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What's Your Stickability Factor?

When your horse decides to express himself, do you ride it out? Or do you panic?

Of course, we’d all like to say that we can just float along while the horse shakes, rattles and rolls (the equine version) but it does stand true that stickability is probably one of the strongest determining factors of how well we can work with your horse rather than against him. 1,161 more words


Is It Me or the Is It the Horse?

I would bet we have all wondered about this question through our riding careers.

When you are faced with a riding dilemma, do you ever get into a finger-pointing game? 1,094 more words


Why A Halt is Not A Vacation - in Horse Riding

 Admit it! You’ve done it, I’ve done it, and until we really blueprint the right “feel”  into our body, we’ll all continue to do it more often than not. 1,064 more words