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Delver Fiend

BACK and ready to play this in some League action:

4 Kiln Fiend
4 Nivix Cyclops
4 Delver of Secrets

4 Ponder
4 Preordain
4 Gitaxian Probe… 26 more words


Sultree Deck

It’s a play on the word sultry, okay? I couldn’t help myself. I’m here to talk a little bit more about the oddity that is my Sultai Seasons Past deck modification attempt. 583 more words


New World, Old Strategies

Tomorrow heralds a new era as love it or hate it, Reflect / Refrain is banned from New Frontiers. At the same time, the Grimm Cluster is rotating out in few a days, so that leaves us somewhat stuck in an Alice Cluster format with the ban in effect at the moment (unless of course, your local gaming store insists that they milk every last ounce of Grimm goodness, in which case, be prepared for… 1,471 more words


Y / G Rabbits ~ Chiya x Syaro Deck Tech

So with the new release of “Is the Order a Rabbit?” Weiss Schwarz set, I decided to come up with a Y/G Chiya x Syaro Deck Tech with comments and ratings on each card I would run. 1,079 more words


Grixis Metalcraft

Here’s the list that I’m playing in the Pauper League today:

4 Lightning Bolt
4 Galvanic Blast
2 Archaeomancer
3 Bleak Coven Vampires
4 Mulldrifter… 50 more words


Grand Prix Indy

Just wanted to share my deck list from the GP yesterday. Was a ton of fun to play. It was literally my first time piloting it. 108 more words


2016 Philippine Area Grand Prix Top 8 Decklists

Reflect who? Southeast Asian Rulers continue to baffle their Western counterparts as only one Reflect deck out of five managed to break through the 28-man melee that happened last weekend. 1,500 more words