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Stream of Consciousness Saturday: "How"

How are you doing on this lovely day?”

Alaina glanced over at Caelen who was leaning in the doorway to the kitchen then back out the window. 526 more words


Butter Bean: Delivery


Remember how I said that my two pregnancies were the same, almost to the day? Well… 152 more words

Stream of Consciousness Saturday: "Cook"

I skipped last week’s prompt, mostly because I couldn’t come up with anything for it. But, I’ve had something simmering in my head since I saw the… 716 more words


Friday Name Day #13

Yay more names! I’m having so much fun going through my (very long) list of names I like on my phone and sharing them all with you. 249 more words

Chapter 3.6- Children having fun

Daisy played Frisbee in the yard

Daniel enjoyed playing on the horse spring rider

Holly did some working out on the treadmill

Dana did some painting… 88 more words

Sims 3