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Does the Deep Roots Theory of War Encourage Fatalism about War?

Something weird happened just when I stopped checking my favourite twiterati.

First there was an article by John Horgan.  Then suddenly there was this… 857 more words

Decline Of Violence

A Peaceful Start to the New Year?

Joshua Goldstein and Steven Pinker, both authors of important and timely books on the decline of violence, have an interesting joint article suggesting that we’re back on track after a bit of a reversal over the last few years. 329 more words

Casualty Recording

Forecasting World War III

Hello again.

I apologize for going silent for so long.  I felt overwhelmed at the end of our teaching term, transitioned into family fun and obligations and then have been unconscionably slow getting out of the starting blocks since the new year began.   95 more words

Decline Of Violence

Childmortality.org Recognizes Reality in the DRC

Loyal readers will recall my bold prediction that childmortality.org would bow to reality in 2015 and explicitly recognize that child mortality rates have steadily decreased in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) during the war (which began around 1999).   118 more words

Where Do Numbers Come From?

A Must Read: Steven Pinker Marks to Market

Steven Pinker’s master work, The Better Angels of our Nature, found very long-term declines (going back to pre-history) in a broad array of violence indicators.   293 more words

Excess Deaths