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declutter with me - living room

The living room is a major room in all of homes, I mean it is literally in the name.

For me my living room is also my: 564 more words


attempting the KonMari method with my clothes

The title pretty much sums it up!  If you want to take a guess at how much clothing I actually have, feel free to leave the comment below.  208 more words


Moving on up, moving on out

I think this is a ‘make busy’ project. I initially bought these to complete a set of postcards. When Steve Mitchell at Mind of Watercolour mentioned the Johanna Basford book I decided to give that a go as well and bought an ‘Artist Quality’ version. 195 more words


Why going zero waste is good for the soul... and your clutter

Less stuff… I don’t know about anyone else but decluttering my home always seemed like a constant battle. It still is sometimes, the only thing I haven’t enjoyed about having a baby is the amount I’ve had to re- organise her drawers. 863 more words

Sustainable Living

Live A Brighter, Lighter Life With Feng Shui

When things are heavy, even simple things take a ton of effort. In darkness, hope is hard to find and inspiration is out of reach. 800 more words


Before & After Photos

Last week I was hired to help organize, clear & de-clutter a 2,000 square foot basement. I am not even CLOSE to finishing – but here’s what I was able to do in just 5 hours!


Mini Makeover: Bed Edition

Pull apart twin beds and beside table. Rearrange them in an L shape, head to head with the bedside table in the corner.