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Thoughts on Female Sexuality and Lesbianism


Lesbianism is an odd idea to me. Why would a woman desire to engage in sexual behavior with another woman? I would not know. I am a man. 658 more words


Watched Woodstock last night on TCM. Hadn’t realized it’d been so long since I’d last seen it…I hadn’t even seen this Director’s cut yet. All those crazy 18 years old running through the mud are 65 now. 633 more words


Dear Bean: On Being A Second Wave Woman in Punk

Dear Bean,    

You recently asked me which women in punk that I looked up to when I was first starting out playing drums in punk bands, and I have a confession to make. 879 more words

Punk Rock

Quick Thoughts: The End of the United States

1. Over the past week and a half, Wikileaks has released approximately 7,000 of 50,000 leaked John Podesta emails. John Podesta is Hillary Clinton’s campaign manager. 675 more words

Man Is Only Great When He is Passionate

I am the Platonic, and I am the Nietzschean;

I am the soul, and I am the body;

I am the Apollonian, and I am the Dionysian; 50 more words

Why Christopher Columbus Is Hated

The once celebrated Christopher Columbus – in whom Americans, especially Italian-Americans, took great pride – has been rebranded as a genocidal, slave-owning tyrant. I think it is quite interesting how a figure like Columbus was once respected and celebrated and whose name is now kicked in the dirt, even by European and European-Americans. 405 more words

Western Man

I am in an odd mood tonight.

I am contemplating the future.

The United States of America, I think, is in rapid decline.

Western Civilization, I think, is in rapid decline. 289 more words