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Western Man

I am in an odd mood tonight.

I am contemplating the future.

The United States of America, I think, is in rapid decline.

Western Civilization, I think, is in rapid decline. 289 more words

Black Racism

It’s approximately 9:00am on a Tuesday morning. Fall officially begins in a few days. At the moment, the weather is cool and cloudy. I am comfortably sitting at the counter, listening to Debussy and drinking my third cup of coffee. 387 more words

Of vaginas, penises, urethras and where to put them

And I mean that all figuratively and literally when it comes to the culture wars. Figuratively, as in up until yesterday in human history, the vagina denoted femininity while the penis signified masculinity except apparently in these tumultuous times. 1,069 more words


Last Ten Films: Playing The Part

My last ten films seen (in chronological order, between October 26 and November 26, 2015).

The Search For General Tso (Cheney, 2014) 7/10
Anomalisa (Kaufman/Johnson, 2015) 9/10… 1,022 more words


An open letter to the idiots who are ruining my alma mater, Mizzou (The University of Missouri)

Congratulations, Mizzou, UM System President Wolfe has resigned. Apparently, Chancellor Loftin is also on his way out. Due to the idiocy of a few despicable people, “change” has been imposed on everyone, both the innocent and guilty. 1,467 more words

Cultural Marxism

Hollywood Theater Revisits 'Decline Of Western Civilization' Docs

After decades of unavailability, Shout! Factory recently released all three digitally remastered Decline of Western Civilization rock documentaries on DVD and Blu-ray. Produced between 1979 and 1998, the films served as a visual archive of the American punk, hardcore, and metal scenes, and as a launching pad for filmmaker… 371 more words


Whatever Happened to Black Culture, or, Why Hip-Hop Brings Out the Ugly Racist in Me

I was going to go off on a big angry rant about the practice of so-called “sampling” which began fairly innocuously with the pilfering of a beat here and a bass-line there, but which has now become so widespread and accepted that it is common to hear a complete recording being altered by simply merging an already recognizable hit into the gibberish misogyny and/or nihilism of the most recent flavour of the month rap/hip-hop star. 539 more words