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The Origins of Control, Part 2

In Part 1 I looked at how The Deck turned Magic on its head by doing nothing. This week I turn to a few subsequent landmarks in the archetype’s history. 1,603 more words


The Death of June, Return of Updates

Morning everyone,

Some of you might have noticed that i took a little bit of a break from blogging for about the last month or so. 519 more words

Magic The Gathering

Pirate Mage

It’s pretty indicative of the initial concept’s deficiencies that I removed both copies of Echo of Medivh as time went on. I’ve had a 50% winrate* with the deck somehow**. 22 more words


Feign Egg Hunter

Details later.

Initial version with old Undertaker:

New version post-GvG:


Bad Deck Dumping Grounds, 1st Edition

I’m going to put my bad decks here along with a short explanation on how they work.  This is mainly a filler post, but I made an actually decent post on Tuesday so it’s fine. 238 more words


The Origins of Control, Part 1

As Magic prepares to turn over a new leaf, at least as far as its storyline and branding are concerned, and to show the origin stories of a few iconic planeswalkers, it seems a fitting time to look at the “origin story” of control. 999 more words


The 34 Pendulum Monster deck

I was going to challenge myself to attempt to make an entirely pendulum deck, then I remember that Pendulums have some very good Spell and Trap support I didn’t want to miss out on.   798 more words