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Time Managment

To keep us organised at Sync Records we have decided to make a group chat on Whatsapp to help us to discuss what we are doing outside of school. 129 more words



We have created a Checklist of the tasks that we need to complete, so that we have greater organisation and structure of what we need to do. 57 more words


Final Idea

In the sync record team we have decided on what our music video is going to be.

The song that we have decided to choose for our music video is Not Afraid by Eminem, and our music video is going to be a mix between live performance and narrative. 169 more words


Media Representations - The Inbetweeners

In this video, of ‘The Inbetweeners’, you see a clear exapmle of David Gauntlett’s Moral Panic Theory. This is when society forms a predetermined negative belief about a media. 222 more words


Risk Assessment

While attempting to film our opening sequence we run risks in attempt to film it. One of the problems we may face is the weathering at the time of filming. 227 more words