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Evelyn Waugh's modern churchman

Mr Prendergast, the hapless protagonist of Evely Waugh’s Decline and Fall (1928), is one of the more unusual clerical characters in this series. The majority of the men we have met so far are either… 616 more words


Decline Porn, Duluth, and Love Amid the Ruins

J.D. Vance, in a review of Janesville: An American Story in Commentary magazine:

Having grown up in a blue-collar family that has largely abandoned the Democratic Party in droves, I have an unusually high tolerance for the many profiles of Trump voters in struggling industrial towns. 2,057 more words

America Discovers Poor Whites.

Fans of Sam Francis will also appreciate the author’s account of the fatalistic mentality of poorer whites, their loss of any sense of personal agency. 384 more words



From time to time I fantasize about buying a rental property for a little side income, but then I talk to someone who made that mistake already and decide against it. 190 more words

Signs Of The End TImes

Decline and Fall - Review & Competition

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Decline and Fall


Jack Whitehall, David Suchet, Eva Longoria

I don’t know about you, but when I heard that there would be a  brand new BBC adaptation of Decline and Fall, I was quite excited  and, now that I have seen it, I have to say, I was not disappointed. 692 more words


Diary - Tory determinism, Erotic arts

It has been hard to write the diary this week. The week has not been good and I have sought to absence myself from it. I have distanced myself from it by hiding in books, or in the gym. 708 more words


Jack Whitehall has got us going up not down in Evelyn Waugh's adaption of Decline and Fall!

This review is discussing Decline and fall, a three episode series based on a novel by Evelyn Waugh, shown on BBC 1.

My Thoughts

I was unsure of what to expect, but I thoroughly enjoyed the series. 387 more words