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Nationalist Uprising in Germany

In the east German city of Dresden:

Up to 1,000 protesters have clashed with police in eastern Germany in riots reportedly sparked by the arrival of 250 migrants. 

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Leftist Hypocrisy

Democratic Presidential candidate and self-proclaimed socialist Bernie Sanders believes that women fantasize about being raped by three men simultaneously. When Sanders was 30 years old, he published an article– 215 more words


The Tribes of Europe

The Tribes of Europe

What happened to the European tribes? That is a good question. I myself am largely unfamiliar with the topic. Since I have been reconsidering my views on race and ethnicity, it might be worthwhile to explore the tribes of Europe. 660 more words


Slave Morality and the Left

In Beyond Good and Evil, German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche developed the concepts of master morality and slave morality. Master morality is the higher morality of the aristocracy, while slave morality is the morality for the commoner and the herd. 1,275 more words



In our democratic, multicultural, “diverse” society, tolerance is the most venerated virtue. Of course, the only thing that is not tolerated is intolerance. I thought I would compile a few quotes in which our highest virtue is criticized. 128 more words

Decline Of Western Civilization

Toynbee's Archaism and Futurism

Archaism and Futurism are features of a disintegrating civilization. In times of social disintegration, an internalized conflict or “schism in the soul” of the individual begins to manifest itself. 917 more words

Decline Of Western Civilization

The Decline of America in Two Pictures

Before the Decline.

After the Decline.

It has only taken the Left about 50 years. But the transformation is nearly complete. In the mean time, I will be sitting back, waiting for the collapse. 10 more words