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Temari 96- a gift

This temari was made to be a gift for my father. It is a C8 division that is made of six units of interwoven pairs of spindles that make X’s and 8 units of 3 spindles that interweave to make stars. 171 more words

Kimekomi And Temari Balls

Thread Button Made

A thread button made today is the start of learning a new skill for me. Although, the embroidery stitching that I have been teaching myself for temari making translates well to making a thread button. 124 more words

Decorative Items

Glass shelves

Appealing solution with glass shelves in front of the window with room for prized possessions, which you both want to see & show to the outside world. 38 more words

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Four Seasons Eggs

Fabergé created a series of four one-of-a-kind eggs, an homage to the best known creations of Peter Carl Fabergé: the imperial eggs. 354 more words


Beautiful easy to make DIY Glow Jars and Vases

Glow Jars

Things you will need-

A glass jar, glow, rubber gloves to protect your hands, scissors, I recommend protective eye-wear, and a piece of tulle (optional). 488 more words


Miss your countryside? Get a wild Animal

Beavers, along with pocket gophers and kangaroo rats, are castorimorph rodents, a suborder of rodents mostly restricted to North America. Although just two closely related species exist today, beavers have a long fossil history in the Northern Hemisphere beginning in the Eocene, and many species of giant beaver existed until quite recently, such as Trogontherium in Europe, and Castoroides in North America.

Decorative Items

White Comfy Armchair

White is the color of angels and brides, moonlight and lily of the valley. It is capable of endless subtleties; fragile or strong, it can be transparent as ice, opaque as marble, in love with light as a diamond. 159 more words

Decorative Items