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White Lily Musketeer Captain, Cecilia Deck

Looking for a deck that consistently has a full field of rearguards? Looking for a deck that trades rearguards for better ones from the deck? Then look no further than the Musketeers sub-clan in Neo Nectar, which focuses on retiring and replacing rearguards, allowing the player to optimize the field for any portion of the game. 675 more words

Cardfight!! Vanguard

DECK LIST: KonoSuba – Goddess Deck – Mono Blue – Theme Deck

Because 2 goddesses are better than one, right?

While Theme decks can be just as strong as competitive decks, I’ve chosen not to mark them as such because rather than building for the sake of making a strong deck, these decks are made with a certain theme in mind – be it a color, trait, some random synergy or a borderline joke. 2,158 more words

Deck Lists

Investigating the Meta #6 - Serving up some Justice

Since my last post was for a Villain heavy deck, I decided that today I would post up my thoughts on a Hero heavy one. 1,102 more words

Investigating The Meta

Investigating the Meta #5: Secret Society

Matt’s certainly been having a lot of fun lately posting decks for you all to enjoy. With him being pre-occupied with Gencon this weekend, I thought I’d step in and present you guys with a list I have been working on as of late. 832 more words

Investigating The Meta

Investigating the Meta #4: Starfire Control

This week, Matt hits us with yet another home-brew that is sure to intrigue those looking to play a more controlling Mid-Range style deck.

Take it away, sir: 836 more words

Investigating The Meta