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Peak Music

I was sitting outside during my lunch break last week.  There was one of the housekeeping staff also outside on lunch; he was listening to music.  528 more words


UPDATED: Christians in the Closet (?)

UPDATE April 6, 2015:

Kurt Schlichter makes a similar point, well said:

I’m not advocating violence – I am warning liberals that they are setting the conditions for violence.

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Or rather…


The reanimated corpse of Dr. Jonas Salk, the medical researcher who developed the first polio vaccine, rose from the grave Friday morning on what authorities believe is a mission to hunt down idiots.

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Evelyn Waugh: An Exquisite Snob

I am forever indebted to a man whose ideologies and doctrines I abhor, but whose very style in demonstrating such believes captured my fullest attention. The man, polemicist, contrarian, atheist and writer is none other than Christopher Hitchens. 1,060 more words

What Could Possibly Go Wrong

When self selected vigilantes assaulting armed strangers in public spaces?

Consider this incident:

According to the Hillsborough  Sheriff’s Office, 62-year-old Clarence Daniels was entering Walmart with his legally concealed firearm to buy coffee creamer on Tuesday when he was spotted by 43-year-old vigilante Michael Foster.

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Grand Budapest Hotel gets 11 nominations at BAFTA

I am pleased to see the master-work “The Grand Budapest Hotel” getting recognized as the awards season heats up. The British Academy of Film and Television Awards committee just announced its favorites: 108 more words

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