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Temari #99

This is the 99th temari I have made since I first discovered temari and started making them three years ago.

I think it was the lure of geometry in the round and the seemingly endless design possibilities were irresistible and hooked me in spite of my anti-hand sewing bent. 102 more words

Kimekomi And Temari Balls

Himalayan Fire Place Heaters Are A Blessing For the Lazy Weather

Himalayan Fireplace heaters work like magic in the chilled weather. They are durable, attractive and functional. The entire tests are passed to be a thoughtful and well-chosen gift item for your loved ones. 409 more words

Decorative Items

Mini Chest Box

A nice mini chest box to keep your valued belongings.


Temari 97- another gift

Temari 97 was made as a gift for my mother, who is red/green color blind.

Since she is as fond of plants as I am, it was tempting to make one that was botanically inspired. 99 more words

Kimekomi And Temari Balls

Temari 96- a gift

This temari was made to be a gift for my father. It is a C8 division that is made of six units of interwoven¬†pairs of spindles that make X’s and 8 units of 3 spindles that interweave to make stars. 171 more words

Kimekomi And Temari Balls

Thread Button Made

A thread button made today is the start of learning a new skill for me. Although, the embroidery stitching that I have been teaching myself for temari making translates well to making a thread button. 124 more words

Decorative Items

Glass shelves

Appealing solution with glass shelves in front of the window with room for prized possessions, which you both want to see & show to the outside world. 38 more words

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