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Step into your new Fashion Safety Footwear

Our range of Fashionable Safety Footwear continues to evolve, providing a modern appearance with essential protection.

With 6 unique designs offering various levels of protection, you can be assured there’s a style to suit you. 90 more words


Curvy beauty

Whelp I just want to say when I rounded the corner and saw “her” all curvy and stuff,, I was jealous of how she could rock all that creamy goodness on those hips😍🕶. 36 more words


OH that sweet cane..

These cane chairs have been plaguing me since I walked away from them 4 days ago… I have imagined them around a beautiful table in the spring and linen fitting scrumptious pastries and brimmed women laughing ..ahhhh they are less than $90 for the quartet ….. 58 more words


Interior Designer vs Interior Decorator

People often use the terms interior design and interior decoration interchangeably but this is not correct. The two are different, although can be related. An interior designer may do some decorating but an interior decorator does not do designing. 473 more words

Interior Design

Mel Kubik

This woman is a my Fairy Goddess Sister!

She is a singer songwriter , artist, painter, teacher and band member of Quarterflash for over 20+ years. 82 more words


Python 3 - Decorators

Python decorators are functions or classes that are used to modify other functions. This rather abstract example is taken from the Python docs:

def foo():
    # do something

def decorator(func):
    # manipulate func
    return func

foo = decorator(foo)  # Manually decorate

def bar():
    # Do something
# bar() is decorated… 262 more words

Shield Painters Protection Range: Where to Buy?

See the full list of Shield’s trusted resellers here

Over the years we’ve established long-standing relationships with many suppliers of Painters and Decorators products. This means that you won’t have to travel far to find a decorators merchant that stocks the Shield Painters Protection range. 66 more words