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2016 Philippine Area Grand Prix Top 8 Decklists

Reflect who? Southeast Asian Rulers continue to baffle their Western counterparts as only one Reflect deck out of five managed to break through the 28-man melee that happened last weekend. 1,500 more words


Bark if you Like Green (Gr Dog Days)

Gr Dog Cat Days is an aggressive <animal> trait deck that applies pressure by punishing salvaging, as well as building up stock for powerful end game plays. 667 more words


EMN Game Day

So our local store runs two game day events each new set. The one on Saturday is a full rounds tournament with a cut to Top 8 and has the usual play mat, promos, and payouts based on attendance. 524 more words


New Frontiers: The Worst Deck Ever

If you’ve been following the Australia Grand Prix, the main buzz going into the tournament was the Yggdrasil OTK combo. Admittedly, I wasn’t aware that there’s already a list circulating around by the time I made this deck – I thought it was only mentioned in hush whispers within the US Facebook group. 1,781 more words


Catching Up on New Frontiers

Were you gone from the game during the months of Alice Cluster, but want some quick wins on that sudden, upcoming New Frontiers tournament at your local hobby shop without spending too much time or money on updating your deck? 1,475 more words


EMN Plans

So I went to the SCG Open in Columbus this past weekend. Generally, playing control decks during the first weekend / big event of a new Standard (even with nothing rotating out) is difficult because you cannot tune your answers to the exact threats present in the meta. 1,531 more words


Fun Stuff: Android Netrunner Decklist #1

Introduction —

After thoroughly enjoying my time playing and reviewing “Android: Netrunner” by “Fantasy Flight Games,” I felt that I would include a deck that I have built, which I find to be fairly challenging to play against with the solo-variant created by, John Messerly. 324 more words

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