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Jumbo Cards - Big, Bigger, and Placemat

I don’t often ask “why” anymore. Some things in this world defy explanation so much that even daring to question them tends to induce migraines.  817 more words


Natural Ventilation For Homes

You might have wonderful louvre designs for your windows which act as shutters or blinds and offer a form of slate opening. This is akin to the colonial plantation bungalow designs where wide wooden slats on windows and doors were a norm. 253 more words

Windows Repair

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Decks Renovation Tips in Brisbane

We build decks brisbane. It’s wherever you invigorate, energize and start on a daily basis. It’s wherever your friends and family celebrate, embrace life and build recollections. 494 more words

Windows Solitaire: More Important Than You'd Think

Arguably the reason many of us even know what solitaire is (myself included): Microsoft Solitaire for Windows, developed by Wes Cherry, an intern for Microsoft at the time. 1,005 more words


Recipe Cards...But They're Cards

It’s clear from the term “playing cards,” the actual purpose of the playing card. They’re cards, and they’re for playing. Duh. That’s obvious. Why am I reading this site by this over-educated dullard, anyway? 736 more words


Lava-Loon Meta

What is up guys, my name is English Pastry (you should know this by now) and today I will be showing you one of the new lava-loon meta decks that you see people using a lot these days in legendary arena. 1,020 more words


Prince Control Deck

Hey, it’s Nick back with another deck.  Since my first deck was for players in Arena 1, and my second deck was for Arena 2, it only makes sense that my third deck  be for Arena 3, right?   674 more words