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Force of Will Top 4 deck lists (QLD Regional)

Winner – Sam Tulloch – Reflect//Refrain

Deck List

Ruler: Reflect, Child of Potential
Main Deck
4 Rukh Egg
4 Cthugha, the Living Flame
4 Lancelot, the Knight of Mad Demon… 499 more words

Deck Lists

DECK LIST: Sword Art Online II - R/B - Semi Competitive

A Semi Competitive deck means a deck made with the intention to be competitive, but is not yet perfected – either due to lack of available cards or still pending playtests. 2,364 more words

Weiss Scwharz

Old Gods, New Decks

Hello! You may have seen my post on how to update your Hearthstone decks for standard ranked play (already partly outdated, alas, since it was written before the nerfs). 420 more words


Deck: Counsels of the Wise

As a fan of unique deck designs, the Noldor archetype is particularly appealing. The Erestor hero is probably the most iconic as a foundational piece for Noldor decks as three extra cards at the start of every turn is so obviously powerful. 1,382 more words

Fantasy Flight Games

Winning decks from the old and the new format

So sayeth Zeromant:

So, I doubt that there are really a good dozen of my readers who’d like to improve their limited game, but I guess it is possible. 562 more words


Cocytus Negative Deck

For many players in the game of Vanguard, the units that reside in the drop zone are but a passing memory to the player. In general, units in the drop zone are typically useful in the event of legioning a vanguard or tracking units in this area for the sake of information about what is still left for the player to use. 1,281 more words


Updating Hearthstone Decks for Standard

The upcoming release of standard ranked play mode in Hearthstone will be an exciting way for competitive and casual players alike to test decks implementing the latest expansion, Whispers of the Old Gods. 871 more words