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Day 224: A Pause For Thought, and a Planned Day

I woke up to the sound of rain and a tiny bit of thunder at 7am this morning, and I remembered that I’d left some gardening tools outside in a bucket so I popped out to bring it in and went back to bed. 904 more words


Day 223: Rubbish, Electrical Items and Textiles Out, and Painting Finished

I am feeling really exhausted this evening so I’m looking forward to posting this blog early and getting to bed before midnight – let’s see if I can do it. 472 more words


social distance diaries: days 141-147

in which we reach the cleaning frenzy stage of quarantine…

Day 141, Monday

So glad to be back home, but still tired despite getting a full night’s rest. 783 more words


"Today is Pizza Day..."

Our power came back early yesterday morning and our lives have been returned to a state of illuminated, plugged-in normalcy. Over the past couple of days, I had a chance to thoroughly go through the things that I brought home from my room at my parents’ house on Wednesday. 723 more words

Day 222: A Productive Sunday For All of Us... Fixing, Dismantling, and Selling Clutter, and My Teens Did More Painting

It’s the best feeling ever when you wake up thinking that it’s Monday… and it’s actually still the weekend. I think that this was mainly because since finishing work on Friday I was so busy with the garden until late evening, and then yesterday was a long day too with the… 1,030 more words


Experiment #1 Results

Here is where I’ll tell you what I learned from Experiment #1: Downsizing Eyes.

The Experiment

Imagine you are moving into a tiny one bedroom home next week.  722 more words


De-cluttering Memories: Milk Frother

This has been on my list for so long. I have a lot of keepsakes at home that no more serve a practical purpose and the only reason I cling to them is their emotional value. 293 more words