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Declawing - Not Just A Manicure!

(This article about feline declawing was part of a group project based on animals for a Non-Fiction class I took in 2014).

Everyone has their own theory on how we all ended up living on planet Earth. 2,427 more words


Cat Declawing is banned

This is great news for the animal kingdom no?  Well, at least, it’s good that Nova Scotia, Canada has started taking this ban in effect.  I believe it’s great news for the animal kingdom of cats.   155 more words

A Call for the Worldwide Ban of Feline Declawing

The act of scratching is a natural feline behaviour. Not only does It condition the claws to provide defense from attack, but it also acts as both a visual and as a scent marker of territory (Landsberg, 1991). 1,150 more words

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Me and my cat

Hi. I’m Christy. PeeP is my mean little cat. I don’t understand why she is so mean. I try to baby her and she won’t have it. 454 more words


The carpet repair guy just got his own blog post.

Me: Thank you so much for getting me in today! My husband is putting away the dogs. You can come in.

Carpet Repair Guy (

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The Paw Project

By Genevieve Cottraux

There are 21 countries in which it is illegal to have your cat declawed:  England, Scotland, Wales, Italy, France, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Norway, Northern Ireland, Ireland, Denmark, Finland, Israel, Slovenia, Portugal, Belgium, Spain, Brazil, Australia, and New Zealand.  752 more words

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