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More Apocalyptic Fiction

We live in apocalyptic times, that is, times when we realize that the prevailing order is unstable, that our idols have feet of clay or our houses are built on sand or whatever other Biblical metaphor comes to mind. 661 more words


Decline and fall

It is September and you mark
the decline of the sun
Behind long rows of buildings
and listless trees.

From the train its decline is… 63 more words

Nature Poetry

Episode 978: What's Cooking

“Aren’t you about to be recommitted to the underworld?”

So it turns out Julia can’t cure vampirism after all, just like she can’t cure lycanthropy or Frankenstein Syndrome or acute-onset Creature of the Black Lagoonism.

2,112 more words
Sam Hall

Episode 976: Another Another World

“It’s impossible! I just saw him die!”

Today, Roger Collins opens a door in the east wing of Collinwood and discovers another world, filled with familiar people leading different lives at the exact same time.

3,167 more words
Gordon Russell

Foundation and Earth by Isaac Asimov

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

More of the sexism that I saw in Foundation’s Edge but a better overall read even though the conclusion came about rather abruptly and wrapped things up very neatly. 53 more words


Prelude to Foundation by Isaac Asimov

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

More of the sexism of Foundation’s Edge and Foundation and Earth and a fair dose of colonialism and stereotyping. Asimov just can’t seem to write a solid, strong, independent female character. 128 more words


Monday, 26th December 2016

I notice that an increasing number of schools have signs at the gate saying, ‘This is a good school’. When did Ofsted adopt the classification system of Church and Gargoyle scholastic agents from Evelyn Waugh’s… 20 more words