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The Paw Project

By Genevieve Cottraux

There are 21 countries in which it is illegal to have your cat declawed:  England, Scotland, Wales, Italy, France, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Norway, Northern Ireland, Ireland, Denmark, Finland, Israel, Slovenia, Portugal, Belgium, Spain, Brazil, Australia, and New Zealand.  752 more words

Humane Politics

Declawing cats could soon be banned in New York

If this bill passes, it will be the best law ever. Or one of them, at any rate

According to published reports, the New York lawmakers are currently mulling proposed rules that would make it illegal to declaw cats there. 313 more words

Law And Order

For the love of cats

I am an animal lover! Grew up as a “dog person”, but in my adult life discovered the awesomeness of cats and now I am a proud cat owner. 422 more words

This common Veterinary Procedure is leaving cats permanently mutilated and why you should be worried

WARNING: The following article contains graphic imagery. Reader discretion is advised.

Declawing is a surgical procedure, also called onychectomy, in which the feline’s toes are amputated at the last joint. 719 more words


Personal Experience with Cats

For some, raising children may be one of the most fulfilling events that could happen in life. To create, or adopt, a child is an amazing achievement; it fills any new parent with joy, excitement, and sometimes pure fear and confusion. 1,512 more words


What's the Fuss All About?

There is a strong division in the opinions of veterinarians, animal rights activists, and pet parents regarding the ethicality of declawing cats. As posed beforehand, is declawing really that bad for a cat? 988 more words


The Truth Behind Declawing

Before considering getting your cat declawed it is important to understand what declawing really is. It is a common misconception that it is simply the removal of the cat’s claws, like humans clipping their nails. 1,098 more words