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Emotional Incontience

Once again, a lion is shot, and a vast section of America enters emotional meltdown.

Most hunters when they wound an animal feel sick. But it happens, and the only thing to do is to keep practicing your aim. 304 more words


The 28 versions of the Golden Age

By Gordon Rugg

The idea of a Golden Age has been around for a while, in one form or another.

How many forms? There’s a good argument for there being 28 forms. 1,417 more words

Useful Concepts

Me and My Ball are Going Home


A Happy Vicar I Might Have Been

A happy vicar I might have been
Two hundred years ago
To preach upon eternal doom
And watch my walnuts grow; 1,421 more words


Europe’s First Underclass.

Dr. Čvorović is an expert on Gypsy IQ; she wrote four papers on Serbian Gypsy IQ with Prof. Rushton. She reports that the highest national IQ for Gypsies is 85 in Slovenia, comparable to American blacks. 466 more words


Forty Years that Unmade France.

Mr. Zemmour argues that four quite different developments in the 1970-1972 period set the stage for ongoing France’s suicide. The first was a 1970 law that abolished paternal authority within the family in favor of “parental authority” shared between spouses. 447 more words


Decline and Fall, and On Guillotines by Fran Lock

This is for those of us still licking our wounds in the fallout from the General Election; at the fact that Labour was seen to have lost because it was too Left wing (I know, don’t you love the media and those that lapdog them); and trying not to think too badly of those who ‘silently’ not only voted Conservative, but twisted the knife with an large overall majority. 1,074 more words


Peak Music

I was sitting outside during my lunch break last week.  There was one of the housekeeping staff also outside on lunch; he was listening to music.  528 more words