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A to Z - Decoration Day

April 2016 A to Z Challenge. I’m participating by writing blogs about history.

D is for Decoration Day.

I should get two points for that. 394 more words


Grabbed By the Throat

I guess it would have been mid-2003 when I wandered into Manifest Discs in Charlotte (which might be the best record store in the South) and discovered the Drive-By Truckers. 390 more words


What is Tomb Sweeping Day in Taiwan?

Tomb Sweeping Day is an annual holiday in Taiwan and much of Asian culture. It usually falls around the fourth day of the fourth month in the lunar calendar. 648 more words


Hidden Treasures in Books

If you haven’t seen it yet, Forgotten Bookmarks is Michael Popek’s amazing site on which he features “the funny, heartbreaking and weird things I find in books.” 530 more words

Old Books

Honoring Paid Killers

Memorial Day is clouded by a sacrificial language. It’s a national ritual where we honor those who perform the greatest sacrifice to protect our “freedoms.” But make no mistake, today’s soldiers are the modern form of willing sacrificial victims. 1,317 more words


Three visits; two views

In a holiday-weekend change of pace, I attempted visits at three different churches.  Each visit was a “fail”:  one church was no longer meeting, and I left the other two without even sitting down.   600 more words

Church Tradition & Practice