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Michael Hanby on the "Brave New World" of same-sex marriage

Sometimes, other people are simply better at explaining the alleged “bigoted” philosophical opposition against same-sex marriage better than me. Published about a year ago, here are some highlights from… 1,904 more words


The 'Decline Of Western Civilization' Punk Rock Trilogy Is Finally Coming To DVD

It was nice when The Wonder Years was finally released on DVD.

But enough of that Brotherhood of Man sh*t. When are we going to get… 154 more words


[GUEST FEATURE] Henry Kissinger's Acid Flashback -- Photography: Fad or Future?

Hello, all my wonderful children,

Photography sure is popular these days. It seems like everyone owns a camera. Until two weeks ago, I did not, as personally handling an a tool of the free press sickens me. 1,024 more words

Henry Kissinger's Acid Flashback

Vulgar and Offensive

We had hoped to take a break from the decline and fall of western civilization over the weekend by immersing ourselves in college football, but of course it proved futile. 454 more words


Fearless people, careless needle, Harsh words spoken and lives are broken...

A Prayer For The Dying by Seal from the “Bring It On” Album

Good song for a rainy day. Dedicated to the Obama Administration:

Fearless people, careless needle… 273 more words

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Some Thoughts On "My Nigga"

A lot of people should have a problem with the song “My Nigga.”

To begin, fans of hip-hop should take issue with the song. It represents hip-hop at its lowest—musically desolate, lyrically dull, and rhythmically flaccid. 653 more words

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