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Trisk: A Deck, A Phobia

I’ll have some updates on my BW Control list and how it has performed lately in a post sometime this week, but first we need to talk about something important. 977 more words

Shadows Over Innistrad

Selvala, Explorer Returned Tiny Leaders Article

 Welcome to Selvala, Explorer Returned tiny leaders article!

 Selvana is a 3 mana 2/4 Elf Scout with a nice activated ability. With only 2 power she isn’t exactly a perfect creature for beatdown however her activated ability can be a very useful tool. 484 more words


[SOI] BW Control Decklist Update

So I haven’t had much time to critically test the BW Control deck I posted a while back. I’ve been playing on XMage and have made a decent amount of changes to the deck. 1,006 more words

Shadows Over Innistrad

Just Decklist: #TeamMachina Finally Makes It!

This bit of good news may have been overshadowed by the recent results of the Masters Cup Qualifier, but it has to be told: Machina finally won a weekly local! 228 more words


Latest in FoW PH: Masters Cup Qualifier Top 4 Decklist

With only 12 participants on a smooth Sunday afternoon, the first leg of the Philippine Masters Cup launched into a quiet start. Don’t let the numbers fool you however, it’s packed to the brim with talent, as veteran card-slingers and local rising stars alike brought their best Rulers to the fray. 633 more words


BW Control/Midrange in SOI Standard

For the last month or so I have had a lot of fun playing a BW Control deck based around Jeff Hoogland’s list. While I find the deck to be very fun to pilot I never had huge amounts of success with it. 947 more words

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Yu-Gi-Oh's New Format (With Lists)

So if you’ve seen the news in Yu-Gi-Oh, you’ll have seen this new Speed Format. If you haven’t seen it, have a look at The Organization’s Article… 721 more words