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Événements récents à Paris

I can just link to Spandrell’s recent remarks on this atrocity, as he sums it up with precisely the level of cynicism that I would, but argues the case more effectively: 28 more words

Decline And Fall

Migrant invasion of Europe

In various places around the right wing blogosphere I’ve heard the massive influx of “refugees” currently flooding into western Europe referred to as an invasion. Here, though, is a piece which makes the case that this actually is an invasion. 97 more words

Decline And Fall

The Decline and Fall Studios Tank

Welcome to the Decline + Fall Studios tank top.

We are building our brand on a tank top created by Next Level Apparel, and sourcing from a company called… 207 more words

Decline And Fall

The greatest failure of our age

will be that we couldn’t snap out of the cycle.

And that’s fine. Failure is fine. There’s nothing wrong with it. It’s not in our control anyway, whether we develop out of the inevitable back and forth of human history. 228 more words

Decline And Fall

The Failure of the "Social Sciences" is the Failure of Progressivism

There has been no dearth of commentary in the last two weeks on the now-infamous “Reproducibility Crisis.” The original in Science was about psychological studies, but no one with half a brain doubts that reproducibility (and… 1,433 more words


Barbarians at the Gate, Then and Now

The decline and fall of the Roman Empire happened a long time ago, but it still seems to show up in the news often. What with the obvious decline and seemingly imminent fall of America and the rest of western civilization so far underway, the analogies are too hard to resist. 1,095 more words