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Why I Play Aggro Loam in Legacy

Back in 2015, Melissa DeTora repeated a familiar phrase when she wrote, “I am always intrigued when players choose to play non-blue cards in Legacy”. 1,089 more words

Altmile "Arabian Knights" Brave deck

Hi people! This is your friendly neighbor cardfighter, ScharhrotDarkess! Welcome to the Royal Café, a place for all thing Royal Paladin. I am Brave player, and I will do my best to arm you with the knowledge on how to Brave without f**king up. 2,241 more words


Invent Superiority - My Personal Version

This is a deck list of the premade Commander 2016 deck helmed by Breya. I’ve made some slight tweaks to the deck and figured I’d list it out. 344 more words

Murloc Paladin

Year of the Kraken


Also known as Anyfin Paladin 18 more words