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My Cats

You may have gathered from the title of this blog that I have four cats. Yep, FOUR. I have two “big” ones and two “little” ones, even though they’re all around the same size now. 595 more words


Scratching and Declawing

All cats scratch. It’s just a natural and healthy behavior.

Cats scratch on objects and structures to mark their territory. Did you know that cats have scent glands in their paws? 814 more words


NEW - Episode 3 of "Cat Chat with Liz and Marci"

Hello wonderful cat people! I’m excited to share the third episode of “Cat Chat with Liz and Marci.” For those of you yet to listen, Cat Chat is a fun podcast where Marci ( 62 more words


CatConLA 2015

Today I went to CatConLA which consisted of cat lovers from many communities. This two-day event celebrates the love of cats by exhibiting cute and amazing products such as furniture, art, toys, and clothing for both cats and cat people. 158 more words


New York May Become First State to Ban Cat Declawing

A bill that would ban cat declawing was recently introduced into the New York State Senate. Republican State Senator Joseph Griffo introduced the bill into the Republican-controlled Senate, increasing the likelihood of its passage. 160 more words


How You Can Raise A Healthy Kitten

Cats are quickly overtaking dogs as mans best friend. Cats are incredibly intelligent and built for agile maneuvering along any unusual environment you can imagine. Having such an awesome pet means that they are that much harder to keep entertained during their day. 292 more words