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Creating The Animatic

First of all, we had to draw frames/shots on post-it notes. We decided to use post-it notes due to the fact that they were easy to move around the large A3 paper that we were using as a template to hold all of the shots. 65 more words


Eminem - Not Afraid Animatic

Here is the linked animatic of Eminem – Not Afraid



We have now completed creating our storyboard which in total has about 82 shots, lasting the length of the 4 minute video. On reflection I feel like we rushed some of the drawings of the shots and wasn’t to our full potential, but as long as we understand all of the shots then I think it’s fine. 64 more words



Today we have decided that we are going to create a Rush.

A media Rush is where you quickly make aproduction of what you want your film to look like without using any of the key elements such as lighting, location, actors e.c.t. 162 more words



The equipment that we will need will be:

  • SLR Camera
  • Mobile lighting kit
  • Tripod
  • Adobe Premiere Pro
  • Steadicam

We have used some of the equipment, such as the HD camera, tripod and Adobe Premiere Pro, in our AS production and tasks that we have been set. 138 more words