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Episode 1138: The Trouble with Tulips

“Judah must be dead, or you would still be in his power.”

“It’s over,” Julia breathes, sinking into an armchair.  And it’s not, really, but give it five months or so; we’ll get there.

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Sam Hall

News from Eurabia

When I heard this story on the commute in, NPR found it unimportant, uninteresting, and unnewsworthy that “the attacker was a 19-year-old Syrian refugee” — … 186 more words

The Catholic Faith


Why Did Women Go Nuts?” asks thezman, in another excellent post, this one noting that “all over the West, women have gone bonkers, making crazy demands and fighting against their nature.” 26 more words

Good Journalism, 4/19/18

Here is week two in my attempt to collect a smattering of semi-related pieces of good journalism on topics that I think deserve more attention than anything in the regular news cycle. 794 more words


Paul Craig Roberts reminds us that “the only acceptable race conversation in the US is one in which white people accept the accusation that they are racist and offer to make amends” — … 380 more words

America The Beautiful