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Mirror Mockery at GP Krakow

Pro Tour Dragons of Tarkir showed that control is back, but GP Krakow last weekend proved that it’s here to stay. The top eight in Poland had five nearly identical “Esper Dragons” (U/B control decks splashing white for Ojutai) as well as a straight U/B control deck. 1,158 more words


Hearthstone - Featured Deck: DeathstarV3's Mech Hunter


Check out this Mech Hunter deck created by DeathstarV3 for a fresh take on Hunter.



Hearthstone - Featured Deck: DeathstarV3's Sea Giant Hunter


Hunter extraordinaire, DeathstarV3, has come up with another unique Hunter deck that is effective and fun to play. People also aren’t sure what is going on so you can often catch them off guard. 8 more words


Modern Transcendent

At roughly the same time, two sentiments started to spread through the Magic community. A relatively large group of people started to speculate or suggest that… 1,118 more words


My UWR Control Deck in Modern

I built a UWR Modern deck shortly after Shahar Shenhar won Worlds 2013 with one, and I really enjoy playing the archetype. With the Birthing Pod ban, UWR Control was upgraded to my primary Modern deck and I found I did decently with it on MTGO. 1,152 more words

Hearthstone - Featured Deck: @TempoReynad Flood Mage

Greetings friends!

Reynad created an Echo of Medivh deck which had some success on his stream the other day. (You can find Reynad on Twitch at… 38 more words


Marhault Elsdragons of Tarkir

In a few weeks the pros will take over and set the starting point for Standard after Dragons of Tarkir. This is not to say that there will be nothing left to do with the format after Pro Tour Brussels, but there is increasingly less time to get the basics out of the way. 699 more words