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A Library of my Own

Another instalment of DIY in our home!

When I moved into our property back in April, I struggled.  We had downsized, and I had no space to store my books.   176 more words

Top 5 Interior Design Trends for 2017

2017 is officially in full swing. With the new year comes new trends, good and bad. No matter what your opinion is of how 2016 went, something many can agree on is the increase in creativity and innovation within some industries. 447 more words


[José Simón Elarba]: A Green Home Décor: 4 Ecofriendly Home Brands you Need to Follow

Lovers of this beautiful planet enjoy ecofriendly home designs. It might seem difficult or too expensive to decorate the spaces of your house with… 301 more words


December 6, 2016

9:20ish pm

Note to Self–>> For future reference…

     Do not sit at computer for extended amounts of time (four hours) listening to music at dangerous volumes… dangerous being, that volume that leaves your ears ringing for a prolonged period. 171 more words

I See Some Wall Decoration and I Think They are So Cute

Recently, I’ve been craving for home decoration. For the time being, I don’t own a house yet. I’m just decorating my dinky flat, therefore. Don’t worry! 126 more words

garland challenge part six.

Oh, hello there. It’s been a while since I’ve posted, I know. Did you miss me? ;) 2017 has been rocky so far (my car was stolen on NYE!), but also filled with love and happiness (Hubby and I celebrated our ninth love anniversary on the 2nd AND bestie got married on the 7th!). 327 more words