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How Do You Get to Know a New Deck?

I recently joined a Tarot circle, and one member had a deck that I found so intriguing that I couldn’t stop thinking about it. I found myself googling it several times in the days that followed until I finally decided to purchase it. 987 more words


What I'm Playin' 2 - Best deck in the format?

This edition of What I’m Playin’ was inspired by our other series, Card of the Week.

In that one, Cybernetic talked about Iron From the North and how it can be used for some explosive plays. 1,939 more words


Six of Wands

The number 6 represents harmony and inner peace, which you can really see in this picture.

It’s a sign of good spirits, pride and victory. 53 more words


Five of Wands

This card represents disagreement and arguments.

They could be fighting over plans or ideas etc. Maybe they don’t like the way someone did something or someone is annoyed they didn’t get the promotion at work or just quarrelling over nothing. 37 more words


Fairy Lights Tarot.

Apparently I like fairy-themed Tarots. Who knew.

This is my second fairy-fantasy deck (Shadowscapes being the first). I don’t even really know why I bought these, other than the packaging intrigued me, and I’d been going through new-deck withdrawal. 698 more words


Play What You Love

Welcome everyone, my name is Jimmy McRoberts and today I am here to talk to you about something that needs to be said more in the Magic community. 562 more words


One of the Strongest Set Ups Yet?

About four days ago, Mini Logo released a video on Instagram demonstrating some work they did with Powell-Peralta. In the video they showcased a complete combining the new Powell-Peralta Fight Deck with some traditional Mini Logo trucks being rolled over by a heavy pickup truck. 217 more words