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Temari #116 & #117 - therapeutic gifts

The next two temari, #116 & #117, were both made for and given as gifts.

The first one, temari #116- lunes and stars, was given to a physical therapy student who was working with my physical therapist. 418 more words

Kimekomi And Temari Balls

IRIS - Home Fragrances Amogha Vaporizer Lemon Grass

Price: Rs.450.00 approx.

Points: 8 out of 10

Observation: This product was bought after having fascinated by its Ceramic Jar’s aesthetic beauty but WOW its fragrance is awesome. 76 more words

Interiors Wish List No.1

I can spend absolutely hours browsing interiors inspiration online and mentally spending thousands of pounds on various sites full of magnificent items that would look amazing once our house is finished. 253 more words


Belle Roche Brocante

My new business is 5 weeks old today! The concept has been years in the “what iffing” and, back in October, I finally took the plunge and decided to give it a go. 150 more words

Career Change

So, what have I learned (so far)?

First and foremost….yes, it’s possible to source interesting, well-priced items in reasonable quantities. Yes, that involves a reasonable amount of digging around in manky cardboard boxes at the crack of dawn…..but that’s what those hand wipes are for! 369 more words

Career Change

Les Belles Parents

Today is my last day in France. I took my parents in law (“belles parents” in French, which I think sounds nicer 😀) out to lunch to say a huge “Thank You” for allowing me to camp out in their spare bedroom for 3 weeks (considering that my Mum used to say “visitors are like fish, after 3 days, they go off”!). 474 more words

Career Change

Christy's Island

This is another older watercolor done larger than I usually work — it was a  half sheet of watercolor paper; I was experimenting with permanent rose an Indian yellow. 46 more words