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Invitational Feb 2017 Video Coverage

By Niels Viaene

On Sunday the 5th of February we had our first official Gentry Invitational. Below are just some links to the decklists and matches, all neatly hidden away so people who have not seen the outcome don’t get spoiled. 44 more words

Tournament Report

Lobbin' spells in Gentry

By Kenneth Pletinckx

Hi, I am Kenneth, a regular Gentry player from Sint-Niklaas,  and I would like to talk about my favorite deck in Gentry. Mostly I want to do this to show players that you don’t need creatures to win games, but also as an exercise to help me learn more about my deck and see if I can evolve it further. 2,616 more words

Deck Tech

Try-Hard Thursdays Wk.3

This week is a quick deck overview of Bushwhacker Zoo, this deck top 4 at the Ice Gathering IX a modern event in Burgos, El Santuario, Spain. 134 more words


[Decklist] Gurguit Unite

So, after a long time, I am here with a new decklist

What is Gold Paladin ?

Gold Paladin is one of the three Paladin clans, the other two being Shadow Paladin and Royal Paladin. 3,829 more words

Clan Intro

Try-Hard Thursdays Wk.2

This week is a quick deck overview of Grixis Control, this deck was the winning deck MTGO Modern MOCS  so it might needs some adjustment for paper magic but the core of the deck remains the same. 221 more words


Clan Introduction : G- Murakumo

Murakumo is a ninja clan, originating in the Dragon Empire. It is one of the two ninja clans, the other being Nubatama. Murakumo focuses on cloning units, and get additional benefits for having cards with the same name, much like Neo Nectar, However, this is where the similarity ends. 2,741 more words

Clan Intro