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Is atheism responsible for the atrocities of the 20th century? (Podcast ep. 08)

Christian apologists will often argue that the bloody wars and genocides of the 20th century were the logical result of the spread of atheism. Sometimes this is said explicitly; sometimes it is merely implied, but either way, it’s a terrible argument for a host of reasons. 2,242 more words


Decline of War Debate - Aaron Clauset Edition


This is just a quick note to draw attention to a new blog post I’ve done with One Earth Future.

My piece is a comment on an… 20 more words

Decline Of Violence

Pinker versus Taleb: A Non-deadly Quarrel over the Decline of Violence

As promised, I’ve just posted the slides of the talk I gave yesterday at York University (with some overnight modifications).

You can get background with links for further background… 40 more words

Decline Of Violence

Secret Data Sunday - Nassim Nicholas Taleb Edition

When data are central to scientific discussions, as is typically the case, then the relevant data should be open to all.

OK, we don’t have to be totally rigid about this.   465 more words

Decline Of Violence

One Last Exchange of Letters in Significance with Nassim Nicholas Taleb

Significance Magazine is now hosting its final-exchange-of-letters on the future of war.  Once again, it is Steven Pinker and I dueling with Nassim Nicholas Taleb and Pasquale Cirillo.   40 more words

Decline Of Violence