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We did it! Raindear vs The Universe

Velvet Voice, Raindear was a unit that held power in her own time. Unfortunately, that time was a few years ago. Around the time Limit Break started becoming a major part of deck construction, Raindear seemed to have lost her place among viable Bermuda Triangle units. 1,080 more words

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DECK LIST: Haruhi Suzumiya - R / Y - Competitive

A competitive deck is, as the name states, meant to be able to compete and perform well in tournaments. It is true that the different series are by no meaning equal in power and viability, so take these decks as the creme of the crop for the specific series in question, because even the best deck of one set may not be a match for a semi-good deck from another… 2,482 more words

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Community Deck Spotlight: Defenders of Annuminas

I want to thank my Grey Company compatriot Ian, over at Tales from Cards, for developing this segment. When it comes to community, the variety of voices adds to the value of the conversation. 390 more words

Fantasy Flight Games

Azain Silverbeard

My pleasant surprise at realizing that Brok Ironfist actually has a name rich in Tolkienian lore has now been matched by disappointment that our latest unique FFG-created Dwarf ally, … 91 more words


C'Thun by Class

C’Thun decks are a popular choice in Hearthstone for several reasons, but the main one is accessibility. C’Thun was given to all players when the Whispers of the Old Gods expansion went live, so most people have him. 549 more words



It’s no easy job, managing a kingdom, let alone one on the brink of collapse. Invaders to the east, a lackluster neighbor to the west, pirates to the south, orcs all around, and oh yeah, the devil himself knocking at your doorstep. 2,282 more words


DECK LIST: Haruhi Suzumiya - Mono Blue - Competitive

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A competitive deck is, as the name states, meant to be able to compete and perform well in tournaments. 2,043 more words

Weiss Scwharz