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Cute, cozy, and full of charm!

Found this article on Oregon.Live



As of this post, the model home is now sold and occupied by some very lucky owner(s). 621 more words

Cottage Design

Teddy Bears and Owls...

This evening I finally finished the pink teddy bear that I have been working on (for a work colleague’s baby due in the summer). I’m not 100% happy with it (the arms are a bit too short as I ran out of yarn and it was either two short arms, one normal and one short or, worst of all, different coloured arms!) but I’m  sure the next time I do it I’ll be better at it. 209 more words


Dining In Style

If your fortunate to have additional dining space that you don’t use everyday why not set your table. Think of it as a blank space to decorate & it will add a lot of detail to your room! 242 more words


New Home.....Curtain Hell

Who knew putting up curtains was so fiddly and stressful?!

 First you have to bring the curtain rail down, and take off the rings for hanging the curtains on, then a hook has to go through each ring and finally the hook with the ring is attached to the curtain and you can roll the curtains onto the pole…..if you’re lucky, then this works fine and you can sit with your perfect curtains and feel accomplished.  391 more words


A Place For Everything

I found this old beat up shutter in my favorite store (drum roll please) HOME GOODS! I fell in love with it in the store but when I got it home, I had NO idea what to do with it……so it sat in the closet for months! 159 more words