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Creature Feature - Avatars

When most of us think of an Avatar we think of an elemental force of some supernatural power.

There are currently 63 Avatars in Magic: The Gathering, each with their own special quality. 704 more words

Magic: The Gathering

Tarot Art

One of my obsessive loves is Tarot card collecting. Like books (another obsession), I see a tarot deck and MUST have it.  I am amazed at the size of my collection when I actually look through all of them. 142 more words


Top 5 Most Interesting Deck Building Tools From The Grand Tournament

The Grand Tournament, or TGT, released this week for Hearthstone.  While I was disappointed that no free packs came with the release a la GvG, I am still excited for the jolt to the metagame the expansion will (hopefully) provide.  835 more words


Trump’s Deck Of Jewish Cards


Trump’s the ace of spades in the election game.

And with a full deck of Jews in his royal flush, he can play to win. 642 more words

Daily News

Take all the time you want

When it comes to Columbus additions and home improvement projects, your ultimate vision for what you want your home to be isn’t always practical immediately. Often, the barrier to doing everything right away is cost, but sometimes the timing or another aspect isn’t quite right to jump in and complete everything immediately. 407 more words


On deck

We’re never going back inside. Unless it rains.

Or gets dark.

Or there’s a loud noise.

Or it’s bedtime.

That’s right. We’re deck people now.