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Toynbee's Archaism and Futurism

Archaism and Futurism are features of a disintegrating civilization. In times of social disintegration, an internalized conflict or “schism in the soul” of the individual begins to manifest itself. 915 more words


The Decline of America in Two Pictures

Before the Decline.

After the Decline.

It has only taken the Left about 50 years. But the transformation is nearly complete. In the mean time, I will be sitting back, waiting for the collapse. 10 more words


Happy birthday, Greg Hetson

As guitarist and founding member of Red Cross (pre-Kross) and Circle Jerks, Greg Hetson’s fast and furious riffage¬†played a significant and essential part in developing my warped musical tastes. 104 more words


Homosexual Norms and the Decay of Marriage

The topic of same-sex marriage came up over at¬†Chateau Heartiste in an article titled “Comment of the Week: The “Norm Equalization” Case Against Gay Marriage.” 712 more words


Our Cultural Revolution

China’s Cultural Revolution transformed the rich and long history of Traditional Chinese culture beyond recognition. Temples were burned, ancient artifacts smashed, and classical books banned. Even more devastating was the destruction of Traditional Chinese values and practices, which cause factionalism and civil strife. 799 more words


Gustave Le Bon's Social Psychology

Gustave Le Bon’s The Crowd is one of the most influential works of social psychology in history. I will briefly summarize Le Bon’s thoughts on crowds. 865 more words

Decline Of Western Civilization