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Nothing more is needed for this moment to feel complete

There’s so much to learn in the pursuit of living a more simple, mindful and intentional life. It takes a strong act of the will to resist the strong current of busyness, distraction, haste and urgency that most of us live our lives in. 230 more words

Edit Your Self

Spring Cleaning #3: Letting Go Part 1

Hi all,

Today is the third part of my spring cleaning series: letting go. Every time spring rolls around I have this desire to get rid of things and declutter my surroundings. 532 more words

40 Days Lighter - Day : Ready to Run

First, please let me say how utterly amazed I am at the outpouring of encouragement I have received throughout this 40 Days Lighter Journey! I am at a loss for the perfect words to express just how much I appreciate each and everyone of you who has taken the time to join me on this journey! 246 more words


40 Days Lighter - Day 39: A Beautiful Transformation


  • change of physical form, structure, or substance especially by supernatural means 
  • a striking alteration in appearance, character, or circumstances

I couldn’t think of a more fitting word for what I have experienced over the last 39 days of this journey to being 40 Days Lighter.

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40 Days Lighter - Day 25: Finding A God-Honoring Rhythm (Part 1)

If there were any two areas along this journey to becoming 40 days lighter with which I have genuinely struggled and truthfully feel like an utter failure, it would be in… 512 more words


40 Days Lighter - Day 23: Build Muscle & Burn Fat

Over the next 2 nights, I want to share with you a few key observations from my journey that I believe will encourage you as much as they have encouraged me! 459 more words


40 Days Lighter - Day 17: Is It in the Right Pile?

In my efforts to declutter my closet and dresser, I have repeatedly come across items that I was, at first, either sure I wanted to keep, or I was seriously considering throwing out. 494 more words