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Disintegration Of The Family

“There are students of the family who say that the Western family, and particularly the American family, has shown signs of disintegration that are actual and absolute. 123 more words


Konstantin Leontiev On Russia and Western Decadence

Is it not terrible and is it not an insult should one think,
that Moses went upon Sinai,
that the Hellenes built their elegant Acropoliseis, 85 more words


Rorty on the role of college indoctrinat--I mean education

It’s an old post, but I recently discovered this nugget on Edward Feser’s blog about a unnerving passage attributable to the late American pragmaticist philosopher Richard Rorty and his casual… 1,275 more words

Civil Discourse

An Interview with Penelope Spheeris

One of the most heralded home video releases of the year has been the long overdue appearance of director Penelope Spheeris’s underground music trilogy, The Decline of Western Civilization… 794 more words

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The Cultural Enrichment of Greece

Europe is being “culturally enriched” by Syrian “migrants.” Watch the following to see what cultural enrichment looks like, and what the future holds for Europe. 74 more words


73 Liberal Shit-Tests

If you are familiar enough with Liberalism, I am sure you have heard a majority of these liberal shit-tests. Enjoy.

  1. “This is 2015. Get with the times.”
  2. 564 more words

A Picture Worth A Thousand Words

Here’s a picture of Carla Bruni Sarkozy–Nicholas Sarkozy’s wife–and Princess Letizia of Spain from behind. Photoshopped into the picture is Michelle Obama from behind. Notice the difference in beauty–particularly the hourglass, feminine shape of Bruni and Letizia versus the wide-shouldered, masculine attributes of Michelle. 82 more words