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Declawing A Cat Is Cruel


Cat declawing is still legal in some places. Some pet owners mistakenly believe that the procedure causes no harm to their pet. They declaw cats to stop them scratching at furniture or scratching them. 437 more words

Sunday Pause (Paws)

It’s Sunday!

Take time to play!

Take a nap!

Enjoy the season!

Sunday “Paws” to “Claws.” If you haven’t seen my post from last night, please check it out… 10 more words


Declawing a Cat

One of my “Tuesday Tales” sparked quite a conversation with myself and a few other bloggers. The post was about my cat, Cino, and our first weeks together. 1,104 more words


Let's get this thing started

Since this will be a blog intended to look at animal welfare as a whole, I thought it would be fitting to consider my first post an introductory to animal welfare/rescue. 994 more words

Declawing and Alternatives

What is declawing?

Declawing is the surgical removal of a cat’s claws, usually just the front claws. Declawing is an elective and very painful procedure that requires the removal of the last bone of each toe along with the claw. 565 more words


Declawing is Mutilation

My sisters, the cats, evolved as hunters. Hence, it was important for their survival that they develop really sharp claws, something they still have though some have been domesticated and no longer hunt for their foods. 986 more words


Thunderstorms in the low country

Sounds reverberate off themselves here in the low country. With little to bounce off of in the landscape, the booms of thunder can be heard from miles away. 348 more words