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Cultivating My Zen Zone

My family and I have recently moved out of a house that we’ve been living in for several years and into a new home. Therefore, I decided to decorate my new room in a completely different way, considering the fact that aside from taking down unsightly magazine posters,  I hadn’t majorly changed the decorations of my past room since I was fourteen… Ouch. 420 more words


Links we love: Let the light in

Brighten up your space both literally and figuratively with these illuminating design and decorating ideas: 54 more words


Holiday Crochet A Long!

In August, I thought I might be crocheting enough to join a craft show before the holidays. After awhile of debating, I’m just not ready for the time and production of mass quantities. 123 more words


Fresh Flowers at Home

I couldn’t resist a massive bundle of dahlias this week at the grocery store. Aren’t they beautiful? The colors are so vibrant and the flowers themselves are so full and structural. 367 more words


ding dong the loft is done

Ding dong the loft is done, the loft is done, the loft is done

Ding dong the lovely loft is *doooooooooooooooooooooone

Just like in the Wizard of Oz, that’s the tune I can found singing right now and what says ‘I’m a proper grown up with a loft conversion don’t you know’ more that a little ditty I ask you?

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