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Implementing a modern JS Logger

I  my last post I’ve talked about using ES decorators in your Js code. This time, I’ll try and implement a fairly simple Js Logger using class and method decorators. 1,181 more words


I Made A Cake This Week.

Hey guys, check out what I did!

This last weekend, my sister got a second wedding! To be more accurate, she had a second ceremony for the wedding she already had over a year ago. 1,354 more words


Hattingdon has gift ideas tied up

Neckties are mostly thought of for men, but women have been known to make some wow fashion statements with them. They are a terrific gift idea, useful yet decorative! 274 more words


Our Vendor List!

Venue : Bumi Samami. Aku pilih samami karena letaknya ga jauh dari rumah aku dan dari pusat kota, easy to reach, suasananya sejuk, dan rumputnya bagus, ga botak :p… 526 more words

Best Ever Decorator Buttercream Frosting

Yep. By now you probably have picked up on how great I think my mom’s baking skills were; she was pretty awesome. Pies were her specialty, but she also made some great cakes. 82 more words


Practical ES7 decorators

Decorators, a.k.a annotations, are a new feature coming in ES7. A decorator is basically an expression that evaluates to a function, takes the target object as a parameter and returns the modified object. 735 more words


3 Grundtechniken werden für die adaptive Layouts verwendet

Also, was können wir empfehlen, die Menschen, die zu den modernsten und grundlegende Methodik für Leute, die HTML5-Layout ohne den Einsatz von Twitter iego Techniken verwenden möchten verwenden möchten. 340 more words