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France: Decomposing in Front of Our Eyes

Source: The Gatestone Institute, by Yves Mamou

  • Four officers were injured (two badly burned) when around 15 “youths” (Muslim gang-members) swarmed their cars and hurled rocks and firebombs at them.
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Financial/Societal Collapse And Dependence


Roof-colored feathers
Decomposing, gray shingles

Day 4: Rotting Carcasses!

We are on Day 4 of the rotting carcasses! And they are getting icky!! Remember those little yellow eggs? Guess what? They hatched! The pieces of meat are covered in larvae, a.k.a. 132 more words

Day 2: Rotting Carcasses!

In class, we hypothesized what we thought might happen to the carcasses we left rotting in the forest. We knew there would be some amount of decomposition, but we don’t know how much. 237 more words

We put the ICKY in Ickyology

Ickology: The study of all things icky, gross and just plain disgusting!

This is one of my favorite units to teach! This week we talked about rotting and vomiting! 188 more words

Decomposing Machines Surprise First Graders

If only the parents of English Class first graders had been able to see the excitement expressed by their children when, the day after a first grade parents’ evening, the first graders found specially decorated decomposing machines on their tables! 69 more words

Education In Pori, Finland

Greenwashing plastic

A student’s parent shared the greenwashed images below with me a few days ago. They come from a northern edition of The Hindu (I’m not sure if it came in the version sold down south where I live). 422 more words