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Deck Tech: A Walking Song

We are incredibly lucky to be players of this game at its current state. New scenarios and player cards come out with smoothish consistency, the community is vibrant and active, and every day new decks and ideas are released into the wild. 1,435 more words


Battle Ram Control

Hey guys, it’s Nick, back with another deck for the Inbox.  This deck took me up to Arena 7 quite easily, and then I used it in Royal Arna for a while as well.   683 more words


Presidents' Day's Presidents Cards

When I started the Friendly Card project not too long ago, I swore to myself that I’d refrain from political jokes. Many of them would be entirely too easy, and perhaps anger the wrong people, and I feel that my own political leanings are not the sort of subject matter that a reader is interested in when reading about playing cards. 542 more words