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[Hearthstone] Deck Basic Shaman: Efisiensi

Deck basic Shaman adalah deck yang bagus untuk mempelajari dan menguasai cara mengelola minion dari aspek yang mendasar hingga detil kecil. Dari efisiensi dalam trading… 834 more words


One More Thing...

Before the dust starts collecting on Legacy again, there’s one more deck from GP Seattle Tacoma worth checking out. 584 more words


[Hearthstone Basic Deck] Deck Basic Mage: Prinsip Utama Hearthstone

Mage adalah class pertama yang akan kamu gunakan di Hearthstone, mulai dari tutorial sampai mendapatkan class keduamu. Dan tidak jarang, meskipun sudah bisa menggunakan semua class yang tersedia, kamu akan tetap menggunakan Mage untuk beberapa waktu. 453 more words

Panduan Bermain

GP "Seattle" Preview

The time is nearly upon us. The time when “am I dead?” is a valid question on turn one and extended discussions on double-sleeving preferences are commonplace. 955 more words


Tetsuo Umezawa Tiny Leaders Article

 Welcome to Tetsuo Umezawa Tiny Leaders Article!

 Tetsuo Umezawa is a grixis Tiny Leaders directed for a control strategy. Our decklist is a typical grixis control deck, bringing together the best control spells of this combination like counterspells, spot and mass removal, card advantage and discard effects. 388 more words


Narset, Enlightened Master Duel Commander Article

 Welcome to Narset Enlightened Master Duel Commander Article!

 Narset is a jeskai commander from Khans of Tarkir, on a closer look, Narset is a 3URW 3/2 with first Strike, hexproof and an amazing ability that says whenever she attacks, exile the top 4 cards of your library, until the end of the turn you may cast non-creature cards exiled with… 712 more words


Shambling Back From Milwaukee

Over the weekend at the Pro Tour some things changed and some things stayed the same. It’s weird to say that Siege Rhino winning the tournament is a departure from the norm but after back to back wins by red aggro even the most ubiquitous ungulates are a welcome reprieve. 903 more words