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Decklist - Abzan Bears v1 [PCole]


4 Path to Exile

3 Lingering Souls
3 Eldritch Evolution


4 Noble Hierarch
3 Birds of Paradise

4 Voice of Resurgence
1 Scavenging Ooze… 1,051 more words


Gadgetzan Anyfin Paladin (18 Dec. 2016)

Anyfin Can Happen in Gadgetzan

There are certainly other cards that could be considered from Gadgetzan from this list, but with other murloc paladins (aggro) being prevalent, this deck will probably struggle until that archetype is less relevant. 47 more words

Dec 2016

Decimus Faie Decklist (20 Nov. 2016)

Uploading this for the convenience of the viewers on my stream, where I’m playing this deck right now! Similar to Attrition, with some different win conditions and more healing. Fun!


Whatever Wednesday Week 3

Since this week is going to be the Rochester final chance for Weiss Schwarz I decided to review a Cinderella Girls deck list . After the harsh restriction Bushiroad Japan decided to impose on CG I had to rebuild my deck, and after a month of testing this is what I managed to come up with: 1,034 more words

[MtG][Standard]: My Personal Report + Top 4 Winter Cup Decklist

Kemarin Minggu di Winter Games Jogja berlangsung event tahunan Magic: the Gathering terbesar di Jogja yaitu Winter Cup. Event yang berlangsung tanggal 6 November 2016 kemarin ini dihadiri oleh 21 peserta yang berasal dari daerah Jogja dan Semarang dan untuk kedua kalinya diadakan di Jogja. 489 more words

Y/R/B Meta Love Live! Sunshine!! Deck Tech

In this blog entry, we will be brewing a meta deck for Love Live! Sunshine!! This deck tech blog will be consistently updated as new sets are released for Love Live! 1,722 more words