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Progress with Wiley!

Wiley is a very “grouchy” cat. He came from a previous owner that didn’t want him anymore because of this behavior.He was declawed, and in my sphere of experience, declawed cats have a tendency to be over-defensive. 68 more words

Tuxedo Cats

Keep the claws!

I’ll admit it. I thought about declawing. My husband mentioned it when we first discussed getting a cat. I figured at first that it couldn’t be a bad procedure if vets were performing it…right? 224 more words


Cat Decalwing Bill Finally Gets Hearing

I just got an email from one of my state Senators that a bill that makes cat declawing illeagal in the State of Hawaii is being heard next month! 199 more words


Plans to ban pet declawing in New York

Under proposals made by a Linda Rosenthal, a  state assemblywoman from Manhattan.

According to the plan, declawing would be illegal for cats (the animal most affected by it) and other pets, unless it is medically necessary.   202 more words

Animal Welfare Issues