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Introduction to Building Your Own Deck

You load into the game. You fly through the reactionless tutorial AI with the starting cards you receive in Training Camp.


Slow Holler, for healing and waking up

I’ve been messing around with various potential posts for this blog because there are so many things happening inside me that are not getting written down anywhere. 660 more words


Retro Gaming Deck Series I

Our first line of custom decks uses screenshots from various vintage Castlevania games. This series was designed to create a unified series of unique decks that show appreciation for some of the best games that have ever been created.

Deck Repair 2013

I was hired to replace a rotted portion of a wooden deck on a balcony. This may seem like a small task, but if you are at a loss of how to fix it, can be a major problem. 9 more words



One of the things I truly love about divination tools is that there isn’t a wrong or right way to read them. There are traditions, sure, but you are never restricted to those methods.   353 more words

Quick Impressions of 5 Decks

Oh hi I’m still alive! I’ve still been doing tarot but I haven’t come up with much that I think is worth sharing. I am working on an interesting Yes/No spreads experiment but I lost steam when I left for a trip. 1,283 more words