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minimalism quote: joshua fields millburn

The easiest way to organize your stuff is to get rid of most of it. – Joshua Fields Millburn



Many would automatically associate being a minimalist to that of white spaces, high ceilings, monotones etc. Well, that’s probably just the aesthetics of it but one of the most important factor is to unclutter and declutter. 205 more words

Minimalism And Simple Living

memory archive — day 59

When clearing out an old wallet today, I came across some old business cards. There are good memories attached to those, the reason I kept the cards in the first place.

10 gifts for a new minimalist

I have quite a few events coming up in May for which I want to buy presents for people. I emphasize “want” since it is not something I feel obligated to do, but rather I love to give gifts to my family and friends. 666 more words


Coming Soon!

OCD With Me will be posting before and after photos, testimonials, and tips/tricks to getting and staying Organized, Clear, and De-cluttered! We hope you enjoy our journey of designing with function!


Get Featured as a Minimalist

I am writing a book! It’s called Simply Minimal and you can see more about it at simplyminimal.life.


If you want to be featured in the book, please send me your story. 31 more words


Clutter Hotspots and How To Get Rid of Them

Whether we like it or not, there is always an area or two in our homes that are prone to gathering clutter. Its not that we dump our things there on purpose or that we are trying to make things look untidy, it kind of just happens. 146 more words