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School Shootings

If I was in charge of things, school shootings would not be a problem.

How so?

Because, schools would be illegal to begin with, hence, no school shootings. Easy peasy.

Decline And Fall

Canada Abolishes Itself.

Canada’s transformation has offered extraordinary opportunities for academics who promote the zeitgeist. Most remarkable has been the career of a certain Will Kymlicka, who has seen his writings translated into 32 languages and has become wealthy from the grants and awards he has been given every year since graduate school. 728 more words


Link: Fixing Christianity

Recently, an important post by Jim:

Fixing Christianity

Lengthy, but I recommend reading the whole thing.

Also highly recommended, his Throne, Alter and Freehold article from last November. 42 more words

Decline And Fall

Decline and Fall

I can’t help but wonder, when is it ever going to be enough, for us to rise up and call the discrepancies to light?

Suddenly adults have to be told not to inappropriately touch children. 1,220 more words


Episode 1116: That's Us In There

“I cannot go through eternity alone!”

Samantha tells Julia how Roxanne is feeling, and then Barnabas sneaks into Collinwood and leaves a note for Ben, and then Gerard thinks about killing Samantha but doesn’t, and then Ben and Julia read Barnabas’ note and go over to the Old House where they talk about Roxanne for a while, and then Gerard talks to Samantha about Gabriel, and then Samantha finds Roxanne, who’s been bitten in the gazebo.

1,468 more words
Gordon Russell