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Boa constrictor control in #KARDS - What I'm Playin' 26

This week we are strangling opponents and playing toward the super late game.

While there are control decks out there, this is the control deck of control decks. 1,243 more words


New Oracle of Kabbalah book review

I purchased this book after receiving the Tarot of Magical Correspondences (by Eugene Vinitski, Kickstarter 2019).

The ToMC is a deep study deck (the kind you locked yourself with in the attic study room on a stormy night) that integrates Kabbalah elements, something -I confess- I’m not familiar with. 574 more words


Different Uses of Recycled Plastic Lumber

Recycled Plastic lumber is an alternative building material. It is environment-friendly as it is a wood-like item. People use it as a substitute for wood, concrete and sometimes metal also. 461 more words


The Pre-Raphaelite Tarot review

As a long-time lover of Pre-Raphaelites painters, I couldn’t possibly pass this deck. Pre-Raphaelite paintings seem to have, for a few years now, carved a small niche in the Tarot world. 415 more words

TRT (Tarot)

Deploying the #KARDS Budget - What I'm Playin' 25

It is the start of the season, but that doesn’t mean we need to break the bank to be competitive.

With June 6 coming up we don’t really want to be playing the Germans and the Americans together, but we can’t avoid it. 1,050 more words