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Avon calling

Avon calling

The fecking phone rang just as I was skiing down that delicious, sweet slope towards a Sunday morning lie in. I ignored it twice but it came back like one of those itches by your shoulder blades that lets you off for a while but then sends you a three line demand for a scratch. 2,252 more words

Richard Kefford

When Babies Grow Up

This morning, I looked at my growing three year old and missed that baby stage. You know: cradling a small, warm baby in the crook of your arm with that newborn smell and the sweet spirit about them. 81 more words

Family, Update

Stream of Consciousness Saturday: "March"

“Danica, you march right in there and apologize to your mama.”

Alaina glanced up at her brother’s voice, but it was the little girl who caught her attention. 272 more words