mirkwood

ORIGINAL RELEASE: April 20, 2011

WHICH ONE WAS THAT? That one where you randomly select A Chosen Path for the final stage and either quest through or fight a boss spider. 1,065 more words


DECK LIST: Love Live! Nico Yazawa - Green w/ Yellow - Waifu Deck

Hey guys! I’ve been thinking about what new content to post for a while, and I’ve looked over a few deck builds but didn’t really find anything super interesting.   1,717 more words

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Pure Darkness Keyword Deck

Dark Irregulars have always been a clan than revolved around a strong end game. The problem with this is that they would normally lose triggers in the process of soul charging, reducing their impact. 1,248 more words


Dark Rex 2.0 Deck

Back in the ancient times of the early limit break format, a build from the Tachikaze clan made tracks by using the Raptor ride chain in order to create a field to enable the limit break of Destruction Dragon, Dark Rex. 902 more words



A tall figure loomed up and stumbled over , cursing the tree-roots. He recognized the voice of the Marshal, Elfhelm. ‘I am not a tree-root, Sir,’ he said, ‘nor a bag, but a bruised hobbit.

2,003 more words

Red-leaf Dragon Deck

Among the Neo Nectar builds, there is an emphasis on copying units present in the rearguard circles. Although this is the case, the player can run out of copies in the deck with the rule that there is only four copies of any card allowed in the deck at once. 946 more words

Deck Lists

We did it! Raindear vs The Universe

Velvet Voice, Raindear was a unit that held power in her own time. Unfortunately, that time was a few years ago. Around the time Limit Break started becoming a major part of deck construction, Raindear seemed to have lost her place among viable Bermuda Triangle units. 1,080 more words

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