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Destressing your virtual life #1

There are so many things I wish I could write on this blog but there has been one thing which I wanted to talk about. Whenever I took stress or was nervous or criminally angry at the world, I used to delete stuffs. 181 more words


Day 14: Declutter Your Phone

Decluttering your phone.

Don’t be afraid to delete apps!

If your like me and download every app your friends suggest then your phone can be very cluttered! 39 more words

Beginnings Day 7: One week and still going

One week in on this trip and still at it.  Still working on the basement, and still liking the daily progress that I am making. Things look like they are finally wrapping up in the basement.  98 more words


My journey with minimalism.

Five years ago i learnt a way of life called minimalism and I decided to practice it.

The first few months were horrible because I had to declutter and that was a lot of work. 187 more words

Capsule Wardrobe

The Psychology of Makeup Declutters

I’ve been watching a lot of makeup declutter videos recently, mainly to avoid doing my homework. Procrastination aside, it really got me thinking about why the Youtube community consumes this type of content. 491 more words


Day 13: Declutter Your Bags 

Get into your hand bags and man bags ladies and gentlemen!

I know every time I have to get something from my mum’s bag, the idea of a snorkel crosses my mind, as I have to dive into the chaos of receipts and assorted collection of bits and pieces. 18 more words

The good side of minimalism

Long time ago I wrote a post about “The dark side of minimalism” and ever since I wanted to write about the good part of it. 1,051 more words