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Hello VS fans and welcome to our article featuring a “mystical” build that breaks the very rules of the game like Osh’ s spirit in the VS collective!! 627 more words

Game Discussion

We're no mere folk!

Salutations readers! I’m back after a period of downtime with my newest Standard Showdown build, U/G Merfolk! Much like Pirates I’ll list the brew, then break down the deck and sideboard, before sharing some results. 619 more words


Portugal. The Country, and the Deck.

Mrs. Beorn and I had a wonderful trip to Portugal over the winter holidays, and I’ve finally had the chance to sit down and write a bit about it. 909 more words


DECK LIST: Persona 5 – Y/R – Competitive

Finally, the Phantom Thieves are here. Finally! Though … do we dare speculate how much errata will be needed? 

The Deck 3,603 more words

Deck Lists

Amazing Professor, Bigbelly Deck

Although many ancient professors have strolled the grounds of the Great Nature University, the newest professor has arrived to the game: Amazing Professor, Bigbelly. Although this professor is new to the game of Vanguard, his surrounding support and he from… 742 more words

Cardfight!! Vanguard

My name is der Rote Schädel...

What’s black and white and red all over? A Nazi in uniform named Red Skull of course!

Written by Oshuan Alvarez

Today we take a look at a deck I’ve been tweaking for a while. 614 more words

Deck Lists

(Pre)Release the Kraken!

So as I’m sure most of you know, this weekend (13th-14th of January,) was the Pre-release of Rivals of Ixalan. On a more personal and cool note, it was my local stores first ever pre-release held there, so naturally I had to make sure I went along. 545 more words