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Well, it’s come to this…

Consider this to be a rumbling hint at what’s to come.

A Day In The Life

The Invention of New Swear Words, and a Crass Generation

We’ve all heard it who spent any amount of time on the internet. “Cuck”, a shortening of “Cuckold”. A “Cuckold” is a man who is knowingly in an adulterous relationship. 1,004 more words



Watched Woodstock last night on TCM. Hadn’t realized it’d been so long since I’d last seen it…I hadn’t even seen this Director’s cut yet. All those crazy 18 years old running through the mud are 65 now. 633 more words


Dear Bean: On Being A Second Wave Woman in Punk

Dear Bean,    

You recently asked me which women in punk that I looked up to when I was first starting out playing drums in punk bands, and I have a confession to make. 879 more words

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